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A verdict has finally been reached in the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd in May of 2020.

Chauvin was originally charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and manslaughter.

The jury has found Chauvin guilty of second-degree murder, guilty of second-degree murder, and guilty of manslaughter

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    1. To Serve and Protect to Serve and Protect to Serve and Protect I do believe that’s enough with your job title

  1. Anyone with half a brain knew this cop was going to be thrown under the bus……….justice my ass……….

      1. Yes, the verdict was wrong, it should have been not guilty on all charges, but I’m sure the judge and jury are just like the supreme Court and didn’t was to hear all the crying from BLM’s so called people Piss and moan!!!!

      1. They will recruit illegal aliens and gang members, white men need not apply. Then we will see real police corruption, murders and the news of course won’t mention it.

        1. You are absolutely right, and white Americans had better be prepared to protect themselves by whatever means are necessary. Protecting our nation and white America in general had better become the main focus of “We the People.”

          1. Spoken like a true white supremacist David. It seems to be all about “white” America for you…have you noticed the millions of “other” Americans of various backgrounds and skin colors living among us? Lately, I am more worried about some young white Repugnant guy shooting me in the street. Your so-called “White America” never existed and it never will, nor should it. Try to keep your AR-15s locked up good so some crazy white kid doesn’t get hold on them and use them against you!

          2. It is clear that White people are under attack and White people must form protective pro active groups to count black people.
            The KKK has already been used and abandon.
            Time to form the LLL and start burning down black hoods and shooting them in numbers far surpassing anything in Chicago.
            Without police protection, we must form vigilantes and hunt down these blm people.

          3. Equal rights for whites. Why should blacks always get to call the shots? Is it because that their stupid ancestors were sold into slavery by their own people? If those idiots can show me one living person that went through slavery I’ll kiss his ass

    1. That was Justice finding him guilty I just feel bad for the children they just got caught up in the crossfire,for they will grow up without a father, and on the flip side of that coin we have an officer mr. get your knee off my neck probably has children they don’t have to grow up without him sounds like justice to me

      1. I think I must be the only one who saw the police camera video of the entire event before it was taken down. It must have been about 10 minutes. Floyd was yelling that he was dying the entire time. The police were doing what he asked them to. He said “put me on the ground”, which they did. He was dead before the cop knelt down, I think. Anyone who saw that Film could not have blamed the cop.

      2. If George Floyd had been left in the car, he would have died from the amount of drugs he had in his system. Too bad Chauvin made the mistake of letting him out if the car.

    2. That’s a bit more serious than it sounds. These police deal with minorities who know when they’re harmed (And they know how to GET harmed..) they’ll have the media, courts/lawyers and their coterie of professional rabble-rousers getting lots of face time on television and the internet kicking and screaming for “Justice” (Money…that’s the lawyer angle) for their martyred, oppressed race of innocent victims (You know, those martyred, oppressed, innocent victims who have a rap sheet longer than the Nile River?) who were just minding their own business, and were MURDERED by the police. It remains to be seen how law enforcement agencies will react, but if I were them, my department would cease responding to calls involving those minorities, because their officers will more than likely be charged with some criminal act in the wake of their detainment, questioning and arresting activities. It would be a more satisfactory response if ALL police would resign, and no law enforcement agencies would be involved in our neighborhoods. (Actually, Detroit had a similar situation subsequent to their economic collapse. The crime rates rose precipitously, and police didn’t respond to any crime scenes) Let’s see who gets ‘taken out’ while the cat’s away……

    3. It’s damn joke and It’s a shame that today there has be a sacrifice to the blacks whether or not there is any guilt . I hope the judge sentences him to time served .

      1. In a fashion. You’ll be accorded ‘freedom’ if you don’t rock the Socialist boat, and comply with the growing number of speech restrictions, the surrendering of your weapons, while you are expected to condone liberal agendas such as Climate Accords, Free Trade Agreements, Affirmative Action, Open Borders and Anti-Hate Laws. Otherwise, you’ll be designated as an “Extremist”, “Xenophobe”, etc. and your presence on any media platform will be revoked. As this process continues, more stringent measures will be applied toward your obstinance.

