First Lady Jill Biden’s gone viral due to a picture posted on her Twitter account in 2020, showing the First Lady using a gas stove in her home. Once something goes viral, everyone needs their attempt to make a joke and one-up everyone else, so, therefore, we’ve seen everyone from Congressman, Senators, media shills, and just basic meme enthusiasts all jumping in to make a similar joke, or, choosing to defend Jill Biden.

Clearly, these stoves are not the ticking time bomb that government bureaucrats are making them out to be. Americans have used these stoves in their homes since the early 20th century, and should continue being allowed to use them to meet their cooking needs.

Some of the memes and responses:


Why this is trending?:

US Consumer Product Safety Commission is also looking into banning gas stoves, as agency commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. said, “This is a hidden hazard,” adding, “Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.” The World Health Organization and EPA also are backing the move, and consider gas stoves to be both dangerous and pollute the environment. Forcing the United States to make a switch from gas stoves to electric would require roughly 35% of Americans to change the stoves in their home.

Of course, Twitter responded in multiple ways to this. Mostly, they made jokes about it and exaggerated the situation, because no one actually cares that Jill Biden owns a gas stove. Rather, Republicans care that President Biden and the Democratic party all together are hypocrites, and would gladly make you, the American citizen, spend multiple thousands of dollars purchasing and replacing your perfectly functioning stove because some 80-year-old career bureaucrat thinks it’s time your kitchen had a change in pace.

Why do people care?:

Remember Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, despite advocating for the country to be shut down? Or how Obama owns waterfront property in a nearly all-White neighborhood, despite always talking about “climate change” and “White flight?” It’s the exact same story here. It’s not that they don’t believe in gas stoves, it’s not even like they dislike them – in fact, they’ll gladly own and use gas stoves, they just don’t want you to own one, just as they only wanted you to quarantine yourself, and they only wanted you to worry about climate change and “White flight.”

The problem is them, not the Twitter masses calling them out. While left-wing media outlets are framing the right as if they’re attempting to slander Jill Biden, in reality, next to no one is even blaming Jill Biden for owning a gas stove.


  1. When the power goes out around here as a result of hurricanes, other storms, etc., I still light the hurricane lamps and cook happily on my gas stove while my less fortunate electric stove neighbors must either send out or go out for meals.

  2. We all know this is just another BS barrage to smokescreen some underhanded crap they are cooking behind the scemes simi,ar to fauccys big virus mask etc,, pure bullshit….been usin gas stoves and even heaters unvented. back since the 1800s….Just ike the EV cars.. YOUARE SAVING ZERO AS THE POWERGENERSTION TO CHARGE THESE THINGS COME FROM FOSSIL FUELS MOSTLY.. WINDMILLS AND SOLAR IS JUST A SMALL SPIT TO THE LOADS…. That and factory loads and general industry, electric furnaces melting steel etc…. Who are they kidding???

  3. The left definitely hates us & wants us all dead. If they take away our gas stoves how will we cook our food if the power goes out ? They want us to freeze in winter, swelter in summer, as well as castrate, spay, & neuter our children. And they pretend to defend democracy, when its really totalitarianism they want. They don’t care if we are victims of crime as they don’t want us to be able to defend ourselves & even prosecute us when we do!

  4. Have the gas stoves in the White House and Blair House been replaced by electric stove or solar cookers?
    Same question regarding the residences of the nincompoops in the Biden Administration/Cabinet?
    If not, put John Kerry in solitary confinement for failing to do his job.

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