Are you kidding me?

CNN has decided it’s not enough to jump on the woke bandwagon. No, the liberal news network wants to become the arbiter of what words are now considered racist.

Where was their outrage when Barack Obama was president?

Click through to the end to see what “problematic” words CNN wants to be scrubbed from our lexicon.

(H/T The Daily Wire)

“Master Bedrooms/Bathrooms”

Master bedroom and master bathroom are common phrases in real estate, first used in 1926 — 60 years after the abolition of slavery.

As the words imply, they refer to the largest bedroom and bathroom in a given home.

CNN claimed that although “it’s unclear whether the term is rooted in American slavery on plantations, it evokes that history.”

Masters Tournament

One of professional golf’s four major tournaments, the Masters, is now in the crosshairs of CNN’s woke arbiters. The Masters has become synonymous with the best players in the game, legendary golfers, like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods.

The tournament’s name originated in 1934. But apparently, it’s only “problematic” now.

Grandfather Clause

CNN argued that the term grandfather clause disenfranchised black voters who weren’t ostensibly granted the right to vote until 1870. Although it originated in a time of pervasive racism, the phrase itself isn’t inherently racist.

For lefties, here it’s meaning:

Grandfather clause —

A clause exempting certain classes of people or things from the requirements of a piece of legislation affecting their previous rights, privileges, or practices.

Peanut Gallery

Like grandfather clause, CNN’s newsroom wants to relegate the phrase “peanut gallery” to the ash heap of history. The phrase refers to cheap seats or hecklers, so what’s CNN’s problem? Their article argues truthfully that African Americans were historically relegated to second-tier seats.

However, the phrase was popularized in the 1940s and 1950s by Howdy Doody when joking around with his rambunctious child audience.

Are any of these words or phrases problematic to you, or has the far-left truly gone a bridge too far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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    1. You don’t have to play. I am not. Neither am I racist……until now, by THEIR definition.

    2. The blacks have been doing this for decades. Looking for and finding offense where no offense was intended.
      They also take our words and pervert them.
      They even claim to be Christian when there is nothing in their lives that is like Christ.

        1. Exactly. Its from being dominated over by the dem party (kkk) the past 60yrs. They only know what they’re taught from birth and that is: You vote democrat no matter what

  2. White anything is now racist: White Christmas, white paper, whitewash, whitening agent ( such as bleach ) you can add to the list. Also, blacklist is verboten as is blackheart, black as coal and black eye.

  3. I called my grandson when he was small, “peanut'” He is pure white, and no racial meaning was intended. Also, didn’t we have a President who was a “peanut farmer?”

      1. If you are a believer you could call yourself a slave to Christ. Or if a non believer you are a slave to sin. Now the liberals now calling the bible a book of hate. There is no end to how they (democrats) want to change the meaning of our words to say what they (democrats) want them to say.

  4. Hey, I propose that the words “CNN” and “Newsworthy” do not appear together in the same sentence unless the annotation “is definitely not,” appears between them.

  5. The most racist term in America today is Democrat Party. We fought them in the Civil War to free slaves. After they lost, they created the KKK. Google strange fruit billie holiday. Then they created and enforced Jim Crow Laws. They even voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Democrat Party is racist term that really needs to be eraced.

  6. This has gone too far, and needs to be stopped.some people are doing this to incite race relations, and it’s working.

    1. That was GOOD!! So if CNN can declare the word “master” to be racist then I, with the same degree of authority over language, hereby declare the complementary words “slave” and “slavery” to be equally racist. Now we ought to have some interesting discussions. For example, “We want reparations,” For what? ” Uh, well my ancestors were slaves.” Uh oh, you can’t say THAT! You are obviously a racist for using language like that!”

  7. No more master chefs, master works, masterfully, masterminds, masterships, blackbird, blackberries, black ops., master card, black olives, masturbate, master degrees, master at arms, master of ceremonies, master race. The list goes on. CNN needs to get a life.

