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Law enforcement authorities have been forced to turn a blind eye to public sex work after district attorneys across New York City stop prosecuting prostitution cases.

1976’s “Walking While Trans” law was repealed in February 2021, effectively barring law enforcement officials from arresting individuals who were witnessed trying to solicit sex in public places.  

Supporters of the measure argued that the “outdated” statute unfairly targeted minorities. “The Senate today corrects an injustice in our penal code that has permitted law enforcement to arrest transgender women—namely those of color, along with immigrants and LGBTQ youth—simply for walking down the street and the clothes they wear,” said bill sponsor state Sen. Brad Hoyman (D-Manhattan).

As a result, city district attorneys began tossing prostitution cases instead of prosecuting them.  In March, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez asked a judge to dismiss 857 open cases that went as far back as 1970, Queens DA Melinda Katz followed suit with 670 cases. A Bronx judge dismissed an astounding 8,000 open cases at the request of DA Darcel Clark.   

Manhattan DA Cy Vance announced that his office would no longer prosecute prostitution and unlicensed massage cases in April, and threw out 5,000 open warrants.  

Sex trafficking experts warn that the prosecution shift is actually damaging to sex workers, as many of them are forced into prostitution by controlling pimps, and neither they nor the johns that are buying their services are being targeted by law enforcement.  

“The pimp doesn’t give a s–t if his victim is arrested or if she’s not. What the pimp cares about is the bottom line, the dollars,” said former NYC special victims prosecutor Lauren Hersh. “So if the police were arresting the johns and targeting the demand for commercial sex, then ultimately what it would do is cause a chilling effect.”

While prostitution numbers have plummeted, so have arrests of sex work patrons with only four reported in Brooklyn this year. Similarly only two sex work promoters were arrested this year.

“They should be looking at the demand side, because the sex-trafficking industry is a demand-driven industry,” said the director of the Sanctuary for Families legal center. “We’re happy that the NYPD is no longer arresting vulnerable women and girls and LGBTQ people, especially transgender women … but we want to see enforcement around demand.

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    1. God is taking notice. At some point the shit will hit the fan. NY will be destroyed. Better move away fast. It is coming.

        1. Senior trips to New York. And they will bring something home, if they make it, that a doctor can’t take off

    1. As New York goes so goes Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Reno and Las Vegas. The slime goes where the money is.

  1. Except for disease transmission (small matter) it is a victimless crime. It isn’t any different than a cheating spouse with a neighbor’s spouse. Those who find it wrong should not participate. The problem I see is a moral decline. NYC under Giuliani was a nice place to visit. The old Zigfield follies theater changed from a porn flick emporium to A Disney theater and The Lion King. Solicitation in Times Square was down to almost zero. It was becoming a Family Friendly city. Now it is among the most dangerous. Best Cops put back in cars losing that personal connection with law enforcement. Back to prostitution, maybe using the Olangapo method of licensing and requiring regular testing. Just for the record I am a Christian and a pragmatist.

    1. You missed a couple of things. Some of the newer sex related diseases are essentially incurable. Customers are at risk of being robbed, beaten or killed. Families with children are exposed to in your face perversion. The economy of a city that is permissive and progressive is going to be adversely impacted by secondary crime and an underground economy that pays no income taxes.

  2. Any more questions how much longer will we tolerate this.
    Ther is only one answer to dealing with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks. Talk an voting arent it.

    1. God is long-suffering but not forever. The US is the mystery Babylon written about in scripture the time of her destruction is near. A nation cannot sink as low as America has and not face the judgment of God. The Constitution is totally unfit for any but a moral people. This nation makes Sodom and Gahmorrah pale in comparison to America. Satan has the left in chains pray Jesus comes soon. Pray God will remove the scales from the eyes of Satan’s captives.

  3. America…here we are! Sodom & Gomorrah, phase “2”…REMEMBER HOW “PHASE ‘1”, WORKED OUT?…{ This will not be pretty}…

    The Biden Crime Cartel will get richer, & richer! These “Demoncrats, are the downfall of this Republic….Please God…Restore the Presidency of Donald J. Trump!

    1. Would not take my up vote no matter how many times I tried. But hit the negative vote 1 time and bingo. Something wrong with this picture.