  2. wow this is such a mockery if i ever saw one. if the role was reversed it would of not been in the news at all.. and what happened to the little boy that was shot in his own yard. by a black guy .. nothing came of that.. but you have a drug addicted addict . and everyone praises him. and yet the family asked not to make this a mockery but yall did.. thats sad..

  3. Pelosi made sure his family got a folded American flag to remember their waste of carbon atoms of a family member……

  4. All police officers in Minneapolis need to walk off their jobs after this case to send a message. A drug addict criminal prevail

    1. I would agree with Bobby. Officers should leave, nothing is worth the cost you will have to pay should you find yourself in a similar situation. Take your families and run. The politicians there seem to think they can handle the problems LET THEM and do NOT call our national guards in to try and protect the mess you’ve created. You will only tie their hands behind their backs as well and put them in harms way. You will reap what you will sow.

    2. Forget that, I think they should go full on martial law and get JUSTICE FOR CHAUVIN!!! Wood shampoos all around to the low life burr headed welfare recipients!!

      1. To Robert Smith: unfortunately joey boy Biden has to be the one to call for martial law and I can assure you he’s not about to do that. He will be quite pleased with this verdict only thing that would have pleased him more would be the same as Maxine Waters desire – she wanted 1st degree murder.

  5. OMG…manslaughter maybe but not murder. I’m glad I’m retired. Bus runneth over is right.

  6. prosecutor guilty of anti-American charging ,failure to follow law&constitution,assisting in armed takeover of a american city with anti-American communist groups..

  7. Not surprised… they either had to find him guilty or put up with riots where they would not protect citizens…. Sadly, Officer Chauvin ended up taking the fall…. I pray for his family and his safety….

    1. I suspect they will riot anyway. Nothing is going to satisfy this group of hateful people and it gives them all the excuse they need to destroy and loot.

      1. Now this verdict will empower these lowlifes, and they will demand whatever the hell they want under the guise of victimhood and justice, when it is really just mob rule and bullying!! Lock them up! Escort Chauvin through a back door and send him to the country of his choice with a new identity. Derek Chauvin is a hero, dealing with filth everyday of his career.. Unfortunately he came in the path of a piece of GARBAGE like Floyd that was too high, and too stupid to follow SIMPLE DIRECTIONS!

  8. But Maxine Waters did them all the favors, as the judge said, this verdict will be tossed out on appeal and a new trial set, thanks to running of the mouth of elected officials, especially Ms. Waters. So the defense will put off sentencing as much as they can, while they work an appeal up. Possibly having an appeal in before sentencing.

    1. Then charge Water with incitement, and have the old lady expelled from Congress, Will never happen, but they should at least strip her committee duties and just let her sit in a seat somewhere and listen. But she should be towed, they tried to impeach with less, and harass other republican representatives for less and strip them of their committees

  9. Every cop should quit. They have no powers or backup from DOJ. Go back to good old western law. When here is a shooting who will the crowds call for then? Oh, BLM or Antics.

  10. This is a PURELY political decision – having NOTHING to do with justice. The defense should appeal, since it will almost certainly be overturned. The overwhelming medical evidence was challenged and muddied by the prosecutor, who was hard-over biased from the beginning. For those who don’t know, the job of the prosecutor is to assure that justice, according to the trial’s evidence, is done. It is NOT his job to gain a conviction, above everything else.

  11. Floyd was a drug addicted criminal and he died from something else besides that cops are not the bad people

  12. George Floyd is a criminal, a drug acid, he caused his own death, if he was not committing a crime, this would not have happened. The justice systems is totally run by the Democratic party. Look at Lt. Cl. John Flynn and now the cop in Minn. Honorable police officer Kim Potter. she will not receive a fair trial either. That shooting is totally Daunte Wright fault and the Wright’s family fault. He is out at 1am in the morning with a gun!!!

