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CNN’s Don Lemon is widely known for his tendency to editorialize like a character in one of Aaron Sorkin’s political dramas.

But even a broken clock is right twice a day.

In an exchange last night with fellow CNN host Chris Cuomo, Lemon — speaking from his experience as a black man — had a clear warning for rioters. 


As RealClearPolitics reports:

“I’m going to say this and I know people don’t like it. Most black people don’t want police defunded. They don’t want fewer police there. What they want, they want more. And most communities of color in this country need police. They may need police more than white communities, okay?”

“There’s more crime,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo chimed in.

“Because there is more crime,” Lemon said. “Poor communities. There’s more crime in poorer communities regardless of what ethnicity you are. And African-Americans — most African-Americans know that. The fringes of the party want that. But most people in the Democratic party don’t want that. What they don’t want and what African-Americans don’t want, police abusing people.”

“One has to realize when you’re losing an ally and you’re starting to turn people off, whether it’s real or not you have to figure out how to fix it,” Lemon said. “The goal in politics and an election is to do what?”

Cuomo correctly answered that the goal is to win.

The hosts’ exchange coincided with more violence out of Kenosha, Wisconsin. An armed citizen defending a business shot and killed a rioter last night, before fleeing the scene to surrender to police. Several pursuers chased him almost all the way. He fired back after being knocked to the ground, killing one and wounding another, before reaching police lines.



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    1. No we don’t need more of this, this is crazy, We need authorities to crush these fools not citizens. This is what they want gun violence so they can take them away. As Lenin said ” useful idiots”

    1. The police need to start playing their game. Start shooting rockets right back at them. Same with bricks and other objects. Good God. They’ve got to start protecting themselves. Little bastards start getting hit with their own medicine, they may think twice.

      1. Who is footing the bill for these rioters????? They obviously do not work they riot all night. Do they sell what they loot? They all have expensive clothes shoes and riot gear.where does that come from? They don’t seem to be impoverished. It would be so easy for workers to sit down and say let some one else, the government,feed,cloth,house, medical, cars, phone and what ever my heart desires. But soon the money will run out The government is paid by the working people. No worker no government money Someone need to wake these over over age over grown children to the facts of life! Protest is one thing looting, destruction and burning is a another There are laws against this, These government fat cat, officials need to enforce the laws of this land or get out of government and the country. Go to a socialist country if that is what they want. See how far they can get

          1. Also the DNC. Hope you enjoy all your “donations” to the “black LIES matter” that goes directly to the democommunist “party” that is then handed to the rioters to pay to tear down your city. loot, smash , and burn your businesses.

        1. And they’re trying to make this a socialist country that’s exactly why they’re doing and the far left radicalists are paying them on top of George Soros and all these very very rich and powerful people especially like the CCP which is the Chinese Communist party people are waking up that’s why this is called the great Awakening the truth really hurts these people are paid to do what they are doing just like the George Floyd they are called paid actors for a reason George Floyd is not dead he attended his own funeral because he was a paid actor along with all of the other police that were holding him down on the ground this is all for show the lefties who love to play games how’s trauma burn down buildings they pay for all these rioters they are not protesting they are rioting burning down places hurting people killing people but not here in South we’re armed they won’t show up to communities that are armed they already tried and they’re taken away very quickly because they’re scared little brats kicking screaming because they’re not getting their way they don’t like that big Daddy Don is trying to put them in their place

        2. They are funded by the Deep State: George Soros and others like him. Wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Gates didn’t contribute a few ?to these riots. Police should start “ shooting first, asking questions later”! Our system of justice and law enforcement needs a major overhaul. You cannot let people riot and loot with no consequences.

        3. They are being financed by George Soros through Black Lives Matter with the bulk of their donations going to Democrat Party candidates which is why it will not stop. Research this yourself if you do not believe me. The Democrat Party is behind this just like they were behind the “Occupy Wall Street”, “ANTIFA”, “ACORN” and other subversive entities. What I did not understand at first is why they were doing it in Democrat run cities but if they did it in Republican governed cities they would face the police and National Guard as we protect the people. They are just a part of mob rule as Democrats know they cannot win an honest election.

        4. Hi Elizabeth I totally agree with you. I think the Police ought to use high pressure water from the fire truck and soak them all down. Maybe even wash them right out of the area. But some would say that is using excessive force to disperse a Curfew Defying mob as Many may complain they are afraid of water. The rule of law has to be applied by any Governor or Mayor to arrest all violators who break the curfews set to keep them from committing the crimes they are doing. Looting, rioting, Police being assaulted, businesses being totally burned out. So they say they are protesting a crime committed by Police and then that gives them a right to commit crimes. Go figure. In my opinion Antifa is responsible for most of the carnage, along with the BLM Organization who condone this type of criminal destruction. Either one or two things will happen if these riots continue. #1 A vigilante group will organize to take out these socialist and other Marxist group to put an end to it. #2 President Trump has offered to send Federal or Military help to any city or state asking for help. Outside of protecting federal buildings the President, who is the Commander-in-Chief of the United States has an option to declare Martial Law if these criminals cannot be stopped. They must be getting paid for rioting and looting mostly by in my opinion one George Soros for he has been funding Antifa for years. He spent hundreds of Millions of Dollars on Hillary Clintons Campaign. So if any one single person has an axe to grind with President Trump, it is him.

