Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Washington D.C, United States via Wikimedia Commons

Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives have voted to make visas available to people previously denied entry into the United States under the Trump travel ban orders. 

President Joe Biden went to work tearing down the Trump administration’s immigration policies beginning his first day in office. But until now, Biden had only signed one executive order ending immigration and travel restrictions from countries affected by Trump’s ban while only reviewing other “extreme vetting” practices. 

This week House Democrats voted to add an amendment to the 2022 Homeland Security funding bill that’d make diversity lottery visas available to those denied entry to the U.S. because of President Donald Trump’s orders.

Here’s everything you need to know about the travel ban, the Democrats’ latest attempt to dismantle the Trump agenda, and where things stand going forward:

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  1. Another mass murder on our soil is imminent with him in charge! Terrorists entering and are probably already here to make it happen.

  2. Biden is a vengeful scum bag traitor and we the people need to find strength and take our country back from that jerkoff.

  3. Maybe these ass wipe communist democrats should look at how cuba handles the illegals that cross their border!

  4. Biden and democrat Communists must be stopped now before its to late if it already isn’t. I do not understand how everyone can just stand around and do nothing , meanwhile Communist in the White House are destroying everything our military men and women fought and died for. And we are just watching are Freedom and Constitution/Bill of rights being thrown away like trash. All you Biden Democrats are going to regret what you are doing. God help us !!!!

  5. The American people want a secure border, no matter what party your with. Shut the dam border down, and throw hidenbiden, out of office for incompetence.

  6. It`s time to take out the communist party in Washington. Hang them for treason then kick all of you illegals out of the USA.

  7. for the same reason these animals wants to destroy America, that same reason we have to Destroy them, we must take charge and destroy the Biden administration and all cohorts. they are not above the law. BLM must relocate to Cuba or Venezuela, along with Bernie Sanders, AOC, and send back to Somalia that POS Omar. Everything Biden has done so far .in no way has done any good for the people, our Nation is suffering worldwide his stupidities, and the people are suffering paying higher prices all over. ::Solution:: must vote Republican 2022, and 2024, must vote out of office these all delinquents called socialist/democrats and now communist. The fear Cubans for they believe in freedom, same in Hong Kong, and each one waves our flag which we love. The NFL is now a non American game, these people whom thinking a new Anthem, they are out their mind, and if black people are into that, they must find another country, we have a flag, an Anthem and it will never change.

  8. Please, start the impeachment process to get all these treasonous so in name Democratic/Communist out of the highest offices in the United States of America’s government. Shut down all the over paid, shameless bureaucrats as we clear the White House of all domestic traders

  9. What will the Biden handlers in the White House say when a “mass casualty” event happens on US soil, and the perpetrators have been given Visas by Biden’s administration? “Oops…sorry all you families of the murdered innocents”. At least our former president cared about keep Americans safe, unlike this bunch who are in charge now.

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