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Following the deadly Waukesha massacre, where at least five have been left dead and 48 injured following a SUV plowing through a Christmas parade, reactions poured out from across the internet.

Check out some of the most stunning reactions to the barbaric attack:


  1. the leftist liberal pieces of crap are just that!! walking piles of human crap. they wouldn’t know right from wrong if it hit them in the face!!!!

  2. Mary LemanskiI look forward to karma coming to you like maybe you getting run over (you know too bad you weren’tin the crowd that had that suv run through it). Here is the thing about Kyle. You let the rioting, violence, looting go as protesting. Why because you are a liar and liars will get their just rewards I just hope I get to watch in a comfy chair with a drink and popcorn and true enjoyment as we watch idiot liars like yougeting our just reward.. Now Kyle who was running away from trouble from a bunch criminals (you know the pedo that you defend, the domestic violence guy and I think the idiot with a skate board hitting him) Same with cupp nothing blacks do is terrorism so we can hope a black person takes cupp out and I will agree not terrorism there just good judgement. judt sayin

  3. These leftists comments makes you wonder how they function in life day to day. Not one shows a coherent thought coming from between their ears. Nothing but hot air and a waste of human space. No wonder they voted for the old demented one!

  4. I heard his colonoscopy didn’t find anything right away so they kept feeding the scope in farther………They finally found out he has shit for brains.

  5. The base problem with humanity today is the absence of God in their early education. We learn right from wrong in our formative years. If you dont have the grace of God in your heart and soul, then Satan fills the gap. They are controlled by Satanic forces We need prayer and repentance. Then God will move mountains, but first Child trafficking needs to be eliminated and abortion

  6. The criminal, who plowed into the crowd, voiced his hatred for Trump. Another leftist who let obsession rule his mind. Apparently some rinos do it too. Obsession is not a good thing for politicians on either side.

  7. Typical Schumer deflection. Shifts the focus from colossal, uncontrollable and violent crime — to street shapes?

  8. The hag from Aus-TRY-lia really is on a tragic magic toadstool trip. When I lived abroad I tried hard not to make the big mistake of thinking I understood the local politics, not having grown up there. Still today I am very careful about generalizing who’s who in nations abroad, because the media is very partisan, very slanted, and owned by some twilight radicals with an ax to grind. How the hell does she know who Donald Trump is and what he stands for? Has she ever met him?

  9. Only the WILLFULLY IGNORANT LIBERALS are making excuses for that this monster did. The DA who allowed him bail should be charged as an accessory to his crimes. The man who was released on such a low bail had tried to run a woman over that was why he was arrested. This means he should NEVER have gotten bail he tried to murder someone. In any crime where someone’s life is at risk the criminal should NEVER be given bail no matter what. They could hog back and finish the job and actually kill their Victim so bail is a NO NO.

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