Pope Francis has long been a controversial figure and used his political statements, encyclicals, and speeches to promote socialist and far-left ideals through the Catholic Church and Western Society as a whole.

Here are some of the most socialist and left-wing statements Pope Francis has made since his pontificate began: 


  1. I am not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings here, but The entire Catholic thing along with her sisters the Baptist and Protestant and all of the other false and pagan systems are just that – false and pagan to the core. The moment our savior Yahushua was taken up into the clouds as He returned to His Father Yahuwah, some really bad men crept in among the brothers, bring with them another gospel. Yahushua had told them that He came in His fathers name and they did not receive Him, but if another came in his own name, him they would receive.. Well that is exactly what happened. The whole world is chasing after a guy named Jesus and he is the counterfeit savior. The book of Acts tells us that there is only one name given among men that can save us, and I’m her to tell you that that name is Yahushua and Not Jesus. The scriptures tell us that the whole world would be deceived.

    1. So are you saying that Jesus is not who the disciples followed? Or who is spoken of in the Bible? Who is that person that fulfilled ALL the Old Testament prophecies?

      1. Yes, I am telling you, that man changed the name of our savior. The letter J has only existed for about 500 years. Yahushua walked the earth around 200 years ago. Yahushua is the real savior but most do not know it because the false churches keep teaching the lie. People have a huge problem admitting that they have been lied to their whole life.

        1. YOU HAVE been lied to YOUR whole life friend, not those of us who are the children of God! God and Jesus are the Trinity, as is the Holy Spirit that lives in side each one of us by God, the Fathers design so that if we seek, we will find the truth!

    2. And who was that person that died and arose on the 3rd day and that the Acts of th apostles wrote about? Paul, Peter, Silas, etc?

      1. Yahushua. Shua means salvation, so Yahushua means the salvation of Yahuwah.
        Yahuwah is the Fathers name. Man changed His name to the pagan titles of God and Lord. The pagan god Ba’al was called the Lord.

        1. So Jesus was a fake person? What I hear you saying is that the Bible and the apostles wrote about someone and whomever that person was is who the disciples wrote about and of whom the Christians call the Lord. You can call him whatever you want but if they wrote about that person then they are one in the same. Or are you saying that the apostles all wrote false stories about someone they were following and that person was not the messiah. If that is so than what historical data about your messiah do you read?

          1. Lots of people called Ba’al their Lord but that was a false God just like the calf, etc.

          2. It’s actually Yeshua which means salvation. Jesus is the transliteration from Hebrew and is the same person that died and rose again in 3 days His name means salvation either way you look at it

          3. Amen Cheryl someone who knows some facts and is not blowing smoke. YESHUA (JESUS) the only begotten son of GOD our savior.

          4. JESUS is the head of the church. No matter what denomination anyone is. Conflict between Christians is what satan likes. If anyone is a Christian then they need to act like one and try to get along with your fellow brothers and sisters.

          5. Mercy you are limiting yourself….More you limit Jesus! He is so much more than just one name!!…He is everything and many names…many, many names and yes Yeshua was one of them, but all of His names mean the same thing: our salvation because He died in our place for all sin, for all time, for all man kind!!! Do not limit yourself friend….there is so much more for you to see and learn apparently! Prayers that you find the truth!

          6. All of the Jehovah Titles (Yehovah Titles) clearly belong to Jesus. For instance, Yehovah Tzidkenu: This is translated “The LORD our righteousness.” He is our righteousness, imputed to us – not our merit, because we had none

          7. Yes, apparently RIck does not read Hebrew, but comes across like he does. (The only thing he got right was that the longer form of Yeshua is Yehoshuah, which is the name by which which Moses renames Oshea into (In English, we have Joshua.). Furthermore, the letter, “J,” was originally pronounced like a “y.” It was meant to be the consonantal version of the Greek Iota, which is a vowel. In Hebrew, the letter, Yod, which corresponds alphabetically with Iota (and both our letters I and J) is clearly a consonant. BTW, Rick sounds like a “Russelite,” does he not? (Charles Taze Russel, whose followers still knock on our doors with their false gospel.)

