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“Fox & Friends” co-host Brian Kilmeade announced this morning that President Trump needs to “start coordinating” with reported President-elect Joe Biden’s team concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

Kilmeade’s statement comes as the president’s legal battles over the election results continue. (The Hill)

“I think it’s in the country’s best interest if he starts coordinating on the virus and coordinating on security with the Biden team. And just brief them,” Kilmeade said Wednesday during “Fox and Friends.”

The Biden team has been barred from viewing classified material and meeting with administration officials during the transition period, as the General Services Administration has refused to certify Biden as the winner of the presidential election.

Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris received a briefing from national security experts Tuesday despite the hurdles.

The call for coordination from Kilmeade comes as the U.S. has seen an alarming surge in coronavirus cases across the country, with hot spots concentrated in the Midwest.


    1. 🗣Don’t be afraid to call him what he really is “UnFair & UnBalanced ASSWIPE” from the FUAX 🦊NEWS FAKE NEWS NEWEST MEMBER!

    2. I wouldn’t give Biden the right time of day ….. on anything if I was Trump. Hope he doesn’t. 47 years of secrets and some of the most dirtiest DC sleeze hidden and fading in one old man’s corrupt brain.Being part of 4 years of group resist, fraud and lies against a President who is/was more successful than Reagan. My gosh. And now we are facing Episode 2, The Barack sequel, starring the same bunch of effed up characters loaded with more extreme and insane ideas than before. And ALL the American public is supposed to by this shiiit and come together, because the big guy Joe tells us to do so.
      My answer, go sniff some hair so your leg hairs tingle …. sorry Brian, hopefully no dice.

    3. I sure hope Newsmax where lot us conservatives has moved over to from FOX…Brian has always been a big wimp….I don’t believe he ever was a true Pres. Trump supporter..to make a statement like he did….Really Brian…you should be working for the liberal and loser CNN…..Right up your ally….if you really believe what you said….Shame, shame…President Trump is still our greatest president and no winner has been called…..

  1. Brian Kilmeade: I thought you were smarter than this, and this another reason why I’m watching Newsmax now. Pres. Trump has every right to have re-counts in every single state so what’s your problem? I have to say that I am so disappointed in you and other too at Fox. I would like to know why Fox is going ROGUE and joining up with CNN, MSNBC, etc and why are you on that team? Fox is turning democrat, and I cannot live like that, I cannot trust you guys anymore either. Who is making you guys go Rogue on Fox? Who’s paying you to move to the left?


    1. You are 100% correct. There is no reason for Trump to discuss a transition with Biden, since the states’ elections have not been certified. This election is so fraught with illegalities. Just look at the recounts and how votes for Biden really belong to Trump. Look at how votes were counted after Republicans were told that counting was over for the night…then THEY continued to count ballots that were brought in surreptitiously! And how about these Dominion machines that were programmed to switch votes from Trump to Biden. This is the worst election I have ever witnessed…and I am 78 years old!!!!

      1. Ask yourself. Who pleaded with sleepy Joe to never concede? Who still refuses to concede the governor’s race in GeorgiaAnswer 1: Hillary. Answer 2: Stephanie Abrams. So, what is this nonsense about conceding and playing well with others? Typical dems

  2. WHY would you coordinate with the enemy. Cheaters, Thieves, and Baby Killing Lost Souls. I know this asshole is the enemy.

    1. I think you’re describing the America of the future…. fortunately many of us won’t be around.
      Just like there’s “life after death” with democrat voters, I hope there is life after death for the rest of us too….. so I can look down and laugh!!!!

  3. Hilarious, does Brian also think Trump as a Dictator???? Let’s get to the truth 1st before our Country gets turned over to a clear Socialist platform..there should be no rush… unless there is international world challenges.which the Press (Fake news – FoX) might know of before Trump or even Biden…yeah right!!!
    Pfizer, Vaccine, Nobel Peace Prize, Sheep controls, all a figment of imagination..whala……


  4. Kilmeade and all of FOX news can kiss off. I am saddened that I trusted FOX news all of these years, But, Not any more! They will need to get their ratings from goofy liberals now.


