By Kees de Vos from The Hague, The Netherlands - Bill Gates delivering key note, CC BY-SA 2.0,

With the implosion of Bill and Melinda Gates’s $130 billion marriage, speculation is running rampant that Gates Foundation interpreter Zhe ‘Shelly’ Wang may have played a role in the dissolution of the 27-year relationship. 

Wang, 36, was targeted by Chinese social media sleuths who claim she has been involved in an affair with the 65-year-old Microsoft founder. She has been photographed often with Gates in the capacity of his translator at functions since beginning her freelance position with the foundation in 2015.  

The unmarried Seattle translator simultaneously worked for both the Harvard Business School and the Yale School of Management while interpreting for Gates. Prior to joining the organization, she was employed as a Delta flight attendant and multilingual translator at TED conference events. 

Friends spoke out to defend her after reports of Melinda Gates retreating to a $132,000-a-night private island to avoid media scrutiny added fuel to the rumor mill that Wang was the third party in the marriage.  

“She is a former colleague of mine, a very clean girl, and a person I admire. I don’t believe she would get involved in other people’s marriages,” said friend Li Donglei in a blog post. “I think it is entirely my instinct that Wang Zhe can’t do this kind of thing.”

Internet speculation grew so out of control, Wang took to Chinese social media platform Weibo to deny the accusations on Wednesday.  “I originally thought [the gossip] would be self-defeating from groundless sources, but I didn’t expect it to get more crazy,’ she wrote. “Thank you for your concern over the past 24 hours through private messages, and friends who helped me dispel rumors.”

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    1. If you are making all that money why don’t you pay for your own advertising instead of interloping into these posts like a thief?

    1. Seeing as how Microsoft is so ubiquitous in defense, government, and business, it’d make sense for the CCP to pace an agent close to Bill.

    2. So this guy who thinks he’s the smartest person in the world is just a pervert. I’m not surprised.

      1. He’s just a man, with his vanity and a lot of money and power. The CCP trains up these beautiful experts at manipulating men. No doubt she is reporting to the CCP..

      2. The elite billionaires is where there is the most perverts. The more money they have the more power they get, and when one gets so much power it warps, twists the brain to insanity. See the best examples of insanity in Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Joe Biden and family, Bill & Hillary Clinton and family, George Soros and family, Eric Stalwell, Bernie Sanders, Al Sharpton, Bezos, Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Coumo, Lemon, to just name a few. But, you get the picture, they have all made themselves above and exempt from our laws and are using their power to shut us up. They spoon feed us communist lies and if we don’t obey them they persecute us, punish us for having the audacity to think for ourselves.

        We should NEVER allow these people to have any kind of power over us. WE made THEM rich from our patronage, WE gave them riches and power from OUR patronage. If we the people do not boycott these radicals who have wielded this power over us, we are fools. Boycotting them is the only voice we have to make them pay attention. They don’t listen to our pleas or to our suffering, the only thing they see is numbers, $$$$$ signs making them richer and more powerful. Turn them off, vote the demonRATs out, but be sure that when you turn them off, don’t EVER look back…. KEEP them off.


  3. I bet she is another honey pot ordered by China to woo rich Americans and steal information from them. Look at Gates! What woman would want an ugly man like that!! She’s after some of those billions and sensitive information. After all isn’t Gates’s name on Epsteins flight logs? He likes young girls so he’s an easy target of this spy ring. He and Eric Swalwell simply think with their “little brains”.

    1. True look at the Gop’s Turtle is married to a chinee, wherever there is power there is a chinee also, we’re full of homely traitors.

  4. Who cares about Bill Gates? No one. The only thing we are concerned about is his relentless obsession to be GOD and control the New World Order. His insane vaccines and blocking the sun, depopulation , and synthetic food crap is crazy man thinking. I am surprised that his wife didn’t leave him long ago. Probably stayed because of the children and the lifestyle.

  5. What the hell is going on with china??? It’s MY OPINION THAT the bidens, hunter, and harris included, they have committed TREASON, SO BADLY, THEY SHOULD BE KICKED THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA, AND JOIN THEIR COMMIE china!!! Why isn’t anyone DEALING WITH THE CRIMINAL hunter, he belongs LOCKED UP WITH daddy biden. The HYPOCRISY the DECEIT, the LIES NEVER END. GO HOME TO china bidens and take the REST OF THE SCUMMY SWAMP WITH YOU, OH DON’T FORGET the treasonous obamas!!!

  6. Since the Chinese Communist Party is COMPLETELY dedicated to the overthrow of the US in world leadership, it is easy to assume that they have “agents” in every possible position in the US power structure – private or government.

    Gates was/is an easy target, since he is poorly educated and philosophically dull. He is almost an exact parallel to many technically talented men in our society (like Albert Einstein) who know little or nothing about the philosophy of living life to its fullest, with a compatible companion. You take them “out of their tree” and they act like unschooled children – unable to function. I am sorry for Melinda. Money is a poor treatment for open, festering psychological wounds. Only brutal and true introspection can start the healing process, and it doesn’t come overnight.

  7. If you have family ties to Communist China you are a Communist Chinese military spy…

    …regardless of whether you want to be or not

  8. Gates®️ visited Epstein PedoIsland not for not to taste the exotic fruits…

    …but also to bring architects to design Gates®️Own Pedo Island, complete with submarine port

  9. Gates was removed from Planet Earth? Bezos divorce, Zuckerberg Divorce? Central Bankers getting nervous? All Gitmo’d

  10. This is all a false flag and a smoke screen….. Bill Gates has an entanglement with Microsoft and the Gates are moving their money, getting a divorce he can give His wife money and property it can’t be touched. This is a divorce of convenience! Micro soft was deeply involved in election fraud and Gates has major stock in the company .

  11. The left won’t accuse Gates of being an asset of the ChiComs because, well, they are all assets as well, unwittingly in many cases but doing the bidding for China as well. We always knew Bill Gates would side with the Chinese and of course there is no doubt this little lovely is part of the plan too. When u start your careers as corrupt as guys like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, with no moral compass to speak of then your True North can always be manipulated, These guys stand for nothing, that is their strength in the world they inhabit.

  12. Bill Gates is being gaslighted by the Chinese and he doesn’t even know its happening. The age old way of pulling down the powerful at its finest.

  13. Again, as I have said before, I do feel sorry for Melinda Gates, whose perilous situation is in NO way tied to financial condition. The terrible psychological wounds she must be suffering cannot be solved by spending money, but by a slow and careful personal philosophical study of her situation – with a complete reliance on truth and morality. Her wealth will allow her to do many constructive and marvelous things – if she can and will. After all, the future is tomorrow.

  14. Bill g you did not know what the most Beautiful woman in the world you Had you don’t deserved a Beauty lady of that stature, here you Had a woman love you unconditional,I look for a woman like her all my life, you will not Find one that can come close to MI’s Melinda G.Ever,not Even money can Do that, MI’s Melinda G.may The Hand Of Be With You.

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