  8. LOL! Did ANYONE notice that the term “Master” was NOT listed as it pertains to a ‘Masters Degree’, as in a ‘Masters’ in the Liberal Arts, or a ‘Masters’ in Education??????
    Now, we all know there a ton of Lefties with those Degrees, so what will they do about that???
    Uh huh, you got it.

  9. It is so stupid that I don’t even think CNN could be serious about it. I think is a trick to get Trump to tweet something dumb about CNN, which will be more publicity for them and maybe give them another arguable basis to engage in their full0-time activity — attacking Trump.

  10. Truly beyond comprehension! CNN continues to display itself as a network of small minded people with small minded ideas.
    Time spent watching this network is time wasted.

  11. I really love my MASTER bedroom and MASTER bathroom together they are my MASTER suite and no GRANDFATHER clause will change that! I also love watching the MASTERS Tournament in my MASTER cave, I renamed it now and I really don’t give a damn what the PEANUT GALLERY, aka mainstream media, aka communist propaganda outlets or BLDM has to say about it!

  12. Who cares what CNN (Communist News Network) thinks? They can go to Hades as far as most Americans care.It’s time “news networks” went back to reporting the news instead of trying to make it.

  13. Does CNN ever have a “happy” thought. Does MSDMN ever have a “happy” thought. Rhetorical questions can be so much fun.
    Uh Oh…strike that word “Fun”. Must be racially dividing somehow. I wonder if there a college named FU where they graduated from?

  14. Until we stand up and say No I will not concede to your nonsense I will not cave to the cancel culture Too bad if it hurts your feelings Grow up These are the responses we should be giving and trust me we outnumber them so if we boycott the businesses that give in to these social warriors they will truly know what economic pressure is

  15. CNN is an enemy of the people. It is hard to believe that anybody watches their lies and deceit. They are an arm of the Democrat party and are complicit in trying to undo this country.
    Watch any country that has fallen under tyranny and you will see the same playbook was used in their downfall.

  16. Once again, cnn shows that – collectively – they don’t have as much common sense nor intelligence as a small rock out in our front yard. That’s why this stupid channel is blocked from our home TVs.

  17. I think CNN should lose it’s license to broadcast. I’ve never heard such garbage in my life. I’d like to see a poll taken of minority races to see what they think.

  18. The Catholic church in the 1600’s made female master-bation (doing the devils worK) a punishable crime, where nuns would flogg their offending body part, to rid the devil of its possession. Will the Catholic Nun Network be hiring manly looking female punishers to keep their newsroom females from master-ing themselves to exhaustion when frustrated over what next to Blame Trump for, unautherized master-bation (devil work) will no longer be tolerated.

  19. Anyone read The Giver? Next thing you know we’ll all have the identical dinner delivered to our doors!!
    CNN is not in charge!! Stop agreeing with their ideas and insanity!! Just STOP!!

  20. Id add these 2:

    Lead X YZ
    Lead Person
    Slave Drive
    Senior X YZ

  21. When I first came to this country in the late 60’s I found my English language somewhat different here….so innocently I asked why do Americans not speak American? It seemed logical to me at the time then we all would realize that there was a difference so as not to make any faux pas. Well, you should have heard the outrage that caused. No-one it seemed wanted to call what they speak “American”. That has always puzzled me and all the more now with CNN trying to change the language I really do wish Americans would speak American and leave the language of my birth alone because at this age folks I ‘ain’t gonna’ change and God help ANYONE who tries to make me.

  22. Who told CNN that they can tell the nation what words to use” this network is so left wing, they lie about everything and anyone that watches them and believes anything they say is crazy. I am so sick of this cancel culture and their idiotic ideas. Hopefully people will go and vote in November, Biden will be gone!

    1. better yet–the democrats will be gone and we will take antifa and blm to the woodshed
      and burn it down with then inside-

  23. The way that I learned for to speak and to write in the 1950’s is not problematic. It is the Clinton News Network (CNN) that is problematic. Orwellian Newspeak is not my language. Political Correctness is not my religion. Left-wing fascist tyranny is not my politics. CCN propaganda is not my news source.