        2. Your semantics are a play on languages. Church language went from Hebrew to Greek to Latin. Latin language for your name is Jesu’ or Jesus’ Christi. The Hebrew would be Yeshua. The Greek would be Iisous Christos. This pagan garbage you’re preaching is drivel. You didn’t write nor did you interpret sacred scripture. The Catholic church did that through the centuries. The Bible was perfected by St Jerome in the Third Century. He was fluent in Hebrew, Greek and Latin. Bibles were written by Monks in monasteries, and chained in the churches, because they were hand written. The Word was preached mainly to the masses. It was the spoken Word.


      1. Louisa, you must be a liberal in that you want to block anyone that does not agree with you. The name Jesus is a man made name that is only about 500 years old. It came about through 4 translations. They took his name which was Yahushua, and they translated it into the Greek language. Then they took that Greek name and translated it into the Latin language. Then about 500 years ago, they took that Latin name and translated it into English which now had the letter J, and came up with Jesus. Jesus is not His name. I am sorry, but it is NOT. You should never change anyone’s name anyway, (especially the savior’s name) but if they would have taken His name which is Yahushua and translated it directly into the English language, His name would be Joshua. Another clue to this truth is that the ancient Chines people called Him Yahu. The way is compressed and there are few that find it. The evil one has made a counterfeit of everything Yahuwah, and I am pretty sure he is very happy that the world has swallowed his counterfeit instead of the truth. And, even if people hear the truth, they will not believe it. If the preachers would start teaching truth, they would be fired, so even though many preachers do know the truth, they will not teach it. You seem to know His name is Yahushua, so why do you continue in the lie?

        1. I forgot to add this scripture which says it all – (YirmeYahuw (Jeremiah) 16 :19) Yahuwah, my strength and my fortress, my refuge in the day of affliction, the nations will come to You from the ends of the earth and say, “Surely our fathers have acquired lies, worthlessness, and unprofitable things.” 

    4. Sorry Rick your premise is not accurate. The Book of Acts was written before the destruction of jerusalem in 70AD and it ends with Paul awaiting trial in Rome around 62AD. Now if you pick up the Book,”A Biblical Defense of Catholicism pages 20-23 covers when each book of the New Testament was accepted by the Catholic Church, and the Book of Acts was accepted between the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD to the Council of Carthage in 397AD. The group that determined which books was first called Catholic around the years 106-110AD. Same group. More proof would be listed in the Book,”Codex Sinaitucus” which describes the worlds earliest Bible! Rick the bottom line is what you wrote is only”YOUR opinion” and is not Historically nor Biblically factual, some one told you that and you believed them.

    5. Dr. Day agrees with you. What prompted me to leave the Catholic Church was that there are too many procedural rituals. Once you get a sense that much of those behaviors aren’t necessary, and just focus on the Christian aspects of the organization, you just donate to their charities and–as in my case–show up for funerals and weddings. I’m still a Catholic, but not devout.

      1. I agree with the rituals. The Bible says faith not of works lest any man should boast but Ricks statement has nothing to do with what you are saying. If you are an atheist then admit it. Don’t blame the church for your lack of faith. You will be the one that has to answer for your unbelief. Read Josh McDowells book ‘evidence that demands a verdict.

        1. I meant to say I agree with you about the rituals being fabricated. They have nothing to do with salvation. I guess my point is if I’m wrong then we both have lived our lives and when we’re dead there is nothing else but if I’m right then we’ve both lived our lives and I’m in heaven and your not.

      2. Sadly there are so many opinions and view points. God loves each and every one and wishes all receive Him however, stiff necked people we are, many will be their own God. I guess I say pray for all, look to Jesus-Yeshua, read the Bible and walk with Him throughout each day. We can’t put Him in a box, He is beyond all comprehension. Humans tend to screw stuff up.

