By Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Washington D.C, United States - 210225-D-WD757-1532, CC BY 2.0,

The embattled General Milley made another stunning admission before a congressional hearing on Wednesday, essentially confessing that he would have told his Chinese counterpart of any impending US attack on Chinese forces ordered by President Trump.

As The New York Post reports:

“I said, hell, I’ll call you. But we’re not going to attack you,” Milley told the House Armed Services Committee about one of his conversations with Gen. Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army.

“As part of the conversation, I said, Gen. Li, there’s not going to be a war. There’s not going to be an attack between great powers, and if it was, the tensions would build up, there would be calls going back and forth from all kinds of senior officials,” the general said. ​

​”I said, hell, I’ll call you. But we’re not going to attack you. Trust me, we’re not going to attack you. These are two ​great powers, and I am doing my best to transmit the president’s intent, President Trump’s intent to ensure the incident doesn’t escalate,” Milley continued.

H​artzler said Milley’s actions ​were grounds for his resignation.

Are Milley’s confessed actions grounds for resignation, or worse? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. The Senate should fire this traitor, he went against our President Trump and was as disrespectable as any military general could ever be in his position of authority. In fact they could use the seditionist act along with Pelosi who was calling the President crazy when in fact anyone could turn that around and call this witch crazy for being so disrespectful of her position in the congress leading while exercising her hate and disrespect she showed outwardly on camera numerous times.

        1. I agree this guy is a tyrant and committed the highest crimes of treason HANG HIM!!! Then go after the rest of the tyrants in DC,and don’t forget the DOJ hang them all they are all treasonous traitors!!!

    1. You can’t forget Nancy Pelosi when you talk about treason….her involvement with General Milley formed a Coup to deny the sitting President the powers granted him. She assured her Democratic colleagues she had put in place a plan preventing the President from carrying out his elected powers granted to the President of the United States.

      1. Very true, they are both guilty of treason, and should be put on trial for it. If an investigation ere done, there are very likely many more who were involved in this very un-American scandal.

        1. They need a communal gallows and hang the whole lot of traitors at one time. That would put an end to people going against our President and our Country.

    1. The Lt. Col in the brig was arrested for telling the truth about traitors such as Milley. He should be considered a hero!!

    2. Speaking of the Heroic Marine imprisoned for speaking about accountability from senior officers. Let’s hear what the 4-Star Marine General when asked about the withdrawal, he stated he was following orders, his recommendations were to leave in place a force of at least 2,500 service members. Then you have 4-Star General Milley stating that his recommendation was to leave 2,500 to 3,500 service members in country, now you have Sec. of Defense former General Austin agreeing with both 4-Star General’s on the troop strength to leave in country. Yet President Biden says he did not have the recommendations to warrant leaving US forces in Afghanistan. The Direct Order to abandon Afghanistan came from President Biden.
      Military orders being what they are you can be 100% assured that it is in Writing who authorized the disastrous drawdown of our forces in Afghanistan.
      The responsibility of Sec. of Defense Austin, 4-Star General Milley and the 4-Star Marine General in charge of that Theater of Operation knowing that the Presidents Order would lead to the unnecessary deaths of US service members as well as our allies deaths , the collapse of the country into the Talibans hands and the surrender of our military arms and equipment to the Taliban had the Honor the choose between following the Presidents Order or Resigning Honorably from the Armed Forces. It’s clear that they chose the less than Honorable thing to do.
      Yet one lone Marine Officer called out for accountability and ends up loosing everything he has committed his life doing, serving with Honor the United States Marine Corps. He sits incarcerated in a Military Brig in solitary confinement awaiting charges.
      Whoever ordered his confinement should spend eternity in Hell along with the other cowards that failed in their leadership roles.

      1. Maybe all these less than honorable men would have had to do was threaten to resign. Did even one even do that. They all knew much death and misery was surely coming from Biden’s decision.

