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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is seeking a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction in an effort to block President Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal contractors.

According to reports by Newsmax:

“The President’s blatant disdain for those who choose to not receive a vaccine will not be allowed to seep into the great State of Texas,” Paxton said Monday in a statement posted on his website. “Here, we protect individual liberties first and foremost, and Texans do not have to sacrifice their beliefs and their health to preserve their livelihoods.”

According to court papers, Paxton also said that President Joe Biden has weaponized the “administrative state against these federal contractors in an unprecedented overreach.”

In court papers, Paxton argued the mandate will force those who work for federal contractors “to choose between their fundamental constitutional rights and their livelihoods.”

“This sweeping mandate is part of the president’s unconstitutional efforts to revitalize his ‘flagging vaccination campaign’ at the cost of individual liberty. President Biden’s vaccine campaign is intended to affect almost every aspect of society and his weaponization of the administrative state against federal contractors is an unprecedented overreach.

In September, President Biden issued an executive order mandating employees of federal contractors be vaccinated.


  1. “In September, President Biden issued an executive order mandating employees of federal contractors be vaccinated.”

    So basically the Biden Administration is saying that if THEY are a customer THEY get to dictate what you must do as an employer. Supposedly, because they are SO concerned about your employees. Then tell me this, why hasn’t the Biden Administration required China companies to stop using slave labor and infringing basic human rights?

  2. Let’s face it Folks ! Joe Biden is totally clueless to what he is doing! From Day one when the Deep State ( Obama & Gang) gave him the Presidency which was outright Stolen from all American Voters. The Chinese Wuhan Virus was unleashed on the world by the request of the Democrats Party ! Till this day they cringe when they Watch AMERICANS flood the Trump Rallies ! They know the only way to control this situation is by Mass population Control. These mandates were written by 1: Obama, 2 Pelosi & Democrats.
    BTW Green New Deal Farce! So I ask are these Politicians ready to control World Wide Volcanoes that are presently erupting & spewing Emissions that are 1000 times more potent since the Industrial Revolution, 1 example is the volcano in the Canary Islands + there are many more Active Volcanoes world wide! Are these Green Energy Clowns going to install Catalic Converters in Volcanoes?

  3. For years now. Still no answer from anyone…ie: WHO, CDC, SCIENTIST, POLITICIAN ETC:…

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