        1. God is such an overused term. Jesus is the answer no matter who or what your God is. It could be a car for Pete’s sake!

      3. Sorry to hear David. Don’t know how you can say left the church but still a catholic. Even cafeteria catholics go to church. My journey different than yours. I participated in Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Non-Denominational and finally converted to Catholicism after two years of diligent study of the faith. The Catholic Church is a treasure trove of truth. You can immerse yourself in as much as you want. I believe in the body, blood, soul & divinity of Jesus consecrated in the Eucharist. Could never leave the grace and blessings received in communion. Three books I recommend – “Why Catholicism Matters” and “Surprised by Truth” Books 1 and 2. Multiple conversion stories from other faiths. Many miracles. Did you know that there are over 200 incorrupt bodies many going back centuries and they are all Catholic. Immerse yourself as much as you want, but we should all be striving to holiness. God Bless your faith journey!

        1. NO, the incorrupt are not all Catholic. Many are ORTHODOX. There may be Baptist, Church of Christ or Holy Roller incorrupt bodies. as well. We will never know because these sects don’t dig up their dead looking for propaganda photo ops. The process is the anaerobic microbial conversion of proteinaceous tissue to a waxlike substance called adipocere. The corpse still resembles the living body but has changed composition.

    6. Then tell us what part that Jesus played. Yes, Jesus Christ was God in the flesh but there is a trinity

    7. You are a total blasphemer and you ought to read the Bible …I will pray for you as you need it more than anyone with such statements. God forgive you, but ‘this guy named Jesus’ as you put it was God’s son on earth who came JUST so that you may be saved of your sins– as all of us can be if we believe in Him and HIM ONLY as our Savior! Asking forgiveness and live the truth of Him crucified for all people and we only have to trust and believe! How can you be so blind when there is so much truth and proof of Jesus Christ as our Savior? By the way, Jesus has many names of which one is Yahushua….many, many names but He IS the Truth, the Way and the Light, Period! Visit your Messianic bothers for the truth if you cannot see it in others!

    1. There are better translations then King James my friend. The KJV contains translation errors because there’s no way to translate the original transcript into that tine’s English language.

    2. My standard Bible is also the King James Version. However, I would not call it the only “true Bible.” It is a “good” translation, but there are no perfect translations. That is why a study of the original languages really helps on some difficult passages. (In the J.N. Darby translation, there are notes that express how difficult (and sometimes uncertain) it is to translate certain parts of the text. When we see such a passage, we go to the original language, along with multiple translations. Even then, sometimes we still cannot “get it.” The Lord will reveal it in His own good time – whether here on earth or in heaven.

  2. More liberal hypocrisy. You’ll hear them mandating the “Separation of Church and State”, while they coach and coax religious leaders to go along with their sociopolitical agendas: Abortions, Homosexuality, Gambling, Wars and Globalism. There is a blurb in the Bible about these people, and it appears in Revelations. All they need is horns and brimstone.

  3. Him & Joe should get together & exchange stories about kids – priests and the like – they can teach each other stratagies – also Impeach the Pedophile Fool NOW

  4. I am a Catholic and never liked this pope. His views scare me, are against Catholic teaching and will hurt the faith. He accepts too many left wing beliefs.

  5. what can u expect. When he was selected the
    argentinian press was outraged that a commy had been elected pope. Doesn’t anybody read foreign press???

  6. Don’t Cardinals and Bishops have a say who will be the pope? If so then it would seem that they agree with Pope Francis.  

  7. I’m a catholic and don’t like his teachings so I ignore them. I’ll just stick with God on this one

  8. Francis is a communist, no doubt. My theory is that Pope Benedict was forced to “resign due to health reasons” and Francis was ushered in to power in the Vatican in time for a Hillery Clinton presidency. It would have been likely Bill Clinton may have been elected as the leader of the UN at the same time. that would have given the global NWO socialists the keys to the world. Unfortunately for them, Trump got in the way.