  4. Now I know I’m never going to go see the Big Apple. The one reason I hate going to Las Vegas is the rampart prostitution. I guess that the city needs to make up for a shortfall in tax revenue and a quickly shrinking police force.

  5. Leave the crime ridden NY to gangs (so they can kill each other) prostitutes and nit wits. Let them kill each other and starve.

  6. What’s next? Will NY broadcast they will not prosecute bank robberies? Don’t they realize every time they make such claims, crime will rise over it?

  7. Does anyone remember Sodom and Gomorrah? I am an ex New Yorker, (20+) and all I can hope is New York City slides into the ocean!

  8. Wow, democrats finally fixed america in their image and level of ignorance. Now we have open borders with undocumented here on relief SSI an welfare and a zillion to follow them by walking, no sovereignty as a nation with open borders an act of treason now forced upon us, rigged elections with a refuse to give federal monies to prove their legal or hear court cases requested, a capital city that looks like a FOB in Iraq in 2005, DOJ and FBI covering up crimes of Biden family while ignoring 4 months of deadlyBLM riots, censorship of conservatives, everything is racism everyone not accepting that pure Marxist tactic is a racist, United Nations foreigners without the consent of our elected representatives invited in to investigate racism, countries with organ harvesting concentration camps for eliminating their minorities are going to investigate us for racism and we must accept what are enemies say and parcreoaratiins and our children must be punished, asking for ID to vote is voter suppression after the rigged elections of 2020? We now buy oil from our enemies while financing global climate change without the majority’s consent, we want give money to Iran to help build a bomb they will use on us. Yup we only get leftest brain washing news, press, magazines, entertainment, and radio now that is freedom. They sold out our country for Globalism and we must kiss their asses fir acts of Treason?

  9. And when STD’S start climbing. Then we have to listen to them whine nobody is doing enough for them. Prepare for your destruction N.Y.C.

    1. Now, THERE is the answer ! When people begin to accept the fact that actions have consequences, (by the principle of cause and effect,) then they are enabled (in intelligence) to abandon their strategy of trying to eliminate consequences ! It is simply “blind” to pretend that CAUSE AND EFFECT is not a natural and UNAVOIDABLE principle ! “There is none so BLIND as he who REFUSES TO SEE !” (For example, gonnorrhea/“the clap” was originally acquired by soldiers of the Roman Empire, introducing it to humanity, by having sex with sheep. Previously, humanity DID NOT HAVE THAT STD !) It is foolhardy to ignore the laws of nature ; as they are from a power above all of humanity !

  10. Well now you can get really SCREWED if your dumb enough to go to that Crime riddled Crap Hole New York

  11. The S.T.D’s. are gonna hit the roof. They will make COVED look like a mild case of flue. And who’s going to pay for it? We are.Since Biden the pretender took over the whole country has gone to hell in a hurry.

  12. Democrats call this “pay to play.” I believe Bill and Hillary made this famous by selling overnight stays in the White House.

  13. This will be an interesting experiment in econ 101; will the increased participation (presumably) drive down prices until there’s not enough profit to make it worth the health risks?

  14. I think that Prostitution should be legal, regulated and taxed. Why should the hookers and the pimps make money and not pay any taxes? After all Hollywood and Pro Sports are already just like hookers. They will do or say anything as long as they are paid and who ever pays the most gets the most. The only difference between Hollywood and Pro Sports is that in most states prostitution is illegal.


  16. More of Biden’s broken America. Libs are anti-Law & Order and anti-God. All they’ve done is make the “vulnerable” population much more vulnerable. NYC is now a magnet for sex deviants and preditors.

  17. “Sex Workers?” we used to call them hookers and pimps let’s not try to clean up a mess with a change of terms.

  18. When the current Mayor an Governor of New York loose their political post and they will,
    intellectually they should still qualify for field positions, too teach the remaining Big Foots
    how to use toilet paper maybe, outstanding democrats, they should excel in that endeavor.

  19. kamillia hairass can breath a sigh of relief, for she can go back to work in nude York shitty.

  20. Well it used to be one shot cured what they catch….NOW I understand it is not that easy any more, plus there were laws in effect/maybe still are…. that all cases had to be reported so they can try to get the sick one/and all they effected and cure them. Wonder if that is still in effect.? Bet not.

