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Former national security adviser John Bolton may be the most despised man in Washington, D.C.

The controversial neoconservative hasn’t won any friends on the left for his decision to cash-in with a damning portrayal of President Trump in his memoir instead of testifying during Trump’s impeachment. The right convincingly argues that Bolton’s sensationalist claims are bunk; if he were genuinely concerned about Trump’s supposed antics, he would have spoken out when these incidents purportedly happened.

But former Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) had the most savage take, telling Fox News host Martha MacCallum, “for $29.95, he’s going to save you from this existential threat.”


Per Fox News:

“John Bolton’s argument now is that Trump is unfit for office and should be removed, that he’s committed high crimes and misdemeanors,” Gowdy explained on “The Story.”

“Now, he had a chance to go before the House, he didn’t do it. He had a chance to go before the Senate, he didn’t do it. He had a chance to come on your or some other host’s show and answer tough questions,” he told host Martha MacCallum.

“But no, for $29.95, he’s going to save you from this existential threat to our republic.”

Bolton alleges in his upcoming 592-page memoir, due out next week, that Trump regularly gave “personal favors to dictators he liked,” backed the idea of more concentration camps in China, and asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to help him in the 2020 election, according to excerpts obtained and published by several media outlets.

Besides Gowdy, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called Bolton the “most disliked man in America,” edging out former FBI chief James Comey. Meanwhile, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) dismissed Bolton as arguably an author, but “he’s no patriot.” What do you think about John Bolton? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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    1. Yes he is and thinking he’ll make Big $$$ off of his lies!!! He’s had some good demoncrap teachers who seem to get rich in office, write books, give expensive speeches. You think He’s crazy enough to think he’ll make enough to start his own campaign to run for President 2024??? There are some crazy swamp creatures out there who are really deranged!!!

  1. Never liked Bully Bolton – he’s so full of himself. Good for Pres. Trump for literally ‘dismissing’ him – now if we all follow suit, Bolton may take the hint and STFU.

  2. Bolton claims that Trump asked “Chinese President Xi Jinping to help him in the 2020 election”
    Really? Forgive me if I am wrong but was it not Drunken Nancy Pelosi and the deranged Democrats that rushed to defend China and the W.H.O. over the COVID-19 pandemic? Was it not insane Hillary Clinton and the deranged Democrats that concocted the whole Russia – Trump collusion story for the 2016 election? We all know now that CROOKED CLINTON not only made money from the Uranium deal – and Bill’s $500,000 speech in Moscow about that same time – But the Bitch of Benghazi paid for that PHONY Russian-Trump collusion propaganda. I’ll tell ya – the Democrats are about as useful as a pineapple on a flagpole.

  3. The way Bolton sees things is not necessarily the way things are. Democrats always disagreed with how Bolton saw the world. Trump didn’t like the way he saw the world either, so he fired him. Lots of people disagree with how Bolton sees things. So why should we believe he’s writing about anything other than his own distorted view of things. Sure wouldn’t think he’s saying anything objectively true.

  4. Bolton is a war maker from way back, and I have always been wary of him for this. What I cannot understand is his ego. If he and the president could not work together, why should he take it so hard and try to hurt Trump? He is not a good republican; he is a swamp creature.

  5. Thanks God that snake came from a closet. Looks like book is a garbage of liars, and I hole he will pay dear price for it. Sorry not buying, I send 29.95 to Trump election 2020.

  6. First off if Bolton is tried for any high crimes all well and good but what about Nancy iron Pants Nasty Pelosi why is she not being charged for will full destruction of historic papers And what about Hillary Clinton colluding with Russia to sell interest in uranium a strategic material which is against the law and why did President Obama did not stop the sale is his responsibility under the law and also what about the millions that went into the Hillary fund that other countries sent millions to her while she was a State department official the law states all gifts and money must be turned over to the State department all State diplomats

  7. Used to see Bolton as guest commentator on Fox…..I must confess I was totally wrong about him. Never suspected a total lack of personal integrity.

  8. John Bolton is & has been a Fraud for some time Trust the Publisher only gave him $29.95 upfront $$$$$ Be Gone with him

  9. I have lost all respect for jonn Bolton ! This shows he is part of the swamp and totally despicable!

  10. Now I an sure that Bolton knowing Trump as he does has backup evidence of everything in the book in intricate detail. Now i can understand why the Democrats are mad a Bolton but if you knew that trestifying would changenothing but in the end make you a piriah of the party you belong to because you knew no matter waht evidence was presented were not going to convict Trump of anything, so why destroy himself to accomplish nothing in the long run.
    Now the book was submited to NSC and was cleared by them as not having classified material in it, but Trump unknowing of the laws about classified material thinks that anything he says is classified, unless it is at a rally or on the front lawn in front of reporters.
    Why should th public not know what the Pesident of this USA is doing while in office. they had no trouble wanting to know everythting Obama did, fair is fair.

    1. Except it ISN”T cleared. You leftists will believe anything you’re told if it is against Trump. Unfortunately ALL the things Obama did were NOT for the American interests!

  11. Adam the weasel Schitt who in the hell do you think you are you lying POS. You are gonna call anybody out for not working for America’s well being or anything to do with America. You Treasonous little rat. You can go for a long walk on a short bridge

  12. John Bolton has finally shown himself to be what every American has seen for a long time, a sleazy Politician with an enlarged ego who has no credibility in any way shape or form.

  13. Used to admire Bolton as a patriot and straight shooter. Now despise him for false accusations against Trump. Apparently he prefers the failed ideology of socialism to our Constitution freedoms in his effort to take down Trump. Did he ever say squat when he was witness to one of the conversations he described?

  14. I had a certain amount of respect for Bolton when he was ambassador to the United Nations. However, with this “memoir” that’s coming out, where much of what he’s written has already been bebunked, he’s proven that he’s nothing more than another lowlife political hack who, because he didn’t get his way, is willing to sell us out to the highest bidder. Now, we know that from the very beginning he was only looking out for himself and not the country and like so many other politicians is only out for the money.

  15. He would have had to tell the truth if he testified in front of the House or Senate. He can lie in this book and not go to prison.

  16. John Bolton is a sleazy swamp creature. He has been a Washington, DC fixture for decades and does not like the idea of his gravy train being disrupted. Anyone buying his sleazy book of lies is enabling the disintegration of American government.

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