Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota via Wikimedia Commons

A pastor in Canada was brutally arrested on a highway after being accused of ‘inciting’ people to go to church.

As Townhall reports:

Well, they did it. A “[h]eavily-armed SWAT police” team arrested and dragged off a Christian pastor in the middle of a highway after he had held his church service because he was “inciting” people to go to church. As you can see from video evidence of the arrest, Artur Pawlowski is made to kneel on the road, with his hands behind his head, as he’s been handcuffed. It appears to have been raining.

had written just over a week ago how a judge had granted a warrant for police to arrest Pastor Artur Pawlowski using “anything necessary,” but still, watching a pastor getting arrested and dragged away on a Saturday on a busy highway, along with his brother, Dawid, isn’t something we should get used to, especially when it happens in a first world country, by authorities from our neighbor to the north. No wonder it received coverage from Not the Bee.

Pawlowski’s terrible fate goes to show what can happen under an ultra-liberal regime that has no respect for basic constitutional rights like the freedom of religion. Is it only a matter of time before this tyranny makes its way south under President Joe Biden (or Kamala Harris)?


  1. Oky Canucks, now do you know whythe liberal scum want your wapons, we still ahave them in the states, come here and get them.

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    1. Let’s call it like it is. Any state that condones that kind of treatment to any of its citizens and especially towards a religious leader is already a Communist state no matter what they call their government. Yes! The US is headed in the same direction. That is what happens when people are talked into electing a liberal government. However, the US was tricked into it by believing that the election process was honest. America is being purchased by George Soros who IS a communist. He finances everything that will destroy America and people keep supporting his businesses. He is the Pied Piper leading the US into destruction.

      1. Valkyrrie
        Now apparently you did not pay close attention in US History or even Civics class or you would know that the Founders tried very hard to keep religion out of the laws of this New Country they had formed, that is overly apparent in the Freedom of Religion Amendment, where they say all religions, even Muslims have a perfect right to practice their religion here, and that no law in respect to religion will be made.
        Now if that election was not honest where is the proof after over 1000 investigations BY combined State and federal Law Enforcement with appointed members of both political parties involved and not one accusation or affidavit was found to be factual in any way. If you have actual proof of that Voter Fraud you should contact law enforcement because they are the ones who you report violations of the law to not to courts as Trump tried to do and found out that they do not accept accusations only hard proof which Trump did not have.

        1. The registered voters according to the US census is 4 million lower than the actually number of voters. These two numbers are never exact, however, they are usually I. Pretty close agreement.

        2. When you shut your ears and only listen to what you want to hear you mis the detsils of thosands of votes illegally cast and kept as if they did. Investigations by independent sources an forensic analysis has shown tens of thousands votes were added in GA after all monitors were removed for the night but Democrat counters worked through the night a
          and fouund JUST enough unguarded votes to have BIDEN win. Counting these illegal votes over and over cannot show the fraud where ballots could be bought over the internet. Then we havet the same practice in MN with tens of millions given to Democratic operatives by Zuckerburg to cllect ballots that never had a chain of custody. In AZ it has been documented that thosands of ballots were from out of state or had fake addresses. Even no Maricopa County has refused to turn over court ordered materials and records as well as machine data to the state government. In this election there were over 1 million votes which has no required chain of custody and state voting laws were contitutionally ignored in AZ, GA, PA, MN, and others. No fraud ever is found when the sunshine of openess is eliminated and we turn a blind eye to it.

          1. Robert got lost on your 3rd sentence. When the number of presidential votes cast, outnumbers the votes cast for the rest of the ticket candidates, one would think even a ‘Robert’ would notice. We KNOW that happened in GA.

          2. We’re aware of voter fraud. What we’re apparently not aware of is that our Constitution provided Americans with a means to remove those who benefit from voter fraud.

        3. Lol….what bush have you been hiding under? MI with 10,000 illegal votes in just a couple of county’s. Or PA with 176,000 more votes than voters??? Here in AZ we are doing a recount….Democrats are going crazy! They have filed multiple lawsuits to try to stop the count…now they are pulling in the Federal government. Now tell me WHY are they so worried?🤔

        4. Not too easy to get “hard proof” of anything when not only the dimocrats, but also the deep state is corrupt…and all protected by leftist activists in the media

        5. When “they who count the votes” have the ability to hide the “hard evidence”
          Houston, we have a problem.
          Our founders writhed hard to allow free expression of religious tastes without the State forcing a specific Church.
          Faith has never been verboten.
          This nation was built on Faith in the Creator.
          Read the DoI; read the Constitution.