  2. I think the bigger issue, and it is pretty transparent, is that Gen Milley may have been setting the stage to attempt a military coup if Donald Trump had been reelected. After all he demanded that his underlings swear to support him. Suppose the Republicans regain control of house and senate in 2022 and the white house in 2024 and it is Trump. He should resign NOW as he allegiance to his commander in chief is severely in question. He seems arrogant enough to me to undermine the decisions of we the people. He must go.

      If THAT isn’t out and out TREASON…. WHAT THE HELL IS?!!!!

    2. Trump’s Lame Duck term would have been characterized with a flurry of Swamp Draining activities, with some dwellers who would have been caught in the net having big names within our government and private sectors. That’s likely the reason why the coup took place in November.


    1. Can anyone give me just one reason that we the people are still putting up with these treasonous Democrats and their anti-Americanism policies?

        1. Republican politicians often talk a lot, but few do more than that to push back against the evil that is ‘deep state’.

          Only President Trump had the fortitude, courage, and confidence to stand up, speak out, and take assertive action. He has been the one to unite the vast majority of Americans who clearly see what has been going on for years right under our noses, but have felt powerless to stop.

          President helped us to realize that we are not powerless….neither is God if we will return to Him in faithful obedience. May He have mercy on us and shine His light of Truth on the darkness that is currently overshadowing us…in Jesus’s name.

          1. Who’s “powerless”? We’re talking numbers here, and we’ve got the majority (300 million versus 600) over our leadership, in conjunction with a Constitution to direct their behavior. What Americans need to learn is that we’re in charge, and our Civil Rights include the means for us to maintain our authority. The media is chiefly to blame for convincing our gullible, complacent citizens that they’re “powerless”. Indeed, the media is the government. Ignoring those people and concentrating on restoring our nation will regiment Americans to uniformly reject political ideologies which usurp our powers.

      1. Total lack of Balls for one. Hell, the anti war liberals of the 60’s had more ball’s than every Republican/Conservative this country has to offer today. Sadly Americans arent worthy of carrying our For-Fathers latrines and slop jars, much less calling ourselves Americans. Most Americans could not even miss a meal in order to save this Nation, much less take up Arms to do so. That’s why these Traitorous bastards are so bold. We are all Traitors by default of concience!!!

  4. Milley’s actions in attempting to insert himself between the lawful Commander-in-Chief and the military officers under his authority are unconstitutional, and violate both the Constitution and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. One could make a very strong case for Treason; and, conspiring with Nancy Pelosi, for insurrection. He should be Court-Martialed. If found guilty, he should stripped of his rank, dishonorably discharged and spend the rest of his arrogant, self-serving life in prison. At the very least! Do we need to be reminded what the true penalty for Treason is, under the Constitution?

  5. These political Generals are pure establishment and they are a dime a dozen. Milley should be fired. I prefer that Milley be court-martialed.

    1. He just ADMITTED that he WAS GOING TO USURP the President, for God’s sake! If THAT isn’t grounds for being court martialed, WHAT IS?!

      1. True but you forget , we have a total leftwing President who will never do that . Neither will Pelosi and her congressional followers . If Milley gets hung out to dry it would only be that he stepped on leftist toes big time . Beyond that , as they say , Don’t Hold Your Breath .

        1. You are forgetting about a few million Veterans and Active duty personel that swore an oath to defend and protect against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Their will be a reconing for this kind of treason. A reckoning!

  6. In addition, every officer who swore allegiance to General Milley should face Court-Martial, and dishonorable discharge. Nothing less!

    Anyone remember Brigadier General Jack D Ripper in Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove? Everyone who hasn’t seen that film needs to see it; and anyone who hasn’t read Kafka’s The Trial, George Orwell’s 1984, Richard M Weaver’s Ideas Have Consequences, and Robert J Lifton’s The Nazi Doctors, Medical Killing and the Psychology of Genocide would, I think, benefit from reading those books as a starter for learning what the universities will not teach! Good introduction to where we are in this nation today.

