In response to a hostile mob invading their private drive and allegedly threatening their lives, Mark and Patricia McCloskey armed themselves and ran outside to dissuade any further violence.

Democrat Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, St. Louis’ chief prosecutor, subsequently charged the McCloskeys with felony weapons charges.

In no small part, Gardner owes her election to the financial support of controversial billionaire investor George Soros.

Now, the McCloskeys have been indicted by a grand jury on felony weapons and evidence tampering charges. (Daily Wire)

“Lawyer Joel Schwartz said he was told a grand jury indicted his clients on felony counts of unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. “He said he had no details. A St. Louis court clerk said the indictment was filed Tuesday but that she was not authorized to provide a copy.”

Schwartz said, “I am not surprised that the grand jury indicted them but I’ll certainly be interested in what was presented to the grand jury.”

“The government chooses to persecute us for doing no more than exercising our right to defend ourselves, our home, our property and our family and now we’re getting drug here time after time after time and for what?” Mark McCloskey said on Tuesday. “We didn’t fire a shot. People were violently protesting in front of our house and screaming death threats and threats of rape and threats of arson. Nobody gets charged but we get charged.”

The McCloskeys spoke at the Republican National Convention over the summer where they warned that what happened to them could happen to anyone.

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  1. America has gone too far left when you exercise your right to defend your lives and your property!! Wake up People, Vote Trump-Pence 2020 or WE WILL LOSE ALL RIGHTS as American Citizens!!!

    1. Welcome to the “New” Communist America the Lefty Libatards have been dreaming about for years!!!
      People better wake up, because these folks are absolutely right….this can happen to anyone, and if the Lefty-Tards get in control, it will happen!!!!

    2. I don’t think it means a dam what the populace thinks right now. Once the election is settled perhaps will be a different story. Both sides are creating as much confusion as they can to try and overrun the other. The news good or bad simply colors it to fit their preference. Even reading it is a waste of time except to break the boredom being trapped indoors with not much viewing time except for B/S and old movies and game shows.

  2. Every single one of these George Soros FUNDED prosecutors has been an absolute disgrace………vote them all out, and let that Socialist nut, keep throwing his money away. Why he hasn’t been thrown out of the United States is a mystery..the Swamp must be protecting him too.

    1. globalist $oro$ puppet, barry soetoro sold all the voter machines to globalist $oro$ so that globalist $oro$ can manipulate the voter machines to appoint globalist $oro$ puppets .

    2. There is a need for constitution sworn enforcers to step back and watch the election , if it is legitimate the results are what should be followed to the letter , if there is evidence of election fraud altering the results of the election every person whom has taken an oath to protect the constitution should be prepared to act and support an action that results in 100 % support of the civil war !

  3. It is totally ridiculous that the McCloskeys have been charged with ANY crime in this incident. The right of the individual to protect him or herself, and loved ones, from potential harm, transcends any law that man can conceive. The surest way to guarantee a civil war in this country is by trying to deny people this most basic and important right. It is obvious that the McCloskeys did absolutely nothing wrong, and that this move is a totally partisan political move.

      1. McCloskeys had every right to protect their selves and their property. Dang it, this is America with a Constitution and Bill of Rights.. some idiot that is bought and paid for by Soros should be sued! Come on all Republicans, write letters, tweet, facebook to the court system.. have facts very clear and let’s get this stopped. Also, VOTE for President Trump!

        1. There were nine protesters who were charged and arrested at the same time. The day before the McCloskeys were indicted, all nine were released from custody.—You have to understand that Kim Gardner is part of a group of progressive prosecutors funded by Soros. They were enumerated and listed in the Boston Globe in September of 2019.

    1. globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media are going to order libby snow flakes to go to Americans homes and cause a threat and when Americans defend themself they will be arrested .

  4. Wonder what the evidence tampering was? The McCloskeys said that one of their guns had been altered before being returned to them. Hope their attorney will be able to get a copy of what evidence was presented to the Grand Jury.

