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One of President Joe Biden’s first acts in office was to begin reversing President Trump’s effective border and immigration policies, from stopping construction on border barriers to walking away from agreements with Mexico and others to keep migrants seeking asylum in their countries, to promises of blanket amnesty for nearly 15 million illegal migrants in the U.S. already. The massive surge in illegal migrants and the humanitarian and security crisis that immediately ensued is the result.

Since then, Biden initially denied journalists access to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) facilities on the border and has also denied that there is a crisis at the border. Later he blamed former President Trump for the crisis. This, even as the crisis deepens and has been amply documented, and even admitted by some of his own team. Unaccompanied children have been kept in cages or flown across the country to facilities in other states.

All the while, Biden has refused to visit the border. And in March he passed the buck to his VP Kamala Harris, anointing her his ‘immigration czar.’ Problem is that in the next two months, Harris hasn’t visited the border either, and has no apparent plans to do so any time soon.

Meanwhile, the situation has only gotten worse. I recently wrote about how young male illegal migrants coming through Arizona are using military gear and tactics to infiltrate the country. Most recently, reported Fox News, one of their drones spotted a migrant group of about 40 overwhelming Border Patrol agents in Texas on Sunday, running across the southern border into the U.S. as they were chased by border agents on foot in La Joya, Texas. Most in this group were young single males.

Fox noted that:

About 15 to 20 of the migrants were taken into custody as the other half assumedly managed to flee. Two migrants on the run appeared to be handcuffed together, giving off the impression of being in custody prior to the chase.

Separately, video from the ground shows another group of migrants — about 53 people from Romania, Venezuela, Guatemala and Honduras who surrendered to Border Patrol agents.

As noted by the New York Post, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott warned during an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures” that the surge of migrants coming across the southern border is causing a “dramatic increase” in the amount of drugs being brought into the US.

“The Texas Department of Public Safety patrols the border every single day. And they have seen an 800 percent increase in the amount of fentanyl coming across the border. They seized this year enough fentanyl to kill every man, woman, and child in the entire state of New York,” Abbott said Sunday.

Still, Vice President Harris has made no arrangements to go to the border, talk to local officials, and see it for herself in person.

When asked by reporters when Harris would finally visit the border, Fox reported, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Monday said: “I expect she will make a trip to the Northern Triangle [Central America] at some point soon. So that would be where she would travel given her purview.”

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  1. What a worthless, woman,she is an embarrassment, just like hidenbiden, neither are fit for president or vp,there incompetence is shocking and overwhelming. They both need to be thrown out of office,for stupidity.

    1. Open borders is CATHOLIC. biden is CATHOLIC. Pelosi is CATHOLIC. Kerry is CATHOLIC. The SCOTUS is CATHOLIC. Yep, somewhere there has to be a connection.

      1. Hey bigot! Why don’t you spew your bovine excrement on some liberal rag! You are making a total ass of yourself here!

      2. No I haven’t…you are behaving like fake-news, which supresses the first amendment, American Action (fake)News❓There definitely a strong Catholic-connection among libturds & the demon©rat Party. Just 👀at what their “bloody” Pope, is doing‼️

      3. I sincerely don’t believe the Catholic Church has anything to do with the border crisis. The truth is, we have an administration which is 100% incapable of successfully running a country; and we now see the results of their ineptness and unless the present administration is replaced quickly, America will not be America anymore as we know it or knew it.

        1. Why do you think there is so much poverty in the illegal alien producing areas of Central and S. America?.. They are all Catholic and the priest rants from the pulpit–birth control is a mortal sin etc.. The politics in those areas is Communism or Socialism.. This is what is flooding the USA.. What happens when Biden gives them overnight citizenship and the right to vote.. They already get all of the rights and more benefits than Americans. They soon will outnumber us or outbreed us..

    2. If borders are open, why can’t we go back and forth into Canada? Oh…because we are trying to do it legally.

  2. Very likely that Harris will go down in History as the most worthless and ineffective VP of all time. Willie Brown was the only one to put her to good use.

  3. Open borders is CATHOLIC. biden is CATHOLIC. Pelosi is CATHOLIC. Kerry is CATHOLIC. The SCOTUS is CATHOLIC. Yep, somewhere there has to be a connection.

    1. No idiot, their religion has nothing to do with anything they do, however your asinine obsession with Catholicism is scary! I think you need to get back on your meds or check back into that mental hospital you obviously escaped from!

      1. A priest probably tossed his salad. Alfie was probably an alter boy and spent a lot of time on his knees

      2. I believe Alfie is repeating what the Klan taught him. Like the socialist Democrats and the Muslim fanatics, he’s a follower of Satan.

  4. I don’t know how she could possibly ruin the US worse that the dems are doing with a pres. on limited brain power. This could well ruin the US.

  5. Come on. Biden-s stolen presidency has already been ruined by Biden himself with no help from Harris. As a person and through his policies, he has already achieved the dubious distinction of being the worst “president” in our nation’s history in less than 100 days. Even with a potpourri of meds, he is a bungling, stumbling, mumbling idiot.

    1. Have to remember HE IS NOT CALLING THE SHOTS! He has many in the back ground telling him what not and what to say! Remember all his notes, and his ear buds? Good guess bo is using his 3rd term! Can’t leyt the worls know they gave money to this croc of S!

  6. As useless as Cackles Harris she doesn’t even come close to how useless Senile Joe is.

    It is hard to fathom that these two are at the top of our government. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after Obama & Hillary were at the top.

    I’ve got to say that the Democrat Political Party looks like an “INSANE ASYLUM”.

  7. Two more worthless people you couldn’t find. And the democRATs want us to believe sane people voted for these useless people?

  8. Ruining “something” is pretty hard to do…when, all ya have are a “series of missteps” & disasters.These two libturd-clowns are ‘the gift’ that keep’s on giving to demon©rats. Bless them…❓

    1. I wouldn’t bless them, but in the name of Christ I’d pray for wisdom for them and for their salvation through Jesus Christ.

  9. Hunter Biden, Jill Biden and affirmative action Harris has already destroyed bidens fake presidential cluster f ___.

  10. They are so understaffed as the government always does things that they can’t do there job’s effectively . No money fore that but always money to buy friends.

  11. Joe will ruin his own presidency. He doesn’t need any help. But, Commala will throw him under the bus the first chance she gets!

  12. Kamala cannot do any more damage then Biden has already done. Both she and Biden are worthless!!!

  13. The only thing this Tart is good for is being on her knees and it ain’t for submission either….. So in another words, she is a worthless Tart….

  14. America has no real leadership in the current White House. The Biden Administration covers its failures with lies, false claims and blocks media and political investigations on the border crisis. China and Russia have zero respect for Biden. They see his weaknesses. Our country faces a real disintegration as a country if the present administration is not quickly replaced by a republican administration. We are being overrun by illegal immigrants and crime, even letting dangerous criminals out of prisons to repeat heinous crimes that initially put them in prison in the first place, even murder. When will democrat voters, supporters and the mainstream media wake up and reverse their insane behavior and help save this nation? As former President Ronald Reagan once stated, “If we lose this nation, where will we go?”

  15. Dig anyone seriously entertain the notion that ‘Giggles’ the non-electable ditz would do anything of consequence in office? Gimme a break…

  16. Why should they visit the border? They are doing exactly what they want to do. Change the US to a 3rd world country and make all of us totally dependent on globalism is their goal. Totally not supporting our Constitution as they swore to do. However, swearing on the Bible to protect this country and the citizens and our Constitution means nothing to people who do not believe in our Christian God and this country who was formed UNDER GOD>

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