      2. Absolutely….what are they waiting for ??? what they are doing now is not working…it’s getting worse…

    2. i remember the watts riots.they damaged everythinng in their path.except for the korean and other asian store owners as they sttod in front of their stores and even on the rooftops armed and ready to shoot if they scum attacked what they worked so hard for.never happened.but afteer more than 100 rioters were shot and killed the violence stopped!


    4. Yep. The time has come. After a couple punks get wounded or killed things will ease up real fast and Soros’ money won’t work anymore.

  1. The man that was shot had already been arrested and was down on the ground. He escaped, and ran toward his vehicle with a nasty looking knife in his hands. The cops kept yelling at him to stop. The man reached into his car, and if I were a betting person to pull out a weapon. He was shot. The answer to this is, – if you are arrested, pay attention to what the police are asking and do NOT resist.

  2. Just what do these people think they will gain? respect? no only fear of anyone with black or brown skin. it will divide you more than any democrat program in the last five decades. when people are afraid they will defend and logic will not be used because delay will cost you your life. so who will loose the ones that demand that black lives matter. riots isnt how you prove that you matter. you matter only when you show up on a door step and people see a threat and you will get shot. I know that is the way I feel and most of who I talk to. the left isnt your friend——Grampa

  3. Criminals do not come into poor neighborhoods to commit crimes. The criminal activity tolerated in poor neighborhoods and made practical by inadequate policing and inadequate police support by citizens creates a sinkhole of poverty that becomes deeper and more expansive so long as the criminality is tolerated.

  4. Lemon wouldn’t have admitted the truth if the rioting weren’t hurting the Democrats. He hasn’t changed his stripes and he isn’t concerned about what is good for the black community. He is concerned about what is good for the Democrat Party and its power.

  5. Don Lemon has watched rioting and looting for almost 3 months and now has come up with this little nugget of wisdom now, most half-wits could have figured this out much sooner, how is Don Lemon even able to function if he is less smart than the half-wits? What does it matter now done, I think the old saying is, “the damage is done my friend”.

    1. Done Lemon is a racist opportunist!!
      IF he’s speaking out about anything….trust me there is an agenda behind it, and he will try to profit from it somehow!!!
      He’s SCUM….him and Frado Both!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The moment you throw a rock, damage a vehicle, a store or property, it’s not a demonstration, it a riot and it criminal. The way I see our society is we are becoming more mouth and less ears. There is a reason why God made two ears and one mouth. Bottom line, when we are not listening and obeying regardless if you feel it justice and right, your decision or lack of common sense decision can caused your life to be in danger because of the foolish list not hearing and listening. If you are willing to disrespect authority, than you can do it to any adult. We are reaping what we are sowing because we are serving our own selfish needs before the needs of others.

  7. The public should arm themselves and shoot first and keep shooting until they feel safe again. You may be prosecuted by a commie AG or commie judge but, you will be alive and the terrorists won’t. This is the only action that will stop the riots and violence! If they know you can and will fight back, they will give up!
    If they are stupid enough to push the issue then it’s their funeral.

  8. People are getting tired of the protest/violence/looting. Because you are seeing more citizens defending their livelihood. And to answer a question the rioters/looters bring up about businesses that are looted. Unless they pay extra to cover looting, they are NOT covered. So chances are , they lose. The way I see it, looters, you are taking your lives in your hands. Unlike in many cities, looting is against the law. Perfect example of why we need POLICE. Crooks & Thieves aren’t allowed to make suggestions.

  9. More citizens need to step up and protect lives and property against looters. Be smart gun up and protect your home and neighborhood.

  10. What’s going to happen is these radicals are going to wake a sleeping giant and then these paid anarchists will be taken out. It hasn’t hit many suburbs yet but when it does, it will be the rioters running-well, most of them. Some will be examples of what happens when you terrorize people.

  11. Score one for the gun owner!!!
    Need more of the same!!!
    First they want to attack….until one of theirs goes down!!
    Then they want help??? Amazing!!!

  12. Good for the business owner. Do these terrorist thugs really believe every single person will look the other way and not fight back ? WRONG ! I hope this guy is totally vindicated for what occurred. It’s all on video and it appears the business owners life was in jeopardy.

  13. You know what??? Ive thought about it and this just infuriates me!!
    I say “F***” Done Lemon and Frado !!! Too little, Too Late!!!
    ALL the Hippocratic Left-Tards get what they deserve, especially these two idiot F***-Tards and they can just deal with the fact they have been a large part of all the violence thats happened and thats about to happen!!
    Should be Scorned, Fired, and Ostracized from America!!!

