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The niece of Vice-President Kamala Harris has now penned an article in the Washington Post demanding that America’s parent indoctrinate their children into ‘anti-racism.’

As Fox News reports:

In a piece published in the Washington Post, Meena Harris accused GOP state legislatures of barring educators from “discussing racism, equity and justice in classrooms” and complained that even schools in blue states don’t have “explicit plans to discuss anti-racism with an audience ready (and eager!) to learn about it.”

“All to say, public schools have long failed to acknowledge the history and realities of racism. The recent right-wing crusade against ‘critical race theory’ — a term so frightening its opponents dare not even learn what it means — is the latest manifestation of that deeply rooted trend,” Harris wrote Monday. “In the face of such daunting challenges, what are parents to do? Until and unless we see systemic change to properly desegregate our children’s schools and un-whitewash the curriculum, we need to fill the gaps ourselves.”

Harris called for families nationwide to “start taking time at home to discuss the injustices that shaped our nation’s past, the work still to be done in our present, and the values that should define our future.”

Harris went on to recommend a children’s version of “The 1619 Project” co-authored by Nikole Hannah-Jones called “Born on the Water” as well as “Your Legacy” by Broadway director Schele Williams, saying those books “offer honest depictions of our nation’s racist past and empowering narratives for children of color” and “can help Black and Brown kids understand a key tenet of anti-racism from an early age: thinking critically and questioning the status quo.”

Harris’s niece had previously defended the teaching of critical race theory in June of this year. A recent poll showed that Kamala Harris currently has a 28 percent approval rating, the lowest ever for a Vice-President.


  1. This coming from a family with roots tied to selling slaves in Jamaica! How anti racist these noble communist democrat pedophile cult party members are!

  2. How about having students watch the movie Roots for extra credit, or read the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin. If the schools spent less time on transgender BS they could go back to teaching Math, Science, English and History, you know, the stuff the schools were supposed to be doing all along.

  3. How about schools teaching blacks not to commit violent crimes.They can also teach them to stop blaming whites for your problems.

  4. What does she think CRT, the 1619 project, etc are?? More American Marxist propaganda. Dems and their “woke” allies project their anti-G-D theories onto others not of their ilk.

  5. Screw harris impeach the biden administration for Treason and Sedition against the American People and the Constitution

  6. The 1619 project has been discredited as bogus by dozens of recognized historians. American history has always included the teaching of slavery, jim crow abd the desegregation movement. To say otherwise is a lie. The question is why was this racist allowed to publish her remarks in a legitimate paper. Answer …. she has no credentials, she is simply a relative of Harris. Not exactly a sterling credential of impartiality.

  7. When a leftists uses a word, particularly as a slogan or fulcrum of a talking point, you can bet the leftist means the opposite of the words dictionary meaning so that anti-racism really means racism, equity means inequity and so on.

  8. What an idiot. I say parents should take their kids out of schools that teach Critical Race Theory (CRT). CRT is racist. I do believe that we should teach true history and that includes the political party that was behind slavery and the party that did their best to stop blacks from being free. Meena Haris please educate me on what I just stated. I think youre another idiot like your aunt who screwed her way to the top. Not unheard of but then these same people talk about empowerment of funny. I would be happy to discuss race anythime. You are one of the reason that people hate anything with the black name tied to it and the poor me attitude. She is a lawyer, really and a kids author, or kids indoctrination specialist. She is a big part of the problems we have today.

  9. It is surprising how well kids of all races and religions get along until activists or politicians see an opportunity to turn particular races against others and blame the reason on the color of a child’s skin. I’m sure there is some racism in this country, and I am sure it comes from blacks as well as whites, Hispanics, Orientals , Jewish and other religions. What we need to be teaching our children is that we are all the same and those individuals pushing CRT or anti-Semitism, are the real problems. Show me anything democrats, BLM Antifa, Socialists or Marxists have done to better everyone. Never has happened. I am not racist and I am not against anyone’s religion. But, if you tell me I am a Racist because I am white, I’ll tell you you are full of shit and you can kiss my ass. Take your Marxism and your racist bullshit and stick it where the “Moon doers not shine”. God Bless America and all of it’s children.

  10. Harris sees what she wants to see and disregards the values that American children have been taught. It is wrong to hold hold America hostage for her narrow minded views of what she thinks about Americans. She needs to visit the people of this great and free country and re-educate herself about how most Americans feel about freedom and race relations before evaluating all Americans by one standard. She does not represent the majority and most Americans know that.

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