        6. The evidence is overwhelming but our corrupt courts refused to even let it be presented, every case was shut down on technicalities. Refusing to look at evidence and saying there is no evidence are two different things.

    2. Yeah you do if your any religion but Christian, you think these clowns would do this to a Muslim.

    3. United states is no longer a Constitutional Republic. Started when the passed the Federal Reserve Act and it’s 16th Amendment, or sooner.

      1. What does that actually mean? Do you really think that there is one person or even a group of people who could lead the people into a successful overthrow of the present Washington corrupt government? The only way that could happen would be if the armed forces would join in. That is not going to happen. So, what do you mean by getting “tough?” In the meanwhile, Biden/Harris, Obama, the Clintons, Soros and the rest of the bought-off do-nothing politicians will talk a good line to the American people, while they too collect millions behind closed doors.

        1. Let’s call it a consensus. The American people have for too long accepted a comprehensive form of government that ostensibly will forge “Equality” among our cultures. Though that goal is quite daunting, somehow ‘certain’ candidates adopted that scheme, and knowing they must ignore the fundamental provisions and limitations of our nation’s charter, they set about expanding the scope of government authority to force/coerce/cajole our populations to be ‘inclusive’ of each segment of our culture. What those supposedly egalitarian campaigns accomplished was twofold: They created a prodigious level of entitlement among the beneficiaries, while inviting a corrupt, tyrannical and politically astute cabal of unscrupulous demagogues to be entrenched within our leadership. Those tyrants know exactly what to do when their power is challenged: They minister to those aforementioned beneficiaries that their ‘saviors’ will be sent packing, and they had better march into polls to keep their gravy train on the tracks. As stupid as Americans are (That process was also deliberate…) they can at least detect that their nation is failing, bankrupt, dystopian and threatened by “Globalism”. We simply need to wise up and rise up as a people to remove those tyrants from power.

        1. Just make sure whose ass should be kicked. It’s quite easy to determine that criteria, since our Constitution was a prescient script which described how tyranny forms, and how the people can impose their Civil Rights to remove tyrants. Biden has definitely got to go, along with Schumer, Pelosi, Sanders and Matsui. Each of these tyrants are knowingly violating their oaths of office, so they’ve placed their heads on the block for removal.

    1. It is if we the people allow it to come here. Although the officers were only doing their job, they should have refused to arrest someone based upon a hoax pandemic. This is nothing more than the flu. I say that because do you hear anything of the flu. NO! These officers should have stood up to the corrupt Canadian officials and refused to arrest a man of God. I have nothing for Canada any more.

    2. It will come here. In many places, being a Christian means watching your family get tortured and killed and then you…. The Bible tells of these coming times.

    3. It has already come to America. Religious figures within our nation have become firebrands for liberals to protest various elements of scripture; God’s condemnation of homosexuality being one of those elements. Perhaps those whiners adopted gays as a means to compile a litany of opprobrium to hurl toward people of faith. (They have to have SOMETHING to kick about…) God also stipulated “Thou shalt not kill”, which, if this commandment was applied to the Abortion industry, there would not BE an abortion industry. ‘Ever notice how liberals always select topics that create fertile fields of contention to project toward their opponents? (You might also notice when the little whiners receive their well-deserved pokes upon their scrunched-up faces, they’ll deploy a lawyer on you with a nose so big, you can see it from the space station.

    4. Hell no!! Cause we here in American wouldn’t stand for it!
      Besides, Churches are already open here, thank you very much. AND we wear our masks, AND we practice 6 feet away. So they can;t get us even if they tried.

  2. shocked to see the direction of the canadian government. I thought they were a kinder, gentler nation. I guess, no one anywhere is allowed to make their own health decisions, even if it includes going to church. sickening.

    1. They WERE a kindler, gentiler nation UNTIL That Communist of a Prime Minister took over!! Look what he turned it into!

  3. This type of religious persecution is why The Puritans left England. Thankfully, the US has a Constitution that prevents it today.

    1. I hate to say this but as you can tell, the liberal Demorats don’t follow the Constitution. There is a double-standard in the United States when it comes to the Rats and Conservative Republicans. They impeach a Republican for saying “let’s go over to the Capital and have a PEACEFUL protest,” and yet they allow a Congressional leader who incited violence by saying “if you see them at a gas station, in a restaurant or on the streets, get in their faces and harass them.” Maxine Waters should have been immediately removed from Congress, but as you see, there us a double-standard.

