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James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas found itself attacked by one of the men shown in its recent video exposé on ballot harvesting in Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s congressional district.

Liban Osman, the man attacking O’Keefe and Project Veritas’ credibility, was seen repeatedly boasting about numerous absentee ballot forms he collected in violation of state election law, footage which became the catalyst for an investigation by the Minneapolis Police Department.

Yet a single interview on Minneapolis’ Fox affiliate with Osman was enough for once-venerable papers like the New York Times to slander Project Veritas with yet another disinformation smear campaign, as the paper of record likes to put it.

Never content to back down without a fight, O’Keefe has announced he is suing the New York Times. His evidence is compelling:

Osman claimed on KMSP-TV that Omar Jamal, chair of a Somali-led election watchdog, offered him $10,000 on O’Keefe’s behalf to lie about the number of ballots in his possession and claim he also collected them on behalf of Rep. Omar.

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra reports:

Osman later told the news station that he did not accept the money that he claims that he was offered and that he walked away.

“Before the story aired last night, we talked to the reporter, Tom Lyden. We told him there was no $10,000 bribe offered to Liban Mohamed, also known as Liban Osman,” O’Keefe said in a statement. “We told Tom Lyden our Project Veritas Insider Omar Jamal did not recant or backpedal away from the video of cash for ballot documents exchange.”

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“In fact, we told Lyden that our court-certified translator verified that Jamal did not recant — he told us that he did not have his own translator,” the statement continued. “In the Fox9 report, Liban admits to having 20 ballots in his car, instead of 300 — that is still more than six times the legal limit. We told Tom Lyden Minnesota’s ban on individuals handling more than three ballots was not suspended — he even acknowledged to us that he understood that enforcement of the three-ballot rule was suspended pending a court-challenge, but it was not overturned.”

The statement ends by noting, “Lyden also acknowledged to us that when Minnesota’s high court on Sept. 4 affirmed the three-ballot limit that any violations were open for prosecution — all of this was left on the cutting room floor.”

Beside Jamal, another woman speaking to Project Veritas on video alleges Rep. Omar is replicating Osman’s illegal ballot harvesting scheme on a substantially larger scale.

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Help President Trump Stop Joe Biden [ACT NOW]


  1. I hope that James O’Keefe sues the NYT for $500,000,000 and wins! It is time to sue this communist propaganda rag out of business permanently!

  2. IF….James O’Keefe has the same attorney as the young Mr. Sandman,
    the NYT…….is in for a rather huge dip into their coffers!! 🙂

  3. Do they even speak English up there in little Somalia? This type of voter fraud might fly in Somalia but it should never be tolerated in America!

  4. Lessen learned , this is how one fights the destruction of our first Amendment rights and those who seek to alter and destroy them .

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