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After classified documents had been found Monday at the Penn Biden Center in one office, Tuesday another batch was found in a different office, and now on Thursday a third set of documents were found at Biden’s Delaware house next to his Corvette in his garage. Though also on Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced he would appoint a special counsel to investigate Biden’s handling of these classified documents after the end of the Biden administration. As it has been reported, these documents were from Biden’s time as Vice President and have only now been found over two years after Biden became President. The other big question, besides wondering why Biden had been these documents, was what were the documents pertaining to?

Biden’s Reaction: Biden recently addressed this matter a couple times, as things came out. While at the North American Leaders Summit in Mexico City, according to Fox News, he stated “let me get rid of the easy one first … People know I take classified documents and classified information seriously. They [his personal attorneys] did what they should have done. They immediately called the [National Archives] … turned them over to the Archives, and I was briefed about this discovery and surprised to learn that there were any government records that were taken there to that office … but I don’t know what’s in the documents. My lawyers have not suggested I ask what documents they were.” Though regarding the documents that had been found at his home, Biden told Fox’s Peter Doocy that his “Corvette’s in a locked garage so it’s not like it’s sitting on the street.” Watch that clip below.

What were these Documents? The documents, which were from Biden’s time as Vice President, were discovered on November 2nd and now January 10th at the Penn Biden Center in an office Biden occupied during his time, between 2017-2019, as the Universities Benjamin Franklin Presidential Professor of the Practice at the University of Pennsylvania. The documents have been reported by CNN to be “Obama-Biden administration records,” with some of them being marked as top-secret with sensitive compartmented information. Then on Thursday January 12th, news broke more documents, of an unknown subject, were found at Biden’s Delaware home.

In addition: According to Fox, at least 10 senior Biden administration officials were hired to their positions, either current or former, after they had worked at the Penn Biden Center. And a few higher-up officials had ties to the center. Spencer Boyer, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for Europe and NATO policy, was a senior fellow; Jeffrey Prescott, the deputy to the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, was a strategic consultant; Ariana Berengaut, a senior adviser to the national security adviser, was a director; Michael Carpenter, the U.S. representative to the organization for security and cooperation in Europe, was a managing director; Juan Gonzalez, a special assistant to the president, was a senior fellow; and Carlyn Reichel, a special assistant to Biden and senior director for speech writing and strategic initiatives, was the director of communications at the Penn Biden Center. Brian McKeon was a senior director at the think tank and was the deputy secretary of state for management and resources until last month.”


  1. Interesting should be any documents mentioning names like Burisma. Hunter, Obama, Paruby, Parasyuk, Biletzky, Shkokin, Yatseniuk, Poroshenko, Kim, Zelensky, Kholomoysky, and others.

  2. I’m sure Joey’s boy Garland will waste a few months looking busy, and taking this very “seriously” and then tell us there is nothing to see with this latest biden screw-up since it most assuredly involves his cokehead kid.

  3. DOJ Garland to appoint a special at the END of the Biden Administration> Talk about covering for Biden. The American people need to know the extend of Who knew What, When and the Where of the documents were being illegally kept. Did everyone who had access to them have the proper Clearance…….what Secrets are in the Documents?

  4. Yeah, I bet it will be a ‘Special’ Special Counsel. If Garland wants to save his nuts, he needs to have bipartisan agreement on who that counsel will be. Otherwise, it will end as another whitewash joke of an investigation.

  5. Special counsel appointed by Garland will consist of liberals and have a predetermined conclusion of (nothing here to see)

  6. Why after so many years did the National Archives not know these caches of documents were missing? Seems like since they knew Trump had missing documents surely they must have known the material Biden possessed was missing. Locations 1,2 &3, where were the DOJ Storm Troopers, seems like a different approach for Democrats from the DOJ

  7. Sorry Joe, the cats out of the bag, three times. No one believes you, you’ve spun to many tales. Time to go, even the dems have doubts

  8. How can Garland’s choice of a Special Investigator be trusted? He reports his findings to Garland first, doesn’t he?

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