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Margaret Good is doing her best to unseat Republican incumbent Congressman Vern Buchanan in Florida’s Republican-leaning 16th congressional district.

While she has the support of the Democratic Party establishment, Good’s tenure in Florida’s House of Representatives has been mired in controversy, including being the sole elected official in Tallahassee to vote against a bill that banned the sale, possession, and advertisement of child sex dolls.

Now running in an R+7 district, Good claims her vote was a mistake.

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Per the Washington Free Beacon:

Good, who enjoys the support of national Democrats and pro-abortion activists, voted against a 2019 bill that made selling, possessing, or advertising “an obscene, child-like sex doll” a third-degree felony. The Good campaign told the Washington Free Beacon that the Democrat made the vote “in error.”

Florida law allows legislators to change their votes through an online database—Good initially voted in favor of the bill on May 1, 2019, but changed her vote two days later. Campaign manager Alex Koren said the change was a mistake, claiming that Good intended to change her April 30, 2019, vote on a higher education bill.

A longtime veteran of Florida politics said it is rare for lawmakers to change their votes. “It’s not all that common for someone to go back and change a vote—usually they would give a reason,” the operative said. “It’s abnormal, and most importantly, she’d have to go out of her way to do it.”

The legislation was introduced by Democratic state senator Lauren Book, who argued that the dolls “lower the inhibitions of child predators.”

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phyllis ELLIOTT
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NA Peterson
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