    1. You’ve accurately described how our ‘Criminal Justice System” keeps itself in business. They let these hardened criminals loose in society, then rearrest, prosecute and jail them time and time again. The lucrative market for criminal trial lawyers has never been so prolific. Indeed, we’re even IMPORTING criminals in order to bolster crime rates. (They’re also voting for Democrats, who are by and large attorneys.) Perhaps when a ‘rogue’ officer kills one of their miscreant Golden Geese, they have to make an example of their ‘mistake’.

  13. Now we can get a retrial and a not guilty verdict thanks to corrupt demorat Watters and demented biden. That druggie would have been dead in a day or two. Another proof that cops are discriminated against by the commie radicals.

    1. They will try and make us forget!!! After all the lies they tell, the deception, the double standards these communist leaders we have, need to go before a FIRING SQUAD.

  14. All the cops are going to quit. Then we can send unarmed negotiators to crime scenes. This should be interesting. As for me, I’m gonna lock and load. Crooks will be shot as soon as they break in. I will also carry when I’m out.

    1. Right on! White Americans need to prepare to protect themselves, and to re-establish our place as the ethnicity that made this the great nation that it is.

    2. If you shoot those crooks–particularly minorities or illegal aliens–you’ll be ‘negotiating’ with their lawyers.

  15. As long as these thugs are not going to be accountable for their own behavior and we allow them to be non compliant to the commands of our officers this problem cannot be fixed. Floyd brought all this upon himself. When it takes 3 o4 officers to subdue someone so that the officers themselves do not get injured what else are they suppose to do. If you want lawlessness in this country then you can expect you will be on your own when the thug robs you blind or threatens your household. Good luck with that! How many officers will leave the force now? If you have any interest at all in what our police officers go through everyday, just go on YouTube and watch some of the videos posted there in police car chases alone. Thugs have no regard to the welfare of anyone but themselves. Family for the drug addicted Floyd well compensated with the , what, 27 million.

  16. I’m glad to be reading some these comments….I thought I was the only one who felt like Chauvin got railroaded…you couldn’t pay me enough to be a cop during this time…afraid to make a move…they can’t afford to hesitate or they’re dead. People think this is over cause the mob got the verdict they wanted…no…they will be emboldened even more…if it worked once…it’ll work again…so get ready…you reap what you sow….

    1. I agree with LaJo. I too thought I was the only one thinking as I do .
      Refreshing to know others in this nation have some common sense. The mob did get what they wanted and until they understand it’s the non compliance from these people that is the root to the problem it will continue to place all officers at risk and “it will work again”.

  17. Let’s face reality. George Floyd living a criminal, drug addicted, non productive life is not the way to a happy long life.

    1. Unfortunately he “GF” took a person with him. Chauvin’s life is over if he is to be behind bars for 20+..

  18. It’s a sad day for law and order. Guy broke the law. Nobody gets a pass. Can you here me bathhouse Berry

  19. No justice for The people of The United States OF America, They are swiping us into submissions. just like they did to the jury.

  20. And that’s the reason that maxine waters intimidated and bullied the jury

    Maxine waters just basically threatened every jurist that if that didn’t give an guilty verdict

    then their lives will drastically change forever, and jurors don’t like those kinds of threats

    and maxine waters has committed multi threatening crimes, threatening innocent jurors lives

    and they had absolutely no choice to grant their unlawful verdict against Derrick Chauvin

    Not good, not good at all

  21. Well imagine that, they caved. I saw the video and Derek was leaning on his shoulder and George was alive when he was taken into the ambulance. I hope his attorney appeals the verdict.

    MY GOD, WE ARE GETTING CLOSE TO CIVIL WAR, FOR REAL. THIS IS NOT AMERICA, I’m pretty sure this is like china, russia, we know biden’s LOVE AFFAIR with those countries, and ukraine, so I assume we are living under communist administration.

  23. This is so wrong. I can’t believe they got him on 3 items. How many people have been on the streets burning down stores, homes and they got nothing. This is so wrong. They murdered many people — cause of Antifa, and Black Lives Matter. They have never repaid all those stores and homes that got destroyed. Seems there are two groups.