      1. True. Liberals wish to breathe life into our charter, creating a “Living Document” which can be modified to address current trends. The fundamental scope of our Constitution defines our government, and limits their powers. This inhibits the ambition of liberal leaders to employ government authority to focus on elements of our population. There were no provisions for such activities enumerated for such purposes, so, as you’ve pointed out, liberals ignore their limitations.

    2. At LEAST for now we do, give the evil Democrat’s and Liberals another few months and Christian’s will be facing the same thing the way they’re going after the Constitution.

    3. Don’t hold your breath! The Biden government (?) is on a path to change that. He had already stated that the amendments to the constitution can easily be changed. The Democrats do NOT recognize the Constitution ,except when it furthers their cause to overthrow American and restructure it in their own image. They are on a roll and must accomplish it in less then two years, assuming the Republicans can take the House and Senate. Make no mistake!!!! The Democrats ARE determined to reshape America at all cost into a new world order and “ to h*** with the constitution.”

  4. Socialism in full bloom. The State takes away your freedom to worship and dictates the parameters of free speech

    1. I truly commend this pastor. This is persecution at it’s highest degree. Here in the U.S. there have been pastors who have been arrested for having church services. Folks, don’t you see what’s coming? Satan used this so-called pandemic to persecute the church. This is nothing more than the flu. Isn’t it funny that you never hear anything about the flu anymore. And one more thing. “In my opinion,” I believe that the Demorats had something to do with the creation of this simply so they could use this as a means of stealing an election and commit voter fraud. If this isn’t the case, then why is the Biden administration not holding China responsible? The only thing he is doing to China is giving them a pat on the back and a handshake while making the U.S. look like a sissy.

  5. absolutely disgusting. 10 to 1 they still allow Muslims to gather to worship. This is how unarmed citizens are treated. Slaves. Armed citizens are free men.

    1. Yes I totally agree with you. It is disgusting. We are beginning to have the Muslim problem here in the U.S. We have a Muslim Congressional leader (Cortez) who keeps trying to subvert our laws with that of Sharia law. The Muslims have even persuaded the government to allow them to have their own settlement in the State of West Virginia and actually moved homeowners our of their homes so the Muslims could move in. However, people have begun to wake up to what is happening. I believe that anyone who enters the United States should be forced to speak our language, learn our history and follow our laws or be expelled if they fail to honor our way of life.

  6. Pigs are pigs and always will be pigs whether it’s in US or Canada or world,but Canadian communist regime leadership should be taken to gallows and dispatch them ASAP,I lived in commie country I can tell you stories that you be sick,what they were doing to the citizens that didn’t kiss commie asses.


    1. Our leaders in Canada and the United States are going to have a severe punishment placed upon them on the day of judgment. I don’t care if they believe that or not. let them keep arresting our servants and God will show them shortly.

  8. And this folks is why the constitution is do important to us. The constitution guarantees that government will not violate our rights without repercussions. If this were in the US, the pastor could sue the government for restitution.

  9. Shame on you Canada!!!! Making going to the House of God a CRIME!!! What are you afraid of? Someone is more powerful than you, sorry but God created everything. What can you create except prisoners, you have to feed. Innocent people don’t belong behind bars!!!! RELEASE him NOW and void the charges!!

  10. I was in Canada a few years ago and the many of the provinces dislike Trudeau with a passion ! Eventually Canadian government will fail ! We need to learn from our neighbors!

  11. This is why the Founding Fathers made no exceptions when they secured free speech.

    Canada does not have free speech.

  12. It appears that every countries government no longer believe in religion, only their self gain and rulings over the people. All the world needs to rid their evil government, or they are will become slaves to their self gains. The Bible states an eye for an eye and it should never be forgotten.

  13. America won’t be next because this country is founded on the Christian culture we have freedom of religion here so no I doubt that will happen here. Canada is a little crazy. Love them anyway ” A” them hovers. LOL jk.

  14. I’ve never been to Canada and don’t plan on it anytime soon. What’s wrong with Canadians? They really want this kind of government? If that’s the case, then you’re all getting exactly what you deserve.
    And by the way, their HEALTH CARE SUCKS!
    But, but, but it’s free! Complete BS and they all know it. I personally have spoken with Canadians who absolutely say so! Hard to feel sorry for people who are still sleeping and refuse to wake up.