  5. Apart from watching Tucker Carlson, I don’t watch FoxNews anymore. They’ve become indistinguishable from CNN, MSNBC, and the rest of those media creeps,

  6. I suggest that Brian Kilmeade go someplace that’s awful hot and rhymes wit Swell . And I don’t mean California !

  7. I’m not defending what Brian did and I definitely don’t watch as much as I was. But, the D’s that own the network pretty much put their foot on the necks of these anchors as for what they are allowed to say. For instance, they can’t talk about God or Soros. Some such as Hannity and Tucker get away with a little more because they are money makers. After I heard this morning that MSDNC’s morning joe went to #1 ahead of Fox, I would watch Fox just to o bring down Joe and mika (witch).

    1. Good one Linda! Joe is from my home town Pensacola and he was a jerk once he got on with Micky Mouse Mika(whose Da was a huge lefty liberal Soros type. Never watch those phony’s and they chide the President?Hypocrites.Joe has 2 sons he left behind with their mother(lucky lady to be rid of Joe).They have to be grown up now.Money can by a lot of things but morals aren’t for sale.

    2. What you are saying is that BK and others willingly flush their values, morals and ethics to keep their job. They will sell their souls. a prostitute has higher ethics than these pundits. They will squirm on their bellys like a slug to keep a job. How disgusting.

  8. What does it matter if he updates now or 60 days from now, Biden still can’t do anything until he is inaugurated. Besides according to Biden he already HAS A PLAN, so he must know all the facts that he needs to know, or how the HELL could he have a plan?

  9. I thought Brian was a good guy. I am seriously disappointed in him and wondering what his agenda is. I don’t give a double darn about that stupid virus and I think Biden wouldn’t know what the virus was if somebody asked him. He is seriously senile and seriously unfit to be president. Brian Kilmeade you are now on my do not like you and do whatever I can to see that you are not taken as a serious journalist. or anchor. Yeah why don’t you go get a job at CNN except maybe Trump will buy it and throw you out. He is still president until Jan. 20th and he doesn’t have to give Joe Biden the time of day if he doesn’t want to. I know I sure would not.

  10. Brian has always been a RINO with TDS. he has been pretending for 4 years. Now he is more comfortable coming out because it is good to be kissing up to the new direction at Fox.

  11. Kilmeade should remember he’s a reporter nothing more and who the hell is he to urge anyone to do anything. He also might want to think about why nobody watches his morning show anymore, I know I don’t. Watch OAN so much better

  12. Any one who can’t see that this election was rigged for the dems from the start just isn’t paying attention. Opened every possible avenue to encourage voter fraud weeks before an election, no transparency, then they wonder why we call foul. Root out every instance of fraud we can find and hold people accountable then patch the holes so maybe we can have some faith in our election system again.

    1. Agree. One month before the election Pelosi said that “ no matter what the number of votes are, Biden will win”. The FIX was in.

  13. Respect those who are bailing. The others are trapped, compromised or outright deep state. Left this station years ago.



  15. To many never Trumpers on Fox now. Cavuto. Ryan and also all the lefties headed by Wallace.Chris Wallace and co. Many already have changed channels to Newsmax and other more friendly conservative channels. Guess Fox is going to the side of fake news like CNN, MSNBC. NBC, ABC CBS,Twitter and Facebook etc etc


  16. Brian Kilmeade
    Don’t talk down to Americans, we hear this from the Dem-fascists.
    PRESIDENT Trump doesn’t have to share any information with Biden because he is not President-elect. Some states have not certified their elections. The electoral college meets December 14, so that is when they decide who is President-elect. Trump’s team has collected hundreds of affidavits from witnesses that say they saw vote tampering. Dummycrats cheated.