  9. Pope Francis, has dismantled the church, with lefties views of things. He is set out to destroy what Jesus built.

  10. The Wikileaks emails specifically state the last pope was ousted by Obama, Clinton and Soros to install this Satanic. More truth to be eliminated by the moderators of this site.

  11. I haven’t liked this Pope since he was voted in. I can’t believe that somebody from a communist country would be pulling for communist practices. I just detest him more and more.

  12. Let me reiterate this for those who are absolutely scandalized by Francis. He’s an Antipope and should be expelled out of the Vatican with no apologies. Give him a backpack and send him on his way. I’m a strict Traditional Catholic and know my church history very well. This man is worse than any of the Popes who were thrown out of the papacy in any century. Pope St. Pius X wrote the ” Pascendi Gregis” against Modernists. It fits Francis to a “T”.

  13. Today’s bibles are being printed in China and text is being altered to confirm to CCP standards. Buyers beware!

  14. So this pope is sitting down with John ( I’m a lier Kerry). That says it all. When I see a photo like this and listen to what both of these two are saying this is why I no longer attend Mass. I now find myself going to a non denominational church.

  15. Every word from that man’s mouth is a LEFTIST LIE. It also proves that Catholics are a Cult or something else but they are NOT CHRISTIANS. They believe things that are not at all Biblical. Examples are Purgatory, confession, Priests not Marrying. When one dies they go to one of two places He’ll if they have not accept CHRIST and his actions on and after the Cross. Those who have accepted CHRIST go to Heaven. Purgatory does not EXIST. Confession only CHRIST can forgive sin Man can not. Priests not marrying. Well the BIBLE says that a man must be the Husband of one wife and if a Preist does not marry how can they be husbands of even one wife?? Then there is this man’s statements about Homosexuality and Transgender IGNORANCE. GOD is Perfect so he DOES NOT make people something HE HATES. GOD calls HOMOSEXUALITY an ABOMINATION. GOD being PERFECT means he can’t make a MISTAKE like putting a person in the wrong body. So this man should be IGNORED completely when it comes to GOD or CHRIST.

  16. You must be anti Christ being as the Pope follows Jesus’ teachings. Each of your examples you cited, are a follow up the Lord’s actions.

  17. The man has been a leftists even left of Stalin and why is he still there behind his huge walls that he calms are wrong to protect THE USA from the illegals hoards.

  18. Talk about idolatry, the Vicar of God is praying to Mother Earth. Only about fifteen previous Pontiffs wrote encyclicals discussing the incompatibility of Christianity and Communism. This Pope believes in Communism and don’t seem to give a crap about God. He is totally responsible for me becoming a non-practicing Catholic.

  19. Nothing new about this. The Revelation of Jesus Christ, given to St. John 1900 years ago speaks of this. The (first) beast that arises from the sea is the secular government which oppress the people. The (second) beast that rises from the earth is the false church which convinces people to follow the first beast. They are all against Christ and His True Church – hence is known as the anti-Christ. and you know (or should) who oversees all anti-Christian activities, that ancient serpent called the devil and Satan.

    As far as Jesus’ name, in the Old Testament He is called YHWH. Can’t type the Hebrew characters here, but the this Covenant name of God is used 6280 times – never as “the LORD.”
    Adonai, the Lord, was substituted beginning about 200 years before Christ, to avoid breaking the Second Commandment by a people who were losing their connection to God, who told them to call on His Name. YHWH combined with shua, the root word for salvation, equals YHShua or YHWH is Salvation. This Name is known as the tetragramaton, or four-letter Name. YHWH had promised for thousands of years that HE would come to save His Creation by His people. Jesus and Joshua are simple English transliterations of this Divine Name – and the NAME you should not use in vain! Jesus’ Name and YHWH’s promise fulfilled have been translated into hundreds of other languages, starting in Y, J, I, or other characters in those languages – for in the New Earth there will be humans of all kinds, because there is only ONE human race!

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