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The president of the Scottsdale, Arizona, school board published private information, including Social Security numbers, divorce court filings and photographs of underage children, on parents who publicly questioned the need for masks in schools.

“Mother Kim Stafford uncovered a Google Drive link when school board President Jann-Michael Greenberg sent her an email accusing her of “anti-Semitic” comments against billionaire George Soros. Greenburg sent Stafford a screenshot of his desktop, which included a since-deleted Google Drive URL reviewed by the Daily Caller. The drive was available to anyone who had the link,” the Daily Caller reports.

The since-deleted link offered everyone on the email access to private information Greenberg had collected on parents, in an apparent attempt to personally target citizens.

“The drive, which the Washington Examiner reviewed, contains numerous financial records from several of the parents involved in the group, including mortgage statements, bankruptcy filings, and divorce filings. Included on those forms are portions of Social Security numbers, addresses, and phone numbers of parents who had expressed opposition to school mask mandates and critical race theory,” the Examiner reports.

“The drive is available to anyone who has the link and otherwise mostly contains screenshots of the social media activity of parents involved with a local concerned parent Facebook group. Subfolders include labels such as “ANTI MASK LUNATICS” and “SUSD WACKOS.” The drive was last updated Sunday morning,” the Examiner reports.

“Besides the screenshots and financial documents, the drive includes numerous photos of the parents and their underage children,” the Examiner reveals.

It’s the latest in a series of attempts by school board leftists to intimidate and threaten parents, coming after a Loudoun County, Virginia school board members proposed hiring hackers to break into the emails of critical parents, a Minnesota school board refused to let citizens speak unless they announced their home address and the National Association of School Boards asked the Justice Department to investigate “criticism” of school board members as “domestic terrorism.”

“Anti-racism” activists in Loudoun County even compiled a list of the name of children whose parents criticized the school board, along with the location of the school in which they could be found, and publicly harassed a Kenyan immigrant who said he did not feel the United States was inherently racist.

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  1. Sound like retaliation based on their desire to understand the truth – Oh, sorry we were notr holding people accountable – sorry, that story has ended!

  2. Soros said on video he doesn’t believe in God, so he is an Atheist, the school board member should be jail for using the school board records and print private information for other than school business.

  3. Does anyone have all the personal data on Jann-Michael Greenberg? It needs to get published right away, all of it. If I had any info, I would get it out immediately. If there is not a criminal charge against him, then he should be sued by everyone affected.

  4. This it terrorism, identity theft, and worse of all Child Endangerment. There can be no doubt his intentions were malicious and vengeful. Hope that someone in that area or group files charges related to all three and whatever other laws he has broke doing so . If he wants to hurt people through hurting their Children He should not be anywhere near Children.

  5. What that fascist lefty school board member has done is a criminal act, and I hope the parents and children he targeted are speaking to lawyers.

    1. When the country was strong, our ancestors would have hung this fool. Long term mental health care would be a more humane and modern approach. Give this moron happy pills to suppress his evil nature.

  6. Pubish the address and personal information of this leftist parasite and make sure everyday is a living hell for him.

  7. AFAIC, targeting children is a capital crime and should be punished appropriately, judicially or non-judicially,if necessary.

  8. when are the dam pols going to make this childish crap a felony? this SJW needs to be breaking rocks on a chain gang for doing this, this is attempted murder some nut will use the info to attack these people.


  10. Just a God protects some of his children, the Devil protects his evil children. Hitler was able to survive in spite of the prayers for his innocent victims, just as Soros and sons survive.
    Jesus warned that removing some demons required fasting and prayer. Some require the the final gift, as in the case of Ceausescu, the last dictator in Romania.

  11. Can you say “SOCIALIST”?
    These people should be taken out of any and all social media, sued for what they have done,
    and barred from ever holding a position that includes public trust>
    Then, those who are targeted should sue them for everything including their socks!
    This is America, take your socialist S..t somewhere else, we don’t need you here!

  12. Collecting and posting that information by a nonjudicial entity has to be a crime. Now let’s see if anyone gets charged.

  13. The laws broken by the Board President and by every Board member that either spread this PRIVATE information or did not give notice to the police or FBI are just as guilty as the President. These criminals should be apprehended immediately and charged with their civil rights violations.

  14. Anyone ! Please correct me if I am wrong in this hypothesis! Aren’t all of these School Boards Members payed via School Taxes?
    Washington (Federal Gov) does Not hire or pay these Members.
    So those Parents they are attacking are the very same people that pay their salaries & if it is so then we have cross overed into a lunacy world. Parents Fire these idiots!

  15. School Boards and other leftist consider Parents to be nothing but Slaves who should shut their mouths and Fund any Stupidity the School Board throws out!

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