  14. Lemon made some good points, but he got one thing wrong. He said that “There’s more crime in poorer communities regardless of what ethnicity you are.”

    Technically he is largely correct, but it’s not true that poverty is the driving force behind the high black crime rate. We’ve seen the evidence in San Diego County. With 3.4 million people, we are larger than 22 states.

    The claim that “it’s poverty driving the black crime rate” doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Consider: The San Diego County median household income for blacks ($51,000) is actually a bit HIGHER than Hispanics ($49,900). chart #8

    Yes, Hispanics commit major crimes at a 10.6% higher rate than their percent of the population. But blacks on average commit such crimes at a startling 340% higher rate than their percent of the population.
    page 12

    Blacks make up 5% of the county’s population. But in 2019 they committed 24% of the murders, 24% of the county’s rapes, 39% of the robberies and 21% of the aggravated assaults.

    With 33% of the San Diego County population, Hispanics committed 31% of the murders – actually BELOW the county average murder rate per capita. On the other hand, blacks constitute only 5% of the county population, but committed 24% of the murders – 4.8 times their population percentage.

    This high San Diego County black murder rate is NOT an aberration. Nationally, blacks constitute 13.4% of the population, but commit about 50% of the nation’s murders.

    But the victims of most such black crimes are other blacks. How does systematically ignoring and/or denying this high crime rate help black communities? The answer is, it doesn’t. Ignoring this crime wave guarantees that the carnage continues. Indeed, arguably it’s racist to avoid this topic.

  15. Wake up Lemon. Your corrupt to the core party has been encouraging black Americans to resist police every time they are stopped for any crime. And criminals will gladly take that advice when they can rely on elitist far left politicians, sports figures and Hollywood figures to cover for them. Why are the corrupt to the core democrats having you carrying water for them? Is it because they are totally in to being elected to hold power and as a result consider every death to be for their cause and therefore acceptable??????

  16. So now ‘Lemone’ wanna tell the truth? Fake-news just realized that nobody cares if ‘libturd $#!+-holes’ go-up in flames!

  17. I guess the 256 major companies of corporate America that have donated millions to BLM actually goes back to the DNC. The only one left holding the bag is the community, store owners, and all the taxpayers across the nation through increased insurance cost.

  18. The kid should be a hero, all shots appeared to be in self defense, But I hear the prosecutor already charged him. We’ll see how his case go’s.

  19. Mr Lemon is absolutely correct about the need for more Police in the Black Communities especially where there is a History of Liberal Democrats running the Mayor’s Office, City Council, and the AG. When you see this type of Democrat Leadership, there is usually gonna be HUD Housing Projects that the DNC built in Urban Cities that have been a breeding ground for Pregnant Teenagers, and Gang Violence mostly dealing Drugs or claiming their Turf. Young Black Children and their Grandmothers have fallen Victims to the biggest Killer in the Black Community…Black Men who when they indiscriminantly do a Drive By Shooting against an individual or Gang Rival they end up killing a lot of Black Children!

    That’s why Black Communities especially in the Hood need more Police like Black Folks really need more Boyz in Da Hood toting AR-14’s looking to settle a score.
    Lets face it! Housing Projects were built to replace the traditional Plantations of Slavery that Dems have run for almost a Century. Todays City Democrat Politicians are runing Housing Projects the same way to control Black Folks. Dems also built their Urban Plantations to keep Black Folks away from the White Democrats who lived across the Tracks. Dem Slave Owners already split up and seperated the Fathers from their Black Family, which is another way of controlling their Black Slaves.

    So consequentally their is an absence of the Father in the Black Family or Children leaving the Black Women to be exploited by Black Men. Black Women who are normally hard working intelligent, and resilient are thrust in to bad situations with the Dynamics in the Projects. So,like White Women, Black Women want to be Loved, cared for, and provided for them, and their Children. Young Girls need a Father to teach them how they should be treated, and young Black Boys are pushed and intimidated into joining a Gang or getting into trouble all on their own.
    I have worked with NCIS, and worked along side Law Enforcement local State, and Federal Officers. Most Cops say, “We need the National Guard to through some Black Communities House to House and Street to Street to flush out the Thugs.”

  20. These are TERRORISTS ……we don’t negotiate with terrorists……..we KILL them.
    Strong message to follow.

    1. Not a shop owner. This was the kid from Illinois they have filed murder charges against. Just for defending himself. One of the three guys he shot was armed with a hand gun.

  21. God Bless the shop owner. Please do not blame rioting on President Trump or “Whities”. These rioters are born out of George Soros paying anarchists and anyone else willing to riot and destroy this nation. It is not normally the locals, they don’t want to see their cities destroyed. Also it is the democratic led cities that have been burned down because the democratic liberal leaders turned a dead eye to the destruction and did nothing to stop it.

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