    1. They did vote this upon themselves, with the help of their Dominion vote tallying machines.

  15. Not sure why he dragged his feet…. As a Christian, we know Christ willing walked with His cross to His death. We know this is coming and will get worse. “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake.” Luke 21:17

    It will get much worse…. Be ready to meet The Creator Christ!

  16. Any Government that condones the Brutal NON-PUNISHED treatment of God Loving people Is a Government that is TOTALLY ANTI HUMAN IN ANY SHAPE FORM OR FASHION. Now you Waist of Humanity don’t bother coming South on Vacation we wont serve you ANYTHING but USED DIAPERS and Contaminated Water.

    1. Gordon, if you read my response, please come back and tell us a little about your health care system.
      Many here in the States are praying for universal health care. How’s it working for you guys over there?

    2. You’re more than welcome to come over here! As long as you’re not infected, we’ll welcome you!

  17. Please explain why a Christian is more important than any one else in this World, they are suppose to follow the laws just like everyone else. Now not even the USA Constitution sets special rules for Christians, in fact they put the Amendment in the Constitution to prevent Christianity or any other religion from becoming the official religion of this new Country they had formed, knowing the Damage Christianity had done to the population in Europe.



  18. Yes only the “selected representation” is what we have to fear as they pay their brown shirts (blm, antifa) to do their dirty work!

    Time to Remove all these communist, Marxist, socialist, progressive, Stalinists, Leninists democrats from office!   Period.

  19. Hello out there—-Do we all know that there are more than 300,000 CCP on a base in CANADA

    That is Chinese Communist Party Military


    1. Question would then be,,,do they know how many armed hunters we have just on our northern border?

      1. Hope there are MILLIONS……Don’t think they are up to do any “good” those 300,000 chicoms……What are we going to do when the FRAUDULENT biden REGIME is letting them come in here, and not just 300,000…..????

  20. Well, that’s Canada for you – – -How dare that pastor hold church without the government’s permission? Next thing you know, somebody will want to speak out about their disagreements with the government, or, even worse, go somewhere and protest in public. Oh, the humanity! Where will it all end? (Now you know why WE have the Second Amendment, TO PROTECT THE FIRST! ! !)


  22. Another “KAREN” story.  If you can’t follow the law then you’re arrested. And don’t be calling the police Nazis, it makes them mad. 

    The pastor ignored a previously given injunction, but chose to ignore the law’s requirements for social distancing, mask wearing and reduced capacity limits for attendees.  Charged “with illegal in-person gathering, including requesting, inciting or inviting others to attend an illegal public gathering, promoting and attending an illegal public gathering,” Calgary Police said in the statement.
    This was an easy bit of disinformation to google.  

  23. To all who replied to Robert6391 –
    Go back and read his post again and think of it as very heavy-handed satire.

  24. Do I detect the aroma of food that the BOLSHEVIKS consumed during their regime? Perhaps to test the current regime’s limits, they could try this enforcement action on a Rabbi.


  26. No wonder the commies in Canada are cozying up to the red Chinese. Does not take long for Canadians to fall in line with their commie buddies. All Canadians stay in Canada,we have our share of commies in the lower 50s.

  27. How dare this Polish pastor worship God instead of Big Government and Scientism! Scientism is the false religion that derives from the directed misapplication of scientific principles, oft to facilitate shadowy political purposes and surreptitious objectives.

  28. I am reminded of President Reagan’s prophetic warning, “When fascism comes, it will come in the form of liberalism”

  29. Wow so a pastor can get arrested for inciting ppl to go to church when covid is pretty much flattened but thousands of “protestors” get away Scott free from destroying property?

  30.  Artur Pawlowski called Calgary Police “Nazis” for enforcing Covid-19 worship rules during an Easter service on Saturday. Now they totally live down to his exposure of what they are.

  31. Canada
    Is a fascist state.
    Has been hiding it for a while.
    Look north of you’re interested what the democrats plan is.
    They think the Good Lord can’t touch them.

  32. How sick arresting a pastor when churches aren’t safe in America! The left is Hitlers party! To many people on the left are without morals! They think killing is ok! Sick on many things, gang rape, burning down churches, looting businesses and much more! Why can’t they be happy living in the greatest country! If they are so disgruntled leave we don’t want you in this great country! Move out!

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