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House Democrats, led by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, passed a massive $1.9 trillion dollar stimulus bill early on Saturday morning in the name of bringing relief to those suffering from the economic chaos caused by the coronavirus.

The bill included a $15 dollar an hour minimum wage increase, something that moderate democrats in the Senate such as Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have repeatedly said they would not support.

As The Hill reports:

House Democrats passed their sweeping $1.9 trillion coronavirus aid package in a party-line vote early Saturday morning, advancing President Biden’s top legislative priority.

Lawmakers passed the bill 219-212, with two Democrats — Reps. Jared Golden (Maine) and Kurt Schrader (Ore.) — joining all Republicans in voting against it. Democrats could only afford up to four defections with their narrow House majority.

The bill’s passage comes days after the COVID-19 death toll in the U.S. surpassed 500,000 people while more contagious virus variants remain a threat to containing the pandemic.

Lawmakers are hoping to build on the momentum from vaccines gradually reaching people to end the global pandemic that’s shaken up American life for most of the past year.



  1. Has very little to do with the China Virus relief. Has a lot to do with Bailing out Blue States due to their Mismanagement, Corruption and Malfeasance. The American Worker Slaves away paying onerous taxes, while the Democrats and RINOS line their pockets and betray our nation.

    1. Perhaps Congress should eliminate all provisions in the bill that are unrelated to the Wuhan virus and that are not spent this fiscal year. Then Congress could vote on a covid relief bill instead of one in name only.

  2. what goes around, comes around…….the Democrats will pay dearly in the 2022 elections and that will be the end of their majority in both houses. This Bill will be a disaster for America….it will raise taxes, increase unemployment, and damage the already fragile Private economy. Democrats just do this to try and buy Votes, because the ONLY thing that is important to them is getting re-elected