Photo edit demonstrating transgenders competing in typical athletic events. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit demonstrating transgenders competing in typical athletic events. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

North Carolina Senate Advances Bill Prohibiting Transgenders From Unfairly Participating in School Sports

The North Carolina Senate Education Committee has taken a positive step towards ensuring fairness and equality in school sports by advancing a bill that would designate sports teams based on biological sex. The proposed legislation would prohibit transgender girls from participating in sports that align with their gender identity and instead prioritize female athletes who were born female. This legislation was passed with a veto-proof majority after Republicans returned from spring recess, demonstrating the broad support for this important measure.

While critics of the bill have labeled it as an attack on the transgender community, supporters maintain that it is necessary to protect the rights of female athletes and maintain a level playing field. By basing participation on biological sex, this bill ensures that female athletes are not disadvantaged by allowing male-bodied individuals to participate in female sports. The proposed bill recognizes the biological variations between male and female bodies, which include innate physical benefits that males possess in sports. These benefits arise from factors such as elevated levels of testosterone, larger lung capacity, lower average body fat percentages, and denser bones. The bill acknowledges that these differences confer significant performance advantages in sports and seeks to ensure that competition remains fair and equal by preventing biological males from participating in female sports.

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Supporters of the bill argue that it will safeguard the athletic accomplishments and scholarship opportunities of female athletes by preventing transgender girls from occupying positions that should be reserved for biological females. This legislation would guarantee that sports teams are composed of athletes of the same biological sex, providing equal and fair opportunities for all athletes to compete at their highest level.

The proposed legislation is a significant step towards guaranteeing that school sports in North Carolina are based on impartiality and equality. By prioritizing biological sex, this bill protects the rights of female athletes and upholds a level playing field for everyone. It is a vital measure to ensure that sports continue to be a positive and fulfilling experience for all students.

Protecting Physical Safety and Emotional Well-Being of Biological Girls

Proponents of the bill argue that allowing transgender girls to participate in school sports based on their gender identity would give them an unfair advantage over biological girls. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt, a supporter of the bill, claims that such participation could potentially deny female athletes opportunities such as scholarships or team spots that should be exclusively reserved for biological girls.

They argue that biological differences such as menstrual cramps and testosterone levels provide an unfair physical advantage to transgender girls, and that it is essential to prioritize biological sex over gender identity to maintain a level playing field for all athletes.

Bill Faces Opposition from LGBTQ+ Rights Advocates

While it is understandable that LGBTQ+ rights advocates may be concerned about discrimination against trans individuals, the proposed legislation to prohibit transgender girls from participating in school sports that align with their gender identity is necessary to protect the physical safety and emotional well-being of biological girls. There is evidence to suggest that allowing transgender athletes to participate in sports based on their gender identity may disadvantage biological girls who may not have the same physical advantages as biological males. It is important to maintain a level playing field in school sports to ensure that all athletes have a fair chance at success.

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Furthermore, the bill does not isolate trans individuals, but rather provides a solution to a potentially problematic situation. By designating sports based on biological sex, the bill ensures that biological girls are not unfairly competing against biological males who may have physical advantages that give them an unfair advantage. This legislation is not part of an anti-trans agenda, but rather a necessary step to protect the rights and opportunities of biological girls. It is not fair to ask biological girls to compete against individuals who may have different physical attributes based on biological sex.

Additional Bills

The bill is one of many introduced by Republicans aimed at restricting the growth of transgender ideology among North Carolinians since gaining a supermajority earlier this month. These bills include restrictions on “gender-affirming” medical procedures for children and criminal penalties for public drag performances where adults are known to strip down to minimal clothing for an audience of children.


  1. For those who don’t know what is going on This trans stuff it is being used as a bridge between Homosexuals and Pedophiles in pushing the perversion. If you can do all these creepy things with transsexuals including transitioning a kid without the child’s parents knowledge and making it that if teachers or doctors or nurses can get fired and sued if they inform the parents what is going on then lowing the age of consent to twelve as well as other pro pedophile laws is not so hard now. That is what is going on.

  2. The solution to this is so simple. There are boys/men teams and girl/women teams. Just start a Transgender league . Let them find their own sponsors and audience. They can all compete against each other no matter if they are he/she’s or she/he’s.

  3. Sure glad someone know women are women unlike the judges it seems I cant see why all REAL women isn’t up in Armas Just look at the sclorships they took from them by letting men compete with them Not to mention the tiles that will change over the yrs will go to the tran thats not smart enough to look between there legs to see what they are WNY isnt ALL real women demanding this be straiten out

  4. It is a sad day in our country when it is necessary to pass laws to create level playing fields for sports based on gender. When we consider the difficulty that females went through to get title IX instituted to give them equal recognition for their athletic skills it now seems that these nut cases want to get boys who “identify” as females allowed to participate in girls sports is not only stupid but wrong in every sense of the word. If a boy (biologically) wants to to be called a girl that’s OK. BUT he/she should be required to compete in “boys” sports but we all know how that would end. The REAL boys would kick he/she’s a– and that would be the end of that nonsense.

  5. To be honest I don’t care whether the LBGTQ community or transgenders like it or not. When I was a child this would be a simple common sense answer. But today states have to pass laws to stop this madness. Our country has sure gone to hell in a very short period of time.

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