    1. I agree she should be booted out of Congress charged for inciting violence and making threats.

  24. 2nd and 3rd degree murder is a stretch manslaughter ok. I’m in Minnesota and this jury verdict was to pacify idiots like the certain”groups” from burning down the Twin Cities and possibly the state. I’m in northern Minnesota 200 miles away business owners were also scared shitless. I feel bad for a lot of great cops. Drugs did most of the damage to Floyd.

  25. Another case of a complete lack of consideration for the rule of law, and of political pressure being the determining factor in a judicial judgement. Biden and Waters both made proclamations on the outcome of this trial that were designed to influence that outcome. If this was a fair and just verdict, perhaps it would have been better if the South had won the first Civil War. 13% of the population commits 45% of the serious crimes in this country, and now the people that we expect to protect us from the actions of those crooks are charged and convicted when they do just that. What an abomination! I predict that this will cause more racial divide, rather than less.

  26. Don’t forget, “Saint George” had a restraining order on the woman he raped, he was trying to get to her again! But hey, no one cares about the crimes and violations of a drugged criminal who himself, has a level of responsibility in the actions preceding his own arrest and subsequent death by drugs! BLM and Antifa scare Supreme Court Justice Roberts that they may riot, so now all are quilty if the BLM and Antifi and Commie Harris say he is!

  27. Looks like the Chinese government got away with killing more Americans with their drugs. Well, at least Biden family will continue to get rich!
    Not saying Chauvin is innocent, but no way he got a fair trail in that city!

  28. My family is blended and not one person believes justice was done today, specifically with regard to The remarks made by Waters and Biden with an active trail going on!
    The overall decline of “national community” is a direct result of Pelosi, Schumer, and whoever is pulling the strings of the puppet known as Joe !
    2024 is definitely too long to wait, and it’s becoming clear that 2022 may be too far out to wait. When the Dems bitch about the “run on the gun stores, they better be looking in the mirror.

  29. This is proof that racist Americans will be brought to justice. Drumpf supporters will have to put their racist tendencies back into the woodwork.

  30. This verdict should be ruled a mistrial by an appellant court. Unfortunately, Judges are revealing themselves to be among the biggest cowards in government. So I suspect another miscarriage of justice to come of that.

    1. If judges are elected, they’re going to be political animals. That’s a rather well compensated position, so they’ll be careful to test the sociopolitical winds in order to not appear as being biased, racist or otherwise in opposition to the social ‘change’ dogma.

  31. My gym workout buddy and I did the George/Derek knee in the neck.  I suggest you try it. Ours was a press hard and release because when we pressed we felt the pain. We hurt after seconds not minutes. And we were on my camping matt. 
    Sometimes you have to just prove something to yourself. 

    12 jurors agreed because they didn’t need any influence or intimidation, they just watched the video.  Days of talk, what came before what came after the knee; the justice system, riots, all not that important. Just common sense and a pair of eyes. People overestimate the unimportance of practically everything that happens.  Me? Watch what they (I) do, not what they (I) say.  
    People on this website are calling for the police to quit.  Last year it was a complaint about defunding the police.  Unimportant, there will always be police. 

  32. So this is the new hero for today’s co dependent young people; a drug addict suffering from side effects of high anxiety and the flight instinct SAD!!

  33. I wish blm would completely burn down the whole city. The people there do not deserve a city, and none of them should be allowed to ever move out.

    Put a fence around the whole stinking mess and then burn it to the ground while shooting any escape attempts.

  34. Mr. George Floyd was a drug addict, criminal abusing the system with covid -19, why is everybody kissing his cheeks , & bad rapping a police officer for being called to a crime scene ?Who are you going to call if you get robbed?

  35. it is becoming a fad that whit police officers are being discriminated against because of black criminals , offenders, & dark skinned kids out after dark , because they /minors have no curfew.

  36. Thugs threatned 100 MN cops & jury for Guilty verdict for Chauvin
    Riot culture ahead
    Defund cops, I say Death Wish time.
    Lock & Load
    Vigilante time

  37. I wonder what the ratio is of cops and whites killing blacks vs blacks killing blacks? When blacks kill blacks,why aren’t the BLM people protesting?

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