Former adviser to President Obama agreed with Austria’s drastic decision to lockdown all unvaccinated citizens due to a recent uptick in Covid-19 cases. Former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan tweeted that Austria might be “onto something” with its recent decision seeming to indicate support for a similar move here in the United States.

Fox News reports:

The Obama administration official retweeted a report on Austria’s nationwide lockdown for those who are unvaccinated and have not recently contracted the virus.

The Associated Press called the move “the most drastic of a string of measures” by European countries to counter the fourth wave.

Officials in the country say police patrols and checks will be stepped up and unvaccinated people can be fined up to $1,660 if they violate the lockdown. The lockdown impacts about 2 million Austrians. Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said his aim is to increase the number of those who take the jab.

Duncan, who is not part of the Biden administration, seemed to approve, posting, “If you (sic) a danger to yourself and others, you must remain at home. If you aren’t, you are free to roam around the country. Austria is onto something…”

Naturally, it wasn’t long before the internet widely panned Duncan’s take on the restrictive new order.


  1. Arne is a 4th Reich Commie who does not listen. Austria is putting vaxxed and pure bloods on night time lock down, so no, Arneee, you cannot roam the country if you get jabbed. Austria is going full Nazi and you approve. This is a full Martial law, and a war on the public.

  2. How long before Biden (Obamas puppet) thinks this a good idea? Are they looking for a civil war? People need to wake up, if you are vaccinated or not, if they can enforce this, what will they try and enforce later? Might be something the vaccinated don’t like next time. This is to much government control.

    1. First off it’s illegal and unconstitutional…so if it happens here and the Supreme Court allows it…then you know it’s time to take up arms and remove these enemies of our nation…time for a bloodletting…the tree of freedom needs to be fed.

    2. First biden isn’t obama’s puppet. he is a puppet of the the same people who controled obama. They are these suoer rich that want to control the world. They don’t care about you or me just control and soon we will be Venezuela just what these asshole want

  3. How long before all who don’t submit to the third, fourth, fifth and sixth “vaccination” are excluded from normal life, before they succumb to spike protein overload?
    Austria is the first to lock down the “unvaccinated”.
    Remember, Adolf Hitler was an Austrian, by birth.
    How long before you have to wear a yellow star?
    How long before you will be sent to an internment camp for re-educating?
    Revelation 13, vv 16-18
    “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and
    bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name
    of the beast, or the number of his name.
    Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the
    beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore
    and six.”
    The “programme” is scheduled to continue until 2025.
    This whole programme is now taking on the appearance of a Totalitarian State Dictat, backed by a Goebbels like campaign by Governments and the media. INTELLIGENT PEOPLE MUST ASK WHY?
    There is no justification for immunisation of 12-15 year olds, as the risk of significant adverse side effects is greater than that from the illness, in this group. It is even less if they have already had the virus and have natural immunity. It is therefore reasonable to suspect other motivation for the campaign.
    To sideline and vilify concerned parents is a disgraceful dereliction of duty by Government.
    Be aware of information that was not widely available in early 2021. It is now:
    A deduction gaining credence is that the Covid-19 pandemic was planned – a decade ago – to coincide with ‘The Great Reset’ being promoted by the World Economic Forum and China’s undermining of the USA.

  4. we might find out that the virus release from china was a communist democrat pedophile cult party plan to destroy our America and take away our FREEDOMS

  5. “If you a danger” …?
    Yeah that makes sense, great sentence structure for an advisor.
    Someone should take his phone away until he can message with coherence.
    He’s hoping to be relevant once again, even though he never was…

  6. The communists in our current US government want the same thing! They want to punish those who aren’t vaccinated, yet they are the least risk to society if they had covid and recovered! But science is something of the past. This administration needs to be stopped! They are totally ignoring the constitution and are going fully communism and the media supports this BS! Yet if they do put on the restrictions, isn’t it odd that congress is exempt, the post office is exempt, and illegal invaders are exempt. Biden’s administration wants to claim that the vaccine is a matter of national security! Yet illegal invaders pour into our country, which IS a national security issue and instead of trying to stop it, Biden is encouraging it! TRAITORS

  7. “Free to roam around the country”?? As long as the government knows exactly where you are, which is the real reason for the shots. Soon, after everyone is fixed, they will decide where and when you can roam.
    Is this what we are thankful for this Thursday?

  8. “Illegal and unconstitutional?” Since when did that ever stop these people? “It’s time to take up arms and remove these enemies of our nation?” That’s the reason for the shots, so you will not be able to organize against them,and you will be easily disarmed!
    This is what happens when you reject Christ in your country, His enemy easily moves in and takes control. Until we have a national REPENTANCE for abortion, homosexuality, and worshiping false gods we are on our own against the devil – and guess who is stronger?!

  9. As has been shown by numerous studies from around the world, the danger comes not from the unvaxxed but from the vaccinated.

  10. Duncan first mistake, well lie, is even if your vaccinated you can infect others. But above and beyond that, these vaccines have not been around enough and there have been so many lies about them hiw can you trust them, well big pharma because they are so crroked and they have pushed so much shit that it isn’t funny. Fauci is a quack and always has been. Remember AZT and fauci pushing that you piece of shit moron Duncan. I hope they isolate you in a jail cell for violating people’s consitutional rights. You are just another paid off piece of shit. Me I think you got jabbed and you are spreading the mutations of covid. See an organism need a stimulus to mutate and you clowns that got vaccinated with a vaccine that is not correct and definately not strong enough (as is ob virus from ahving to tkae two and now a booster and boosters may be never ending, great money makes for big pharma and shows that the vaccines are garbage0. You assholes don’t even count the deaths from people who are vaccinated nor the Adverse Events (AEs) fron the vaccine. You surely don’t want people to know the true numbers of that do you. Also you inflate the numbers of deaths, and attribute these deaths to the unvaccinated but as just poointed out you assholes don’t have a clue about deaths because they are inflated and you don’t know how many of them are from vaccinated people or caused by the vaccinations. You are a waste of air…

  11. Here comes the Gestapo: ‘Vax papers, please!’ It is the right of nobody but my doctor to know my vaccination status.

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