  7. Thats straight up treason what he did no way around what he has done I know that any officers or enlisted men ever would of done that behind the president back they would be facing a military tribunal and when he did that he endanger the life’s of millions of Americans you don’t know what the Chinese would of done they could of attacked American with a nuke strike so think about that

    1. If we brought a few of the very worst of the scumbags to trial and executed those found guilty by guillotine, perhaps we would bring back some semblance of good, honest, government to this tired old nation?

      1. Nah to quick , and they say the victim only feels the merest of tickles on the back of the neck . The LTE comic Lenny Bruce had a monologue that would be appropriate . It involved the culprit strapped face down and naked to a table , a large funnel and a pot of molten lead . He called it the “Hot Lead Enema” ! Just the thing to cure Stinkin’ Thinkin’

      2. It’s coming! As one Founding member of this Great Republic once said, either we hang together or we will surely hang seperately. If the American people do not take this country back from these traitors. Nuclear war will seem like a day in the park, compared to what we will be living under. These traitors have intentionally bankrupted this country in less than 20 short years. They have sold our Military secrets to China and allowed them to become a menous not only to the United States, but to the entire world. Enough is enough. Best be prepared to not only fight the Chinese, but also the Chinese Allies in our on Government. China Joe and company for starters!!!

  8. This is above and beyond his pay grade. He should be fired for what he has done and should be where the Lt. Col. is now for the comments he made. His remarks were truthful and stated the facts. Milley actions are unacceptable and not becoming of a Officer of his grade.

    1. They aren’t “becoming” of an Ape! It’s flat out TREASON!, people! He just ADMITTED he was going to ACT AS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!!! Come ON! The beast is a TRAITOR!!!

  9. Milley is so confused as to what his job description is and very confused about the constitution yet he swore an oath for his job and literally just admitted he broke that oath. He has to go there is no way around it for any sane country to allow anything else is a grave mistake. If Milley were any kind of American he would agree and step down, but he won’t.

  10. Thats treason straight up treason he a coward and shouldn’t be waer that uniform he’s a disgrace to the men and women in uniform

    1. He’ll, he’s a disgrace to You and Me! He admitted HE was going to be the Commandee- in-Chief!
      If you don’t trust the President, then you should resign! What HE has admitted to is outright TREASON, Period!

      1. Lol. I’d settle for THAT. But the beast really SHOULD be executed. What he ADMITTED TO, is the absolute PUREST FORM OF TREASON!!!

  11. Let’s All GET THIS STRAIGHT, ok?
    The man just ADMITTED that if OUR President declared war on a KNOWN , Long time, Dangerous enemy, that HE would have VIOLATED HIS SWORN DUTY and taken it upon HIMSELF to be President!
    I’m Sorry, folks, but THAT is TREASON!!!
    He thinks he’s God…. it’s Time to send him to the REAL God!

  12. This man is an actual traitor to our country. He should be tried for treason and hung by the neck until dead. A little colonial justice seems in order for the likes of this man and the entire Communist Democrat administration. Hang Pelosi, Schummer, Obama, Schiff, Warren,Sanders, Waters, the Squad and their other co-conspiriters along with him. If we get rid of all the bad eggs we might be able to regain morality, loyalty and decency in America.

    1. Right there WITH you___ but Nooooo, we can’t do anything that might Offend someone! It’s the WHOLE F’ing LIBERAL thing! NObody can make ANY kind of a judgement on ANYthing!
      So there ARE no damned Rules! ANYBODY can do ANYTHING with NO consequences, NO accountability, NO nothin’!!!
      NO Rules, NO Laws, NO COUNTRY!!!
      That is RIGHT where we are headed at breakneck speed, America! WAKE THE F____ UP!!!!!!!!!!!
      EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!!!!!

  13. Es China un aliado de los Estados Unidos ?, por qué, este señor llamó a China, acaso se había dicho en algún momento una amenaza de guerra con China, si TRUMP quería hacer guerra tenía que ser China, por qué no llamó a Korea del Norte, o a Iran, por qué la preocupación con China.

      1. Ooooh, LAUGHED MY ASS OFF at You here, Wyatt! THANK YOU FOR THAT! Times like This, the More laughter the Better!
        NO disrespect to our Spanish friend, but put the way you DID, it’s Funnier than the thought of Nancy Piglosi shitting herself while speaking at a podium in front of the whole World.