  24. Is CNN sniffing each others unwiped butts? These people are so screwed up, they have got to have brain damage, that keeps getting worse daily. It is entertaining, though!!!!

  25. I agree with the ones who commented above. Who does CNN think they are to tell the rest of us what words we can use and what words we can’t use. I think the letters CNN and words Democratic Party are racist. So lets get rid of both of them.

  26. So the CNN PEANUT GALLERY wants to ban our GRANDFATHERING terms like MASTER bedrooms and bathrooms? Do they have any replacement suggestions?

    Would it be that the BLACKS are the MAJORITY as whites are devils who don’t count, that white GRANDFATHERS must be terminated so BLACKS can be the MASTERS of the USSA?

  27. I can ignore CNN, the NYT, the WaPo, MSNBC, and NPR. But I can’t ignore idiot Republicans who are now trying to “get ahead of the curve” and be even more outrageous than Democrats. Senator Braun (R-IN) proposing a bill to make it easier for rioters to sue police doing their jobs? Nuts!
    Two Republican senators proposing a bill to replace Columbus Day with Juneteeneth as National Holidays?
    Republicans hiding under their desks or trying to appear “woke” when they should be standing shoulder to shoulder with Donald Trump in defense of our great country. Republicans need to listen more to Candace Owens, and Thomas Sowell, and Allen West, and Bob Woodson and less to Marxist revolutionaries AOC, Tlaib, Omar, Pressley, Waters, and DeBlasio.
    Trump Derangement Syndrome has ripped the mask off the Cultural Revolution, propelled by Communists since 1921, aimed at **destroying America** (“Burn it to the ground!”). And Democrats applaud them, supposing they can pick up the pieces after they bully their way into power. (How has that worked for Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, LA, Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans. . . . . . .? Third world cities, all of them.)
    “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make insane.”
    We see it before our very eyes.

  28. I think that they should include the words “CNN” and “MSNBC” and “DEMOCRAT” as Racist….

  29. What happened to my post I made about a hour ago??? Someone please tell me what is wrong with it!!!!! Bet I won’t get an answer!!!! Was it too racist? LOL

  30. Haha,I was Waiting for Master Bedroom to get nailed..Oh BTW,Joy Behar Already said Black Friday was Racist!! If it wasn’t so Sad..It’d be funny.Beam me up Scottie,There’s Nothing but Morons down here!! GET ME OTTA HERE

  31. Bad enough CNN doesn’t report the news, they report their opinion and call it news. Who are they to decide what is and what is not racist? Why do people buy commercials on this network? What a bunch of fools.

  32. If anything is “Racist” it is the Democrat Party since it has supported Slavery and the Expansion of Slavery 100% with both the Northern Democrats and Southern Democrats voting against Lincoln and the Republicans full-support of Limiting and subsequently Abolishing Slavery in the USA! Likewise, CNN is fully-Racist in their ongoing attempts to divide our nation with leftist and subversive propaganda biased toward the Democrat Socialists and Communists!

    The idea that “Everything” CNN and the Progressives / Democrats / Lefts oppose is somehow “Racist” is just more Fake News and BS!

    If this dishonest corruption of the term “Racist” is allowed to continue by failed CNN-journalism and Leftist propaganda — Soon a “Cotton Shirt” will be considered “Racist” since Once Upon a Time American Slaves in the South picked Cotton on plantations! This is not too extreme an example compared with the bizarre things, statues, movies, Trump and books the BLM and Left inaccurately consider “Racist”!

    CNN has proven itself irrelevant and its ratings reflect their lack of credibility and honesty!

  33. CNN is disgusting. The things they come up with point to mental derangement on their part. I would never watch their lies on TV.

