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The New York attorney general’s investigation into claims Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually assaulted and harassed numerous women has entered a new phase, with prosecutors now issuing subpoenas for documents and interviews.

Attorney General Letitia James’ office had previously only held informal interviews with accusers and Cuomo’s staff to determine whether he violated state laws and government employment rules on sexual harassment.

But investigators, led by former federal prosecutor Joon Kim and prominent New York attorney Anne Clark, are now asking Cuomo staff and government employees to turn over emails and documents that may show Cuomo destroyed evidence or sought to intimidate witnesses.

“Ms. Clark has been delving into the specifics of the sexual harassment accusations. She has collected vast documentation of the claims, including text messages, emails, and photographs that Mr. Cuomo’s accusers say support their allegations, according to two people who were present at interviews with the women and spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive matter,” The New York Times reports.

James is expected to complete her investigation by the end of summer, which is also looking into whether Cuomo followed state procedures on reporting sexual harassment.

With many New York state legislators looking to impeach Cuomo, James’ findings could lead to Cuomo’s legislative removal from office.

If Cuomo destroyed evidence or tampered with witnesses, he could face criminal charges.

Cuomo may already be under criminal investigation by at least one other New York law enforcement agency.  In March one of Cuomo’s accusers reported her alleged assault to Albany police, with the department issuing a statement that they are looking into the claims and his actions “to the level of a crime.”

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  1. C’mon man! Sexual assault? Sexual harassment? He’s a powerful democrat and probably has people’s compromising photos stashed away for such occasions. He’s no fool. The Barr/ Durham investigation was for treasonous issues that have gone “Poof”. So will any Cuomo investigation. “Poof”. Nothing to see here folks. Just move on.

    1. It really depends on if the Dems like him anymore and if any of the people that are investigating him had parents or grandparent that died in a rest home.

      1. The biggest scandal is the nursing home scandal. Any MSM will try to deflect from this because he is accountable for thousands of deaths, and trying to profit from it on a book deal which has floundered. His publisher has lost millions, to Cuomo himself. By his actions, he should be sued over and over and over without the State having to pick up the tab. The Nazi’s put people in gas chambers for their death; how is this any different? Crime against humanity is my vote; thus firing squad or hanging.

      2. I just posted the truth and hurt some globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep, moderator little feelings and my fact is waiting for approval . . . . .

    2. What about all the people he has been involved with. He had a hospital ship that set in New York harbor he didn’t even use. But he pull people out hospital into nursing homes. Then lied about the numbers. He should be tried for crimes against humanity and all propagandists News Network. The mayor needs to be look at too. Where has all the money 💰 gone. Communist Democrats pockets and all the state agencies.

    3. It’s most likely that the bulk of our leadership will be concealing skeletons that render them vulnerable to extortion, and the media is primed and ready to maximize the impact of those skeletons. It should actually be a crime to reveal derogatory information concerning our politicians after they are elected, if those stories are about events that occurred prior to their election.

      That would define extortion.

  2. How long before brother Fredo distances himself to become Sgt. Schultz: “I know NOTHING. . . “

    1. He wants to appear like globalist puppet chester the molester cliton and chester the molester biden but he probably enjoyed receiving many probes .

  3. It’s way PAST TIME, to finish the cuomo’s!!! We all know what he’s done, and his bro chris, well, at the very least, journalistic malpractice, & outright LIES!!! BOTH OF THEM DESERVE PRISON!!!

  4. What the h_ll? THIS the problem they’re spending our tax dollars on? THIS is more concerning than the thousands of our elders that he sentenced to death? Someone needs to get their PRIORITIES straight!!!

  5. He was at the View with dysfunctional Béhar and Whoopi discussing dates and girlfriends, disgraceful!

  6. Question? Can a Democrat led criminal investigation charge, try, and convict a Democrat governor? We’ll see. Meanwhile, the Democrat politicians seem to be doing little towards impeachment of this horrid, loathsome criminal. Do the Democrats have no moral standards at all??

  7. wait what happened to the murder of the old people that occured because cuomo put sick people in Retirement homes and hospitals that were for the old people. Remember the old people are more sucespital to any illness. Didn’t Trump send navy ships to NY to help cuomo for this? Hang cuomo and his useless waste of air brother

  8. Convict the father mucker and throw him into the Black Hole of Calcutta with the catamites, fer cryin’ out loud! He claims to be Italian. Did he not read Dante’s Inferno to see what happens to panderers and seducers in the Third Circle of Hell?

  9. He should be charged with either “mass murder or mass manslaughter killings, for killing thousands of elderly corona virus nursing home patients and then also all of these sexual harassment charges”!!! The Justice Department will bury these criminal charges deep and never let Governor Cuomo see his ass in jai!!! Republican Party leadership, remind all of we, the American voters and American weomon of this repeatedly in the 2022 election and totally destroy their national Democrat Party completely!!!!

  10. I’m supposed to believe anything will be done? This country sure takes it’s sweet ass time when it comes to Democratic Liberals breaking Our NATIONS LAWS!!!

  11. Weren’t the libs supposed to “believe all women”?

    The Attorney General in NY seems to be able to complete an investigation much quicker than John Durham, I guess when liberals want to get another liberal they get much more cooperation, meanwhile is John Durham done yet???

  12. cuff him to a bed in thhe COVID hospital ward and leave him there for a month like he did to the elderly.

    1. Don’t tell the truth here and hurt the globalist puppet, moderator little feelings and he will go home and cry to his husband .

  13. Cuomo should be treated as any other criminal. It is time that democrats be held responsible for their crimes as anyone else would be and the law should stop favoring democrats.

  14. globalist puppet, fbi CRIMINAL organisation will find globalist puppet cuomo innocent before they start their “investigation” and guilty after they destroy all their evidence, like they did the globalist puppet, hiLIAR “investigation”.

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