Google had to correct NBC News for an embarrassing mistake seemingly made by reporters eager to target conservative opinion sites.

In one sentence Google Communications debunked NBC’s claim that the Federalist had been demonetized over an article on the George Floyd protests.

While Google will never hide NBC News from its search results for spreading misinformation, its comms team’s correction is a stinging rebuke and embarrassing development. (Washington Free Beacon)

The Federalist was not banned from generating revenue served by Google ads but rather was warned it would be, publisher Ben Domenech told the Washington Free Beacon. The warning concerned the site’s comments section, not any particular article, as NBC News originally reported. The Federalist eliminated its comments section on Tuesday “for the moment,” Domenech said. Google already demonetized Zero Hedge, another right-wing site, for violations in its comments section.

The NBC News story initially suggested that the Federalist and Zero Hedge were demonetized because of articles they published. Its lead sentence read, “Google has banned two far-right websites from its advertising platform after research revealed the tech giant was profiting from articles pushing unsubstantiated claims about the Black Lives Matter protests.” The story was also erroneously headlined, “Google bans two websites from its ad platform over protest articles.”

NBC News attempted to rectify its mistake, but its halfhearted efforts were met with scorn by the Daily Caller:

NBC News then updated the article with a contradictory statement. An on-the-record quote from a Google spokesperson saying “we’ve removed both sites’ ability to monetize with Google” remained as NBC added a note that The Federalist “has three days to remove the violations before the ban goes into effect.”

NBC even initially kept its lead sentence, despite the new statement from Google contesting the central premise of the article.

It’s unclear if NBC News will offer any further clarification.

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  2. A lot of these sites are eliminating their opinion pages where people are allowed to say what they think. I guess they are not liking the opinions they are hearing so they simply silence those voices. They can silence people on their sites but they cannot not change the way they think.

    1. Like the idiots that fall for the political correctness jargon…by removing a word from public scrutiny does not remove the perpetrators of the connotations of that word…STUPID IS ???

  3. It’s been happening for the past 4-5 years on a regular basis…I’ve had my comments deleted on FOX so often, I don’t bother any more. The basement dwellers they have as a ‘monitors’ never give you a reason outside of they just don’t like your opinion…but, vulgar, potty-mouths are never suspended if their comments are in opposition to DJT. Fox (and many others) have gone the way of the other rich media moguls that bought a cable news network in order to control the message. Liars…all of them.

  4. The NBC stations are consistently producing fake news. This is not unusual. President Trump has done the US a huge service by making very public the extent to which mainstream media in the US has become a simple propaganda outlet for Democrat radical leftist fake news.

  5. The News is Out all over town. Google is not fair, is not Democratic at all. They think small, they think censorship, for you, but our enemies they are unrestricted. They cheat and they lie….I wonder why?

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