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Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade sounded eerily similar to mainstream media mouthpieces who attacked President Trump on Sunday over his medically-cleared decision to leave Walter Reed Medical Center to drive by and wave at supporters gathered outside.

The president’s advisors have reiterated to the press that “appropriate precautions” were taken for Trump’s brief trip.

However, Kilmeade concluded, in his view, that the excursion represented an “unnecessary risk.”

Per Mediaite:

Fox and Friends started the week by discussing the president’s continued diagnosis, plus the ride he took past his supporters outside the hospital on Sunday. Ainsley Earhardt and Steve Doocy spoke positively about Trump’s motorcade drive, but between the excursion and the possibility that Trump might soon be discharged, Kilmeade described this as an “unnecessary risk.”

“I just hope the president takes his time, leaving today seems to be with everything they have at Walter Reed, this seems to be an unnecessary risk,” Kilmeade said. Doocy followed up by remarking that Trump might want to return to action, “but he has got to take care of himself. The worry is that if he overdoes it, and goes back to the white house, too early, he could actually winding up going back.”

Critics have slammed Trump’s drive around Walter Reed, saying it endangered the lives of Trump’s Secret Service escort, and that the display shows Trump is still not taking the virus seriously.

Kilmeade graduated from LIU Post, a private university in the New York metropolitan area in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He has no formal training in the medical profession.

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  1. This is just another example of too many TDS sufferers being overly intent on trying to find something about which they can complain in order to demean or vilify him. It has become so common as to be boring, quite honestly.

    1. You are the author are way off. Kilmeade was referring to the President’s risk to himself. Given the context, he was genuinely worried about the President. You guys need to read.

      1. I hope you are right about him being worried. I have to take what the Drs. thought, but you made me think in a different way.

  2. Brian, big fan, but please stop being a mouthpiece to add to the paranoia of the left and other detractors of the President. You are in no position to speculate on any risk involved not in evidence but rather used as mere talking points to elevate the hysteria that already exists among the opposition. You don’t want to give them unproven facts and information…they may hurt themselves and further enhance their fantasies and depression.

    1. It’s kind of like wanting to ask Brian and Steve about their apparent EXCEPTIONAL MEDICAL TRAINING and EXPERIENCE in the medical field and where they Interned?

    2. Couldn’t agree more and ditto on most of the comments below.

      To Brian: In light of the times and the approval to leave the hospital (with continued monitored care, etc), how was your CHEAP SHOT helpful ?

  3. Trump bashers are all the same….. scared to death that their Evil agenda won’t come to FRUITION ! Suck it up Media, you are no longer reputable news people you are Ass wipe newspaper HACKS ! Enjoy the trip on the way up, because people will see you losers on your way down !

  4. I SOURED on brian kilmeade a LONG TIME AGO! Btw ….. this morning he told his radio listeners to tune in to Fox & Friends if they want to know “what he looks like!” This guy is TRULY FULL OF HIMSELF! I can’t stand watching him!!

  5. I think the President is doing fine. I’m guessing that he wanted to assure everyone that he is doing well. It’s easy to see why some men are President of the United States, while others are not!

  6. One would begin to wonder about the Honesty and INTEGRITY of any ‘DIStorter’ that would presume to have SUPERIOR MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE of President Trumps health concerns than the medical staff at Walter Reed.

  7. The Dr.’ are not going to let him endanger himself. He wanted to thank his supporters as close to in-person as he could.

  8. Brian you are starting to give me a reason to stop watching F&F in the am! It was approved by his doctors! He is not stupid and he wouldn’t do anything without their approval!! You are starting to sound like those on the left that I immediately turn off!! Sometimes it’s better to just keep your mouth shut! There is enough negative thoughts going around!!! Enough said for me!! Maria’s show looking pretty good to me right now!

  9. I watch Fox & Friends every day, I guess I think Kilmead is out of line when he expressed his opinion on President Trump’s ride. He needs to learn to keep his mouth shut in these instances – I’m sorry, but that irritates me to no end. All of these people who are on TV have an opinion that is negative to the President himself. We are sick to death of hearing all of these nasty remarks.

  10. I always watch Fox and Friends in the morning. I have been seeing changes in attitude mostly from Brian. He is going to make me quit watching the show just like The Five because of Juan Williams and some times Donna Brazile. Can’t stand them and Brian is getting very close.

  11. Hey Brian, breaking news, the limo had to be garaged since it came down with sputtering pistons and an overheated engine. It is now getting treatment with oil, antifreeze, and a staff f mechanics who said they expect a speedy recovery.

  12. Brian Kilmeade needs to grow the hell up. The same Secret Service Agents that are around him all the time. I’m sure the doctors gave Trump the thumbs up to “go out and infect as many as you can, sir”. Brian, just keep quiet.

