Elon Musk. Photo by JD Lasica from Pleasanton

Elon Musk has now challenged Vladimir Putin to a one on one fight to the death on social media.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk mockingly challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday to a “single combat” battle in a Twitter post to the Kremlin’s English language account.

“I hereby challenge Vladimir Putin to single combat,” Musk tweeted, using the Russian alphabet to spell Putin’s name.

“Stakes are Ukraine,” he added, writing the country’s name in Ukrainian.

Musk’s post was followed with two additional posts. In the next post, he claimed in response to one user’s question that he was “absolutely serious.”

Musk had previously involved himself in the conflict by sending Starlink satellite uplinks to Ukraine to help connect the country to the internet.


    1. Putin has already challanged Musk. He is refusing to return the American astronauts from the ISS in a few weeks on schedule. One has been up there over a year. That lease Musk ans SpaceX to do the job. That is unless Putin decides to leave a Soyuz docked to the station to prevent it.

      1. Time for SpaceX to design an airlock that can open to space and allow entry to free-floating astronauts in EVA suits, so no docking required. Maybe sneak in a little sabotage on the Soyuz left in their docking spot along the way as they transfer.

      2. They do not dock at the same locations. In any case, the two Russian astronauts will depart leaving that docking point open for the next Soyuz when (if) it arrives.

      3. If the Russians strand those American astronauts, then the U.S. should round up an equal number of Russian nationals living in the U.S., and lock them up in a chamber with as much life support resources as the ISS.

  1. Congratulations Elon! You stand up for what you believe in and not afraid to speak your mind. Americans sorely lack that leadership. We have extremely weak representation in the WH which is in concert with America’s enemies. One suggestion: join GovAbbott of Texas and the other governors of border states and finish the border wall so strong, so tall and so impenetrable that it will stop entry to criminals, rapists, drug dealers, gang members that are killing America’s children and its citizens. We must rid the disease inside us before we turn to the enemies from the outside. No more government spending till we halve our national debt, accelerate the arrest of traitors, thieves and liars, convict and imprison them. Use your vision and financial power to effect the changes America needs now.

    1. accelerate the arrest of traitors, thieves and liars, convict and imprison them. To me that definitely includes the truster and his inner circle.

  2. That’s about as threatening as when Mr. Poopie pants said he’d take Trump behind the shed and teach him a lesson/lol 140# bag of excrement going to take on a guy at 235#’s/lol Musk seems to think pretty highly of himself, as if Putin would even acknowledge and or consider his twitter challenge!

  3. I will back Elon musk! Hes done great things NASA could never achieve . They should play electronic battleship war games. Then have a satellite zap Putin like a bug zapper and make him wonder what we do have. But you cant entirely blame Putin after what demorats have done over the years,blaming Russia for everything they done cortupt! Biden had secret lab in Ukraine playing with Corona virus again hard telling what else they were doing as before it started Tulsi Gabbard said we werent being told the truth about Ukraine! Bidens been sending them money and getting kickbacks since hes been in office! We all know Hunter isnt smart enough to negotiate deals in Ukraine and China for big kickbacks! Biden and Demorats need to go! Permanently!

  4. VERY GOOD IDEA! But, obviously not likely to happen…..Isn’t it amusing, though, that President Selensky (sp) stands his ground in Kyiv, his statement being “I don’t need a ride, I need ammunition!” while Putin stays nice and comfy in the Kremlin, saying, “Soldiers, men and boys, go and do my bidding!” Yeah, that’s leadership for ya…….

  5. Another billionaire that thinks he is smarter than everybody else. Civilians need to stay out of this and let Ukraine run the show. May be well intended, but just another rich person showing their arrogance and sense of self importance. Don’t need any NON military types putting a crazy dictator over the edge when he is sitting on more nuclear weapons than any other country. He is already desperate, since he reached out to China for assistance. Don’t need to add fuel to the fire.

  6. For Musk, it’s no brag, just fact. He is a very gifted man and is sharing that gift with others. Bless him!

  7. musk certainly would be toast on discussing politics. he knows things far too superficially: Dangerous when you think you are well informed! delusion of grandeur comes to mind.

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