Photo edit of Riley Gaines and transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Riley Gaines and transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Riley Gaines, a 12-time All-American female swimmer who competed at Kentucky and now advocates for women’s sports, has gained attention in the media and throughout social media for her stances against the participation of biological males in women’s sports, as she controversially lost to William “Lia” Thomas, a biological male turned transgender female in an NCAA Divison I women’s swimming event. She has criticized the lack of coverage her story has received from leftist media and condemned ESPN for featuring a biological male during “Celebrating Women’s History Month.” Gaines has also been a victim of assault and harassment by trans-rights protesters following her speech at San Francisco State University about protecting women’s sports. She has shared footage of the incident on social media and intends to take legal action against the perpetrators.

 University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas and Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines

Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer competing for the University of Pennsylvania, took first place in a women’s NCAA Division I swimming event. Her victory over Riley Gaines was controversial and widely regarded as unfair. Credit: Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Lia Thomas is a transgender swimmer who made history as the first openly transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I Championship in women’s swimming. Gaines has been vocal in her criticism of Thomas’s participation in women’s sports and accused her of cheating to win the national title. The World Athletics Council has recently announced its decision to ban male-to-female transgender athletes who have gone through male puberty from competing in female World Rankings competitions, citing the need to maintain the integrity of the female category in athletics. Despite the controversy, Gaines remains committed to advocating for fairness in women’s sports.

Riley Gaines advocates for women’s sports Female swimmer

Gaines has become a spokesperson for women’s sports, advocating for biological men to stay out of women’s sports. Gaines is pro-women and pro-fairness, stating that her message is not partisan. Gaines believes that leftist media has shown little interest in her story and has only shown interest in conservative media outlets.

Gaines was recently invited to join former President Donald Trump on stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he spoke up in defense of women’s sports.

ESPN slammed by Riley Gaines

Riley Gaines has slammed ESPN for airing a segment promoting a biological male during their coverage of “Celebrating Women’s History Month.” Lia Thomas became the first transgender athlete to win an NCAA Division I Championship by winning the 500 Freestyle. Gaines responded on Twitter by calling Thomas an arrogant cheat who stole a national title from a hardworking, deserving woman.

Gaines would take to Twitter, saying:

“Lia Thomas is not a brave, courageous woman who EARNED a national title,” Gaines tweeted Sunday. “He is an arrogant, cheat who STOLE a national title from a hardworking, deserving woman. The @ncaa is responsible.”

“If I was a woman working at ESPN, I would walk out. You’re spineless @espn.”

World Athletics Council bans male-to-female transgender athletes from competing against women

The World Athletics Council has recently announced that it will not allow transgender athletes to compete against women in female World Rankings competitions. The move, which goes into effect this week, will ban “male-to-female transgender athletes who have been through male puberty.” The organization believes the integrity of the female category in athletics is paramount and consulted with Member Federations, the Global Athletics Coaches Academy and Athletes’ Commission, and the IOC when making its decision.

Assaulted and barricaded by trans-rights protesters following speech about women’s sports protection

Gaines was physically assaulted and had to barricade herself in a safe room for three hours from a mob of trans-rights protesters who stormed her speech at San Francisco State University about protecting women’s sports. Gaines was led to safety by cops while the angry mob shouted abuse at her and called her transphobic. She was then barricaded in a room for three hours while security and police tried to keep the protesters out.

Gaines shared video of her stuck in a room while security attempted to free her.
Gaines shared a video of her stuck in a room while security attempted to free her.
Riley Gaines: Twitter
Gaines was surrounded by photographers after the incident.
Gaines was surrounded by photographers after the incident.
Riley Gaines: Twitter

Gaines shared alarming footage on social media, and her agent reported that she was physically hit twice during the mayhem. Gaines had objected to controversial trans swimmer Lia Thomas’ participation in women’s sports, and was set to speak about her experience. The disruption occurred after the conclusion of the event and the university’s police department is conducting an ongoing investigation into the situation.


Legal Action After Being Assaulted by Trans-Rights Protesters at San Francisco State University

On April 8, 2023, Gaines spoke out about an assault by protesters who support transgender rights during her speech about protecting women’s sports at San Francisco State University. Gaines claims that the protesters physically attacked her while she spoke at a Turning Points USA event on campus. She expressed her frustration with the lack of action taken by the campus police and the dean of students, and stated that she plans to take legal action against those responsible for the attack.

Video grabs taken from Twitter: Riley Gaines @Riley_Gaines_ The prisoners are running the asylum at SFSU...I was ambushed and physically hit twice by a man. This is proof that women need sex-protected spaces. Still only further assures me I'm doing something right. When they want you silent, speak louder. ð£ï¸
Gaines shared footage of her being attacked by the activists on Thursday.
Riley Gaines attack
Gaines said “there will be no repercussions unless I have something to do with it.”

Gaines also shared a video on Twitter showing her being escorted out of the classroom and into a hallway by security as protesters chased after her, with one activist shouting derogatory remarks at her. Gaines believes that these individuals are resorting to violence and personal attacks because they cannot debate her with logic, science, or data to support their argument. The university’s police department has confirmed that they are investigating the situation, but no arrests have been made so far.


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  2. Shameful way to treat a REAL FEMALE World Class Swimmer. She and the Male competitor tied but the judges gave Him the trophy and whatever money went with the trophy. Males just claiming –“today I am a Woman” need to prove they are not just trying to cheat women in sports out of ever winning due to the testosterone and inherent musculature that MAKES MEN DIFFERENT FROM Women plus the chromosomal differences that can never be changed. Almost 100% of these Men who compete against Women and are still equipped with the gonads and other appendages they were born with. They are not serious about being women unless they undergo the Knife and the removal of their male appendages.

  3. Now if that were a school board meeting the big guy with the big mouth would have the FBI arresting him….oh wait!!!!!

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