  17. I never read anything positive about President Trump.Now F&F Brian Kilmeade has also chimed in with his opinion.Be careful what you wish for Brian.Be very careful.I’ll check back and see how Joey Biden and his busom buddy VP are holding up with F&F.

  18. The Rats of Fox are beginning to come from their dark spaces. This rodent is looking for the cheese from his adoring leftist supporters.

  19. Biden is too senile to understand a security briefing and KA-mala probably laughed through it!!!
    I think the “Squad” should be included in all future security briefings. The regressives are the future of the ‘rat party.

  20. Do these people realize that they are not the ones who certify the president-elect. Sorry to inform them that Joe is only a regular citizen and can not be briefed until the votes are certified after “We the People” are satisfie in the court challenges that every legalvote us counted, but every illegal vote is void, other,wise there is voter suppressionin a free and fair election of U.S. citizens. Kamala is not even qualified to run for our highest offices, she is a usurper. If Joe was the winner then he has no worries and I am sure he will get legally briefed beforeand if he is named a Senator. Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,. I hope whoever is briefing Joe is tried for treason.

  21. Brian pretended to be a Trump supporter. A true supporter doesn’t jump ship. If he thinks having Biden (in name only) President then Brian never was a patriot. Just a wimpy pretender.

  22. The problem is if Biden has colluded with China why would the President want to trust Biden with intelligence?

  23. Brian your a coward. Stand up for the good people and don’t slur your reputation. This is a fraud election. It is a coup to overthrow the will of the people. If you can’t see this election is a fraud then you are in bed with Satan. They failed in their previous 3 coup attempts. Wake up!!!

  24. KILMEADE, your job is the news not running the Country nor the PRESIDENTS OFFICE! BIDEN is not declared President yet nor do we think he will be so keep your NOSE OUT OF POLITICS AND STAY IN THE NEWS, ” HONESTLY “!

  25. This is why I do not watch Fox anymore, except Hannity he is the only one I watch. I switched to Newsmax. I used to watch Fox all day long.

  26. Excuse me but why on this Earth should President trump give Americas Security to Joe Biden? they Guy is bought and owned by China? He is a rascal and trying to steal an Election does not qualify for President! Brian, your ratings will plunge now!

  27. 🤢🤮F💩x news has gone to the dark side. I quit watching when Donna Brazille showed up. She is a lying “dog faced pony soldier. There are still a few good people there. Sorry to hear about Kilmeade I thought wrong about him. I thought he was smarter than that. Newsmax and one American news are great!

  28. Beijing Biden is not the president elect. The Presidency has not been certified. He is a private citizen. Why would we give someone connected to China intelligence info?

  29. Had to leave Fox because of: Juan Williams, Donna Brazil, Marie Harf, Arthel Neville, Eric Shawn, Hahn, Wolf, Turner, Fisher. You get the drift. So refreshing to watch Newsmax and OAN. No liberals, communists, marxists. Get the drift again. I don’t need to hear the other side. I already know all about the other side and I have had enough! Nuff said!

  30. Sniffy will never be my President. Just like Obama was not my president. He started it all and Americans were too stupid to see what he really was and is.

  31. If Kilmeade had qualified his remark by saying “My comment only refers to a courtesy briefing – NOT in any way a suggestion of concession,” I might have accepted it. In the form he gave it, it is a cowardly retreat.

  32. I am done with Fox! I have been watching them go down hill for quite a while and now they have quit even pretending. Only a few on there worth watching!!!

  33. Get outta here Kilmeade, you have shown your colors now, fraud is proven to be rampant and you call for concession, NO Way !

  34. Have stopped watching Fox all together, just a few have credence at all, the obvious ones who actually are bringin in the truth !

  35. Why should President Trump do anything for biden? He is nothing but a sleaze. Besides he already has told everyone during his little get togethers the things he’d do..So he already knows what to do. Let him do it if he remembers what he said he’d do. Maybe Chris Wallace can tell him what he said he’d do….Like waiting…for him to be certified before claiming victory….joe is a liar….always has been and always will be….He will never be my president….he is nothing!