    1. Yes. The woman’s hand gun was inoperable, when she brandished it on her front steps. When it was returned to her, it was fixed and fully operational. So, what evidence was tampered with. The guns were not evidence, until they were confiscated with a warrant. Then, they were in the possession of the police. Yes, my head is starting to hurt. Oh wait, it’s the front gate. That’s it, the McCloskeys deliberately went out after and damaged the front gate, that the peaceful protesters walked through, calmly. Ya, that’s it.

      1. It was the DA who ordered some on her staff to alter the gun and make it functional because a non-functioning gun cannot be used to prove reckless use of a firearm since the owner knew it wouldn’t fire. The “evidence tampering” was done by the DA while the gun was in HER possession. Also keep in mind a grand jury indictment is worth less than the paper it is written on because the only person who presents evidence is the DA without any counter-evidence from the defendant. It’s essentially an end run around the legal process by taking it to a grand jury rather than presenting the evidence to a judge who would almost immediately throw the entire case out once he/she found out the gun had been tampered with by the DA’s office. The gun evidence would have to be thrown out at which time the entire case would fall apart. The judge wouldn’t even allow it to go to trial with the case being tainted the way the DA did.

        1. The same globalist puppet $oro$ that bribed the da is the same globalist puppet $oro$ that will bribe the judge .

    1. Actually, he should be arrested, along with his family members that are helping to destroy this country, ALL of his assets seized, his “organizations” shut down. THEIR assets ALSO seized. and go on trial for inciting, and PAYING for riots, providing Transportation, AND WEAPONS for these PAID rioters,TREASON, and sedition.
      WTF is the “holdup”??? It jt has been PROVEN that this scumbag, AND his family have been doing this for YEARS…. LAWS are supposed written to be for EVERYONE to follow. (not just the so-called “peasants”, and the “rich” are ABOVE THE LAW???

      1. This is actually a great prayer! Lord God, we ask that you would bring Soros to justice, seize his assets and pour his wealth into restoration for all the injustices that he has caused. In Jesus’ holy name. And while You’re at it, please save his soul!

        1. lord is too busy blessing; globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist puppet fbi criminal organisation and globalist media and globalist puppet, libby snow flake looters/rioters/arsonists/etc AND altar boy raping priests .

      2. Amen! every word spoken is on point. all the monies should go to all the businesses he caused to be destroyed and the families that have lost loved ones the rioter’s did. they call them protesters and the rest of us that won’t bow down they call white supremacist. Go ahead and call us that we don’t care anymore. what is right is right. I’m not going to back down from them. our ancestors didn’t. We need to speak up and stand up to them. NO MORE! We need to stop letting us threaten us with our jobs, and life. if we would all stand together they have no affect. But we need to stand together. if everyone would walk from their jobs because they let someone go that wouldn’t take their so called training of racist they lose. they would stop doing it.

    2. I would agree except he would still have his billions to use against the CITIZENS of the US. He needs to be tried for sedition, fined billions then executed as prescribed per law.

      1. globalist puppet $oro$ ASSets; democrat criminal party and rino criminal party and fbi criminal organisation and media and libby snow flake looters/rioters/arsonists/etc .

    3. Many countries have an extradition for globalist puppet $oro$, globalist puppet $oro$ is a cash cow for globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media .

  5. Garner is apparently running the St. Louis Circuit Kangaroo Attorney’s office. The right to bear arms and defend yourself against criminal acts is the backbone of the Constitution. Insanity from the left.

  6. Has anyone considered the obvious answer to stopping these Soros-funded hacks?
    Start dragging them in front of their states’ Bar Associations to force them to account for their misdeeds. On occasion, it does work. In my area, a lawyer lost his legal practice because of betraying one client too many.
    It CAN be done, and a lawyer CAN be disbarred.

    1. Problem is, you don’t have to be an attorney to be elected state’s attorney. You only need to be a mindless political hack, just the same with judges.

  7. Wasn’t there a Law on the books called “Stand your Ground ” or something like that that allows a homeowner to “Protect their home and Family”

  8. That prosecutor is a paid by Soros criminal. When will RICO statutes come into play to prosecute this America hating she dog ?

