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The hunt is now on for an alleged serial killer who is reportedly targeting the homeless in New York City and Washington D.C.

As The Daily Mail reports:

A second homeless man has been found murdered in NYC in the space of 36 hours, with cops now saying they fear the assailant is a serial killer who also shot a vagrant dead in Washington DC.

The latest victim, an unidentified 43 year-old man, was discovered dead in Murray Street in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood Sunday night. His body was pictured being loaded into the back of a medical examiner’s van shortly afterwards while crime scene technicians in white plastic hazmat suits combed the scene.

His remains were discovered shortly before the NYPD and Washington DC Metro Police Department issued a rare joint statement saying the same man is wanted for three attacks in NYC – two of them deadly, as well as three attacks in Washington DC earlier this month, the last of which resulted in the victim’s death.

Cops in NYC have surveillance footage of a man, believed to be black and about 5’4, fleeing the scene of his second murder in the early hours of Saturday.

In spite of the fact that all the victims appear to have been homeless, police have yet to identify an official motive for the crimes.


  1. But, but, but we got a new mayor. He talked a good talk and checked all the right boxes????
    Soooooo, what happened? And so soon……
    Start by looking who he appointed as attorney general? Won’t prosecute crimes. New Yorkers, by continuing down this path, it’s difficult to feel bad for your hardships. You keep electing these bafoons.
    You get the government that you deserve and voted in.

    1. I believe the DA also gets voted in, but yes Adam’s more interested in changing kids diets than fighting crime, no more chocolate milk for kids in public worthless school, but hey you can rob pharmacies and kill

  2. Thanks you dumb idiots for voting for that thing that pretends to be a president! In Dearborn they now have that filthy Sharia law when our real president DONALD J TRUMP stopped it but that puppet of Obama has now allowed it! Because that vile evil creature wants those dirtbags Muslim taking over our country and pushing their vile cult on us! Well it will not stand!!!

    1. It probably will eventually… Until we SOMEHOW rip and replace (1) Election Fraud, (2) A corrupt Democrat Media, and (3) the NEA.

    2. Patricia – I live approximately 1 hour from Dearborn but lived in that area as a child (went to church at St. Alphonsus). How are they implementing Sharia Law? I’m curious.

    3. Patricia – I live approximately 1 hour from Dearborn but lived in that area as a child (went to church at St. Alphonsus). How are they implementing Sharia Law? I’m curious.

  3. Amazing, another black man going around murdering unarmed people. Are the other NYC blacks going to take to the street and protest when this black life is ended by a cop or armed citizen?

    1. yes those mental midget morons will make the scum bag a hero like that career criminal, georgi floydi drugging ahole …

  4. This is unbelievable it is a tradegy. Blood is on these complete imbecils that voted to abolished police and demrats ag’s for not property procecute criminals and letting them loose to society. It is colossal desister. Every demrat’s is in fault here.

  5. New York to Washington Fascist AOC wants to get rid of useless eaters including children
    Her encouragement could motivate serial killers

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