  13. Democrats have people terrified of this virus they are the ones with the locked downs and mask mandates. I don’t think most people will die from this the old and those with pre existing conditions just like the flu. Whatever the topic with democrats it’s always the sky is falling to create senseless panic.

  14. Kilmeade should try thinking before talking.By the way what medical school did he graduate from? He sounds an awful lot like a so-called journalist who knows absolutely nothing about the medical profession. Try to stick with the science and the facts as difficult as that may be for Kilmeade. Better yet say nothing!

  15. Seems to me.most of the Fox maggots are more concerned about selling books There true colors are coming out Rino Democrats Martha Mcallum Killmeade Robert’s juan Geraldo sandra Smith Howie Kurtz all are anti Trumpers

  16. Brian you need to be fired from Fox..we all have enough media sources attacking our President 24/7 at least we all can rely on Fox for some positive force, What is your problem? CNN will hire you,no one watches that channel anyway HA HA!!

  17. Are you freaking kidding me??? This is the worst kind of clickbait. Kilmeade was talking about the President’s risk to himself, not to the Public like the MSM. This is one of the dumbest posts I’ve ever read.

  18. Brian…you can barely hang two coherent sentences together…I read your books…readable but seemed like they were written by a highschool kid…you need to find a different venue for your mumbling.

  19. Frankly don’t understand his point, that was risk for Trump to ride in a big SUV around the hospital! I’m thinking there were medical personal in SUV, and no more risk than when Trump went to hospital.

    1. Also remember the GREAT FUSS when Trump took off the mask up on the balcony and all alone! And why are there so many different ideas about masks being either GREAT or will not make things BETTER! All some variety of DR S!

  20. We don’t need the likes of Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocey speaking negatively about our President. Particularly when it seems they have not tried to get the facts. Even I know why our President wanted to go home! I also know why he wanted to drive by his wonderful supporters outside who were there cheering him on, all through his hospital stay. #1) he was feeling much, much better, and wanted to get back on the job, full time (for him that is about 18 hours per day). #2) he drove by his supporters as a way to say thank you and to show his appreciation for them for showing their care, concern, & compassion. #3) I don’t see any risk here in going home (after all, home is where you can rest much better and get well much faster!!). #4) I think our President is quite capable of making mature, adult, decisions regarding his health and just how much he feels he can do; he does not need Brian Kilmeade nor Steve Doocey giving him any pointer or trying to help him out!!!. I think he and his physicians can take care of his health. BTW: I am assuming you two guys went to medical school (or at least had some type of medical training) since you seem hell bent on making his medical decisions for him. That is why we go to full fledged MDs regarding our health. The experts. You now the ones who actually have an office, or work in a hospital, and actually treat patients, and make important medical decisions. SO, I say again; you tend to your news article and comments, and leave our President’s healthup to the EXPERTS!!! (which includes our President – no one knows their health issues and how they affect them and their bodies, like the one who is ill!!!).

  21. I think the medical people know a lot more than we do and they gave their approval. I live you Brian, but you are wrong on this one. Sorry.

  22. Brian really needs to get a job that he is suited for. He is not a journalist and I can truly say that he is not even a reporter at best. I guess you can say he got a lucky break and ended up at FOX network. Wonder who he sucked up too to get that job.

  23. It’s disheartening to watch the Fox employees fall into line one after another. Is it job security or pay raises to bash the President? Or are they taking turns with the bashing and it was Kilmeade’s turn? Very sad to see these once honest Fox hosts betray viewers.

    1. I did go back and reread the article and I was too quick to criticize Kilmeade. Guess I’m so used to seeing the President put down, I jumped to a wrong conclusion. Sorry, Brian.

  24. They will find fault with anything he does; no matter what it is. So it doesn’t much matter what they say.

  25. Can’t keep the Energizer bunny down! You go, Mr President!! If the Dems really were up by 14%-16% Biden wouldn’t be campaigning so hard in PA!

  26. Nothing wrong with driving passed people who were there for the President. He wanted to show he was u and going. He does needs to take it easy though.

  27. Maybe Dr? Kilmeade should take over he responsibility of treating the president’s Recovery.
    It seems that he knows what is good or bad about the case.

  28. Poor Brian lost a paper profit for a few hours when the market reacted to President Trump’s comment. Brian lost a lot of respect and credibility. Boo Hoo

  29. Hey Kilmeade
    What about the crappy rioters in the street in people’s faces ?!! Trump is more safe around me anytime! Stop playing up to the fake news! Since when are they” your” Friend?

  30. Since the doctors didn’t think it was a risk and everyone followed proper protocol, I thought it was a loving gesture, by the president, to those who stood vigil for his recovery. God Bless him. Kilmead made a mistake.

  31. Uh, that’s Not Ainsley in photo with Kilmeade & Doocy. That’s one who sued Fox and they made movie about it. And They don’t have to be lock step with everything president does. The right is not afraid of differing opinions on things .

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