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Virginia’s Loudon County Public School (LCPS) district has revised its proposed speech policy, which would have prohibited teachers from criticizing the district’s racial equality plan that portrays the United States as intrinsically racist.

The swift reversal follows backlash from the teachers’ union, outraged parents, and local media reports.

Per the Washington Free Beacon:

Leadership from the Loudoun Education Association, the district’s largest teachers’ union, told the Free Beacon that a school board member plans to take the speech policy off of the upcoming board meeting itinerary, effectively stalling any vote. This change will allow the human resources department to “revise and review” the policy that, as currently written, prohibits employees from criticizing the school district’s “commitment to action-oriented equity practices” in all forms of public and personal communication.

Loudoun Education Association president Sandy Sullivan held a meeting with Loudoun County school board administrators and human resources on Monday to discuss the union’s concerns about the policy. After the meeting, Sullivan said the policy’s planned implementation appears to be less rigid than what the text of the policy indicates, though she feels strongly that the language should be revised to accurately portray the district’s expectations.

“Going through a conversation with [the school board], it sounded like the policy seems not as harsh as it was at first reading,” Sullivan said. “It needs to be clear that people shouldn’t have to ask questions to understand what the policy means. Employees should be able to pick up the policy and read it and understand what the expectations are.”

Teachers were upset with the policy proposal, which prompted immediate concerns from the union. Sullivan told the Free Beacon she wanted “to make sure employees can speak freely without repercussions,” which is not what the policy in its current form permits.

LCPS is Virginia’s third-largest and one of the state’s fastest-growing — with over 84,000 students.

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  1. I couldn’t be happier that Virginia parents are fighting back. I grew up in Va., but have not lived there for many years. The DC Swamp stole my State. Education is the way back. Bring up a child in the way it should go .. and that’s not communist.

      1. Louisa, you are so correct. If I had a child today there is no way I would allow them any place close to, maybe not even walk by, a government run public school.

        1. Thank the rats and Teachers Union! But as Trump has said many times “there are some good teachers and are only in union to be able to work”

  2. Communists can’t help themselves. Should they gain power and the corrupt to the core democrats win the upcoming Presidential election parents and other opposition voices to their anti-American agendas will be silenced.

  3. If Harris-Biden get elected this will be taught in every school across
    this country—Vote Trump if we have any hope of having a free

  4. SCHOOL CHOICE! Why should parents have to leave their kids in violent schools? Toxic schools? Leftist/Marxist schools? Rich parents can send their kids to the schools they want. School Choice/School Vouchers give parents the power to make their kids’ lives better. Public schools are PATHETIC. Drop out rates are out of control, the average HS grad reads at the third grade level and does first grade math! Worse and worse every year as the schools seek to indoctrinate rather than educate. Parents: your kids are worth $10,000-$20,000 a year to the schools. That’s the only reason they pretend to care about your children. Take that money and pay for YOUR private school. No more Marxist indoctrination, Critical Race Theory, white privilege. That seeks to keep WE THE PEOPLE apart and weak.

    1. I’d be willing to bet that if more private schools would open and the fees not so high there would be more educated kids out there!

  5. Why don’t they focus on teaching kids how to read and write, and to add and subtract. maybe that would make them better prepared to deal with the world.

  6. No private schools!! We need SCHOOL VOUCHERS and SCHOOL CHOICE. Taxpayers pay between $10,000-$20,000 for each child per year. Parents need access to that money! The money goes to the school the parents choose for the child. We need to break the back of the Public Education Scam and the NEA (teachers union). They have too much power and have been abusing it for three generations now. If your kid’s school wants to teach Critical Race Theory/Planned Parenthood and the Radical LGBT Community gender and hide your abortion from your parents/1619 garbage.

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