  21. And u wonder why the US will be turned in to total devistation, just like Sodom and Gomorrah, in the old testament, because were just as evil as they were,repent, because this isn’t going to turn out good. Civil war is here, and alive and well. Hidenbiden and his corrupt administration, has declared war on consevatives,christians,deplorables,law enforcement,Ice,border patrol,and all those trying to keep America safe. Be careful what u wish for, u are out=numbered, by millions, of patriots willing to defend their country against tyrrants in office.

  22. No, no, no, no, no. The condom doesn’t go there. Your mask goes there. The condom goes over your wee wee thingy. But feel free to put another mask over you condom. —bill diflabbio— Make fauci proud.

  23. So they arrest the Hooker and then arrest the John and the Pimp goes free. The Demand isn’t the problem, the problem is with the Pimp, the Sex Traffickers. They are the ones that are bringing young girls into the Sex business, they are the ones making the money and they are the ones paying off the local authorities. This is no different that arresting the Drug User and letting the Drug Dealer go free. What’s next will NYC start arresting the Victim and letting the Criminals go Free, Oh wait they are already do that, aren’t they, no bail required, just a slap on the wrist and released. Of course this is in line with the Biden Socialist Regime’s catch and release Border policies.

  24. nobody gets arrested for how they’re dressed. they get arrested for soliciting money for sex, which comes with the added bonus of infecting society with a long list of disease. But, I guess, as long as they wear a mask, we’re all good.

  25. All I know is I. Totally detest Biden….he is out of his range and should know that! How in hell can that girl take on such a big job when she had no common sense……..I will never know how is she going to talk to all the worlds highest people….does she understand what the different countries are all about and etc.
    Scares the hell out of me that we don’t have trump because. He had the whole world in his hands……
    All I can say again God bless America….God bless us!

  26. In 2006, a North Carolina woman, Jewel Shuping, deliberately poured drain cleaner into her eyes, rendering herself blind. Why? Because she believed she was a blind person trapped inside a sighted person’s body. In Otawa, Canada, a man who prefers the pseudonym “One Hand Jason”, deliberately severed his arm with a power saw because he believed he was a disabled man trapped inside an able body. These are not isolated cases. There are literally hundreds of other cases world-wide, where people have mutilated themselves to achieve a physical state that accords with their mental self-perception. Colloquially, people suffering from this condition refer to themselves as “transabled”. ( ). There is even a case where a person believes he is a dog trapped inside a man’s body, and spends large amounts of time living in a dog kennel in his back yard. In fact, so many people suffer from this psychiatric illness that it has been given its own classification in clinical diagnostic manuals, “Body Integrity Identity Disorder” (BIID).
    We rightly identify these people as having a mental illness. Yet in the case of someone who believes he/she is a woman trapped inside a man’s body, anyone who dares to call it a mental illness invites scorn and vilification upon themselves, involving disparaging terms such as “bigot” and “genderist”. Is transgenderism a mental illness? Are there any academically and professionally respected sources towards which we can turn, to help us reach an informed opinion?
    Yes. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSMMD) is the internationally recognized gold standard diagnostic tool for the identification and treatment of mental illness, published in conjunction with the American Psychiatric Society. It categorizes both Gender Dysphoria and Body Dysmorphic Disorder as treatable mental disorders. Gender Dysphoria refers to a state of distress resulting from dissonance between one’s perceived gender identity and one’s physiological gender. Body Dysmorphic Disorder is the obsessive idea that some aspect of one’s own appearance is severely flawed and warrants exceptional measures to hide or fix it. When applied to the transgender issue it refers to a deep disgust and revulsion towards one’s own genitalia and a desire to have the genitals and body shape of the opposite sex.
    In other words, the current official view of world-wide psychiatric professionals, expressed in the DSMMD, is that people who identify as transgender, believing that they are one gender trapped inside the opposite gender’s body, are sufferers of a mental illness.

  27. “Supporters of the measure argued that the “outdated” statute unfairly targeted minorities.”

    Would it be safe to say that the majority of those same sex workers were black? It’s getting very old, very fast.

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