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President Joe Biden has now officially backed a bill granting Washington D.C. full statehood, a goal which has long been sought after by the far-left.

According to a new statement released by the White House, Biden is now demanding ‘a swift and orderly transition to statehood for the people of Washington, D.C.’

As The Hill reports:

The White House on Tuesday formally declared its support for a House bill that would grant statehood to Washington, D.C., saying it would provide the residents of the District with “long overdue full representation in Congress.”

“Establishing the State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth as the 51st state will make our Union stronger and more just,” the Office of Management and Budget said in a statement of administration policy. “Washington, D.C. has a robust economy, a rich culture, and a diverse population of Americans from all walks of life who are entitled to full and equal participation in our democracy.”…

White House press secretary Jen Psaki previously said President Biden is in favor of giving statehood to D.C. The District is home to roughly 700,000 full-time residents, which is more than Wyoming or Vermont.

The House is scheduled to vote this week on legislation to make D.C. the country’s 51st state, after Democrats pledged to prioritize it during Biden’s first 100 days in office. The bill passed out of committee last week in a party-line vote.


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  1. Here is a whacky idea. Why not make Manhatten island a state or how about dividing California into three separate states, upper lower and middle California. Better still, why not have voters in each state VOTE for each individual member in the electoral college instead of first past the post, wins the state,or how about the only way you can vote is by using your social security number for ID and your name and number must match a a state or federal data base. Using a SSN as base for ID voting eliminates all chances for cheaters. IF WASHINGTON BECOMES A STATE america is no longer a coalition of states with a central seat of power it becomes a conglomerate of 51 little separate countries, a la old Yugoslavia

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