  36. The Fox News should stop unfairly coordinating with and taking the side of Biden and his team. Let’s wait until the official announcement about the election and until the supreme court decision has been made, without taking sides. Coronavirus is a different story and I think Trump is doing everything to minimize its effect, and Biden should not be given any official control until he officially becomes the US President, if that will ever happen.

  37. Simple! Stop watching Fox, boycott their sponsors and let the sponsors know you are boycotting this turn coat network. Money talks and it speaks loudly and without a mask! The only program I still watch is Tucker Carlson.

  38. They can be briefed in just like they were during the pre election. Since he is still a candidate. But Trump shouldn’t concede until all the votes are counted.

    Brian was right, we should be sharing with the Biden staff. As much as I hate the idea of him being President, our Country needs the continuity.
    We may have lost, it’s not over but the reality of it becoming an increasingly uphill battle should tell folks with an ounce of AMERICA left in them to help the transition for America’s sake. If we win the court battles, then we stop the daily briefings, simple. Two years of Biden/Harris should convince enough of the “them” to join us. In the mean time, GET REAL.
    Be safe.

  40. The democrats want a piece of the distribution action. Could be contracts upwards of ten of millions of dollars. With the corruption level the democrats have shown, it will likely be a billion.
    Trump’s plan is to have the military distribute the doses. They already get paid to do emergency things like this.

  41. Was a die hard Republican. Not any more. The Republicans are a bunch of spineless politicians. VOTE them all out of office. Republican are going to be the party of not. Power to the Democrats. Fox n News is the real FAKE NEWS.

  42. Why such a rush to appease the democrats? In 2000 we gave Al Gore enough time to contest Florida’s outcome, and even Al Franken got 5 weeks to keep counting mythical votes until the democrats claimed he was ahead and the winner. Democrats are telling us that Pee Wee Herman knocked out Mike Tyson in the 1st round, but there is no video of the fight. We are to just take their word for it, like Christine Blasey Ford.

  43. Great timing, Kilmeade! Your idiotic remark added to my enjoyment of today’s Giuliani/Powell press conference on how the Democrats attempted to steal the presidential election. President Trump apparently won do many votes that he defeated the Dominion/Democrat algorithm designed to steal the election!

  44. Kilmeade needs to stay out of it!! I’m so disappointed in Fox News. All of the media needs to stay out since they don’t report the truth.

  45. Brian Kilmeade is one of the these duche why we do not watch and trust FOX. People running from FOX like from a plague.

  46. Kilmeade has different facial expressions when he thinks he’s off the camera. His disposition goes from sunny to shifty, nervous, and planning ahead. In my long life those are signs of untruthfulness. He finally dares to reveal his true identity. Seems like I was right. You are going to see many more “switching from conservative to liberals for money and power. Great shame in a historically ethical profession

  47. biden has not won nothing yet has not been declared yet .President Trump is still president and biden should not get the secret briefings until is is really declared. fox new lost a lot of viewers and they will loose more .It really too bad they are becoming like the other dishonest ,lying ignorant channels .goodbye fox, I wont cry at you funeral

  48. Better get their tail in gear, because the psychopathic Left are preparing to forcefully take over. After all, they cheated fair and square! #MAGA

  49. Brian Kilmeade should “Get the Facts Straight” before “Urging” anyone to do anything ! Biden has no say about the Virus, the Vaccine, distribution of it, or anything to do about it ! Everything is and has been in Place and these “Turncoats” are blowing Smoke up Biden’s you know what !
    I don’t know what their reasoning is but Biden has probably forgotten their names already and “IF” he ever gets in office, it will probably be so short lived that Kamel A will be making the decisions they will tell her to make !

  50. Best Person of 2020 without a doubt is President Donald J Trump and in my opinion should keep that title as long as he is on this earth. No one has ever or will ever do more for America.

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