  34. Yeah, CNN forgot to add “CNN” as a racist synonym. They push the threat of something called
    “systemic racism” while lauding and supporting this new “Black Nation Nationalist” hoax. These folks have no sense of history. Malcom X tried that in the sixties. They had their own states down south designated as the new country with a flag and manifesto. CNN is a hoax with a very serious losing enterprise concern.

  35. This is almost as funny as George Lopez saying he’ll go back to Mexico as soon as as all the whites go back to England because they’re not native American…and he’ll have Mexicans build the ships to help the whites leave. Hope he’s going to name one the Nina so he can go back to Spain since he’s obviously not Mayan!

  36. I was going to write a real masterpiece here, so now it’ll just be brief, for obvious reasons.


  38. “…or has the far-left truly gone a bridge too far?”

    You are joking, right? (Just in case you don’t understand, even main stream Democrats crossed that bridge many bridges ago.)

    If you hate The United States of America, vote for Democrats.

    1. I for ONE ☝wouldn’t VOTE for a DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE LOWLIFE DEMOCRAT in my life time.

  39. Never have given nor will I ever give a damn what CNN says on any topic. AS to “racist words”.. (i) I don’t give a sh&t and (ii) if you allow your enemies to control the semantic, by definition, they control the argument. To be called “racist” by leftist scum is a badge of honor.

  40. Whatever!!!! Those terms will always be in my vocabulary. CNN is racist and will be in my way of thinking. They are the white supremacists of this world.

  41. CNN white black and brown male female deplorable racist democrat communist will all be destroyed
    Thanks to the obammies and all their monkey followers nothing but stupid tree climbers

  42. CNN – Cable is identical to noose – definitely racist. News – Racists ONLY care about ‘news’. Non-Racists care about ‘Olds’. Network – the big companies that have never been totally run by blacks – completely racist. CNN MUST go.

  43. The following letters are put of the FAKE NEWS NETWORK’S AGENDA;








  44. CNN is on an anti-American campaign against free speech. When people can control your language, they can control your thinking. This is happening incrementally and insidiously in the US. If this trend is not stopped, leftists will control American thought and will gain all political control, ending the centuries of American rights and freedoms. You will end up in a 1984-style dystopia. This needs to be stopped. Americans deserve the free speech our fathers fought and died for.

  45. I guess “Cotton Pickin” can’t be considered ok either, and while we’re at it if you really hunt for them there are probably thousands of phrases that would apply to all races that could be considered “Racist” and the only Race We all should be concerned with is the “HUMAN RACE”

  46. words of racism—
    OBAMA—most racially divisive president in at least a hundred years
    his name is as racist as the –N–word–
    cnn–a totally racist organization that labels everything they don’t like or
    is good as racist-and peopled by some of the most racist folks on the face of the earth-
    Biden-a racial joke-spent the last 8 years of his political career as underdog to the most
    racist president in current history and between the two of them they did nothing to help
    people of color-and actually incited them to be criminals and terrorists-and now he calls out to blacks trying to pretend that he helped them —

  47. to me cnn can go to h*ll these people need to growup blacks are giving more rights than whites they have all kinds of clubs and other org. to help them get into and pay for collage etc.and as far as the words they were around long before this and I refuse to change the langue to suit these people the only word I try never to use is the n word even though the original definition of the word was a dirty roughish person not about race at all but I try not to hurt people but now it has been turned around to where they are hurting use as a nation by trying to take over our nation that our fore fathers started bleed and died for by getting rid of our past I am a senor citizen and disabled and was brout up in povtery and still live there so they have no harder life coming up than I did

  48. The Demonic Radical Leftist Socialist Democrats are out of their minds. What is the real problem? With the pandemic of the Chinese coronavirus and the California wildfires and all these rioting you would think they would be busy worrying about that. Where did they come up with this crap? God help us all if President Donald Trump doesn’t get reelected in November. They will be dictating to everyone what We can say and what we cannot say. No more “Free Speech.”

  49. I was using the terms ‘DumboCraps’ and the Squad
    They get crazier and nastier by the day, so now I use:
    Democ*nts and the Squnts in the Squad

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