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Ali Velshi, MSNBC

MSNBC’s Velshi said on Oct. 17, 2020, “We start this hour with the tale of international espionage connected to a close confidante of the President of the United States.” He added, “The president was reportedly warned that his personal attorney, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani was the target of a Russian intelligence operation, a story that is unraveling to reveal allegations of disinformation, dirty tricks and a federal probe over Russian efforts to disparage Joe Biden.”

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  1. And isn’t it interesting that the FBI had Hunter’s laptop for almost a year before the computer shop owner, frustrated by the lack of movement on their part, sent a copy of the hard drive to Rudy?

    Deep State, indeed.

  2. Nobody cares about Hunter Biden’s laptop or any other businessman’s laptop. He is a private citizen, not a government employee, so whatever he has done or has tried to hide, he alone is subject to prosecution.

  3. Those 51 Supposed, or should I say Alleged Intelligence? “Agents” seemed to be speaking with “One Voice”, however, that “Voice” somehow had no Intelligence whatsoever, just a compilation of non-factual statements elicited by the present administration to present a “Cover-up” for the Biden Crime Family “Born Yesterday, but awake All Night”

  4. Secretary Xavier Bacerra, killer of womb babies and his Band of White House life takers. President of those who wanted to be born, but were not, what a thing to carry into the grave and next life, they are alll waiting for you joe biden on the other side.Pay back the money you and your family stole from the American position of trust your family betrayed. How can any person like this with so much corruption in his life be allowed to have a voice in the guidance of our children? Joe Biden soon you will be impeached for your betrayal of our Countries values, hope you are forced to return all monies the biden family received for selling our Country down the drain for personal gains and your failure to honour your oath of office. Mayorkas, I want a wall like joe biden has, this Country is full of illegals, WOW, JOE BIDEN, HUNTER THINKS HE KNOWS HOW YOU MADE YOU MONEY, The biden crime family expands,good any family that steals and lies together should stay together, who else could be the big guy? No Stone Unturned, Federal Hunter Biden Probe Looking Into Whole Family

  5. The liberal propaganda media got the Russian misinformation about Trump wrong, as it has now been completely proven false information, when they reported it as true. Then they got the Russian information about Biden wrong also, as they reported it as false and just more Russian misinformation, as it has now been completely proven true information, when they reported it as false Russian misinformation.

    The liberal propaganda media is batting 1000%, as they have been completely wrong when reporting about supposed Russian misinformation, which makes one wonder if they are truly that inept, incompetent, and malfeasant at their job of investigating the news to find out what is true and what is false?

    Or is it that the liberal propaganda media are completely controlled by the political Democrat Party, just as the media in the old USSR were completely controlled by the political Communist Party? It seems that the US liberal propaganda media are overly enthusiastic in reporting anything that shows their masters in a favorable way, and their masters’ opposition in an unfavorably way. The liberal propaganda media have been known to sell out to their political beliefs, much more than they try to apply principled news reporting, and in doing so fail to investigate to find out the truth, or are willing to report known lies to serve their masters in the Democrat Party?

    Isn’t it strange that the USA and its people are now living under the same type of socialist governance, the Democrat Party whose many members have openly admitted they are socialist and/or want socialism in the USA, as they are bringing it through the censorship of free speech and the repression of a free press, that obeys the master Democrat Party, just as went on in the old USSR under the Communist Party? This makes one wonder what is the difference today between the USA and the old USSR, as any difference that once was, is quickly fading away with the control of our federal government under the rule, policies, agenda, and mandates (Executive Orders) of the Democrat Party, just as the old USSR was under the Communist Party?

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