  15. hanging…no resigning. He is a traitor and a very weak and terrible, paid off leader. He is a disgrace to the uniform and the US in general


    1. THAT all costs us money. This flat out TRAITOR deserves a special ceremony and NOOSE.
      So ya’ think you’re God of this country and can make the SUPREME DECISIONS, eh? Well guess what, fatass, ya’ CAN’T. And therefore, we can’t trust you being a part of our country. You blew it

  17. Milley is a treasonous little weasel, a world class asshole, and an expert at disloyalty. He fits in perfectly with the demoscums.

  18. Someone needs to bring Milley to be court marshall. It must happen soon in order from allowing him to resign being able to keep his retirment. This could prevent him from writing books and put a gag order in his lie’n mouth. Ive seen soldiers get brig time for many levels less that the fatal decisoins milley has and made, and which he probably is doing more under handed. Please go to military pay foe a 4 star general with 43 years of service. He makes me sick everytime i see his face

  19. As much as all this talk is nice, nothing is going to happen. Both parties really don’t give a rats about this county. Only their greed and power. Sucks, but there’s only a couple things that will save this nation and world and neither are the vast majority of politicians.

  20. General Milley needs relieved of duty and a court martial IAW the UCMJ. He is NOT above the law. He illegally consorted with a known enemy. Any lesser officer or soldier would already be in the Brig.

  21. Milley is definitely a stupid, egotistical traitor. His bumbling action reminds me of a movie many, many years ago in which the head of the joint chiefs thinks he is better than the president, (“Seven Days in May”) the main difference between the general in the movie and Milley is that the wacko in the movie was not a communist!!

  22. And people wonder why so many of us think our entire leadership in our nation must be replaced. The founding documents are good, but only if we have moral leadership.

  23. I don’t get it here’s a Lt Colonel gets jail time for telling people the truth and a four star asshole who committed a treasonous act gets nothing He should be hanged for Treason the SOB

  24. Lt. Cally, followed orders and was sent to prison Iran contas can’t remember his name but he took the fall , this asshole should be kicked out of the armed forces and go to trial for treason

  25. After listening to his testimony and understanding the process involved in such a call and approvals up to the President: there is no reason for General Milley to resign.

  26. The Man admitted that he would commit Treason even it he didn’t , he would still warn the Enemy before we attacked them . He is in OUR Military , if it were ANY other Soldier . They would be held for Treason .

  27. Think maybe Milley should have cleared that action with his boss, before hand? Anything less is insubordination at the very least. Since we are not at “declared war” with China, treason is off the table but the call indicates that treason would be committed by Milley in an actual conflict.

    1. Milley is indeed guilty of espionage: is obtaining classified information pertaining to national defense for use by a foreign nation.

  28. Milley said he was willing to tell the enemy of an attack. That would put our soldiers in a trap to be mutilated. How much more is needed for a charge of treason? Did the Chinese have a spy at the highest level in the military? Any military member that would admit they would tell the enemy of an impending attack would be up on charges would they not?

  29. I think it was treason! Nothing less – telling a foreign government confidential information about what our country will or will not do with regard to attacking that country – 100% Treason!

  30. I don’t suppose a “plan” to commit treason can be qualified as same but neither should it have no consequence! This man should be both ridiculed for his stance PUBLICLY and fired without pension!

  31. Even worse, Milly is giving away the Army football team’s playbook to their upcoming opponents. Benedict Arnold Award for Treason nominee.

  32. This TRAITOR should be placed before a military tribunal court and if found guilty of Treason, HANGED or FIRING SQUAD! He’s a joke of a military leader. Sheesh!

  33. We’re not going to attack China. This is liberal BS, and they’re just getting more U.S. military aged men in the mood to engage in conflicts, most likely with Iran. (Israel is naturally lurking in the background…) Somehow, that nation will suddenly be thrust into our media campaigns to demonize their leaders, and further antagonize our citizens against them.

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