  9. Why is this prosecutor and the people who fund this anarchy not be persecuted under the RICO Act all over America? Becuase that is what needs to be done this is sedition on a grand scale.

  10. The prosecution had to dis-assemble and re-assemble Ms. McKloskey’s pistol in order to make it fire, as it was non-functional at the time of the incident. The crime lab videoed themselves doing this…the law requires that the weapon be functional in order to apply. “Evidence Tampering” INDEED.

  11. anyone that violates the constitution needs to be held accoutable and sent to gitmo.including these wanna be prosecutors.

  12. Again this proves how there are two sets of laws in this country. One for the republicans and one for the democrats. i would be willing to bet any amount of money that if they were black dems, they would never had been in any trouble.

    1. She is not a fed prosecutor, therefore, POTUS cannot pardon on a state conviction. Only a federal conviction. This casewill not go on trial.

  13. Funny how the grand jury indicted the McCloskeys for “evidence tampering” when it’s already been shown it was the DA’s office who tampered with evidence by taking a non-functioning gun and making it functional which is the very definition of evidence tampering. This was done to make so the DA could show the gun used was in working condition because a gun that didn’t function would mean the McCloskeys could not be charged with reckless use of a firearm because to prove that charge, the firearm must be able to fire a bullet, something Mrs. McCloskey’s gun couldn’t do in the state it was in when the gun was confiscated, illegally I might add.

  14. The McCloskys showed great restraint when dealing with the “mob” on private property…try that same shat in a red city or county and it will be a very different outcome.
    BLM , whether anyone has the balls to admit it, is and always has been a militant Marxist group and should be dealt with as such. They don’t give two shats about “black lives”, it’s actually all about money, power, control, preying on the weak and defenseless.

  15. Fear and control…. The two things the demonrats, otherwise known as Marxists, want and need. It is based on evil.

    The more people they put in powerful positions, the harder it is to fight it. They need to be removed, voted out, recalled, whatever it takes to give the power to the people.

    One more step closer to the loss of America.

    Fight with me! Vote! Write letters! I bought magnetic signs I created to put on my vehicles. I expect to be kicked…. But I will make my beliefs known!

  16. If you want OTHERS to CONTROL YOUR lives, vote leftist democRAT COMMIES into office!!

    If you want more FREEDOMS, LIBERTIES and the PROTECTIONS that our CONSTITUTION gives us, VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!

    Elections have consequences. Just look at virginia, ny,nj kalifornicatiion, just for starters!!

  17. A bought and paid for sora$$ AG. So much for the “Oath of Office” and the Constitution. That his AG need to be charged with aiding & abetting the terrorists. this case will go all the way to SCOTUS. The Mckloskey’s are going to become extremely wealthy.

  18. This is a disgrace to our law system, Democrat Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, St. Louis’ chief prosecutor is a Soros paid operative under the guise of being a prosecutor, what a scam and shame!

  19. I fear Soros, with all his money and his dark soul will be able to destroy the America I love. For years, every time something really bad happens, I hear his name in connection. He hires people to do his dirty ideas.

  20. Disgraceful. That couple defending their home are true American heroes. What were they supposed to do? Just stand by & watch while trespassers kill their dog, burn their house down & harm them? What would you do if violent protester trespassers threatened your home? Your well being? Even threaten to kill your beloved pet(s). Apparently calling the police in this case did no good. So, tell me liberal who wants the police de-funded, what should they have done? Maybe the trespassers should climb Nancy Pelosi’s wall, break into her house & eat (probably paid for with tax payer money) gourmet ice cream. I wonder if NP would call the police- No, probably not because she would be at a closed by her nephew, Governor Newsom, hair salon having her hair done. She has to have the gray covered so she doesn’t look her real age…i.e. ancient of days. Too bad she doesn’t still look like she did when she was MISS LUBE JOB (probably in the 1950’s).

  21. Someone please ilimate this evil Bastard Soros. How does he still have the freedom of walking on the surface of this planet?

  22. all soros da have to go, there all lying, corrupt aholes with there hand in soros pocket. soros has to go to

  23. I am sick of negro racist pigs like this prosecutors getting away with their nonsense! I demand that this heffer be disbarred!

  24. globalist puppet $oro$ remains in the usa instead of being extradited to Hungry because globalist puppet $oro$ is a cash cow for the globalist puppet, democrat criminal party and globalist puppet, rino criminal party .

  25. That rogue DA needs to be held accountable for violating the rights of the McCloskey’s, with this idiotic indictment, it will be thrown out,or the DA can be thrown out for violating their rights.

  26. Gov Parsons, Time to grant a pardon to the McCloskeys. And by the way – Give back their illegally seized weapons. The entire neighborhood was private property, not a city street and you all were trespassing! How bout a little prosecution for that?

  27. That’s the demon(c)rat vision for America…after the leftist mob destroys your property & kills you, in the process if you dare to resist…O’biden & Cum’all’ovah will apologize profusely to you ‘about their peaceful’ protest?

  28. Soros has said he wanted to control the DA elections. So he bought the liber state’s top cops. Most people haven’t a clue when choosing one.

  29. All I can say is shame on Soros and his Minions! When he leaves this World he will go straight to Hades and we will be In a better place!

  30. I Think that she should be disbarred and charged with harassment. Also it is time that George Soros is brought up on treason charges. He is as un-American as one can be. Let him find a country that matches his political desires and move there

  31. What kind of grand jury would indict these people for holding guns while facing a mob on their own property?

  32. no elected official should be allowed not to do their jobs nor ignore complains of American citizens past or present, if some one does personal property damages 7 the police does nothing, take care of it when you vote, , you have members of congress, senate & house of representative member in your district & a mayor, alderman, state representatives, etc, you get them at election time. writ to your elected officials let them know what has taken place if they do nothing then you know where it stands &what to do. You see it is not all about them, giving them a highly paid salary, prestigious title, & power to allow them to run your lives, voting is for representing you as an American & serving you as an American not just creating bills to help thsoe who enter the USA illegally, nor for writing tax laws, to protect the wealthy, cutting benefits for the poor & the middle class. not even to allow the Abuse of the USA or the American people past , present or future, the USA should have always a national Security plan & border Security Nationally non-Stop. past, present & future. Every elected official who gets a pay check from the Americans taxes must work for the USA & every American citizen, American Senior, American Disabled, American law enforcement, American military & their kids in the USA of A . not to be treated unconstitutionally ever.

  33. They have infiltrated our USA government as RINO’S, Republican in Name Only. Mitt Romney was one of the first. Big money funder $ oros is involved. His son is married to Adam Schiff’s daughter. Who knows what Schiff might be telling him. I do hope President Trump drains that swamp. It’s much larger than you can imagine. Their a One World Socialist controlled Government. It’s already begun in Europe. We are actually “the corporation of the United States of America.”. The first thing to do is Vote Straight Red, local, state, and Federal this and Every election day. They are also paying people to vote demoncRat. They are trying to defer us noticing by speaking about illegal immigration. The goal there is to have illegal immigrants vote for the demoncRats. There is Always an ulterior motive. Wake Up-!!!

  34. Not supporting democrat Biden he’s not sane he has mental issues which would cause ww3 or similar conflict. His Memory is gone can’t recall issues or situations he was in the past. his agenda is to make USA another Venezuela failure in Socialism-Communisms failures Democrats today being baby killers have no faith in God or it’s citizens . I’m VOTING TRUMP yes he’s been good for America created jobs brought back jobs loves the American Peoples here. He’s worked his last 4 years donating his salary to charity who does that these days ? Vote RED Republican all the way no more democrats in offices . Democrats have become Godless careless despise citizens only favor illegals to use them as disposable person.

  35. I support all Law Enforcement Departments across our Country. without law enforcement citizens get caught up in ciaos from crooks thieves robbers holdups murderers etc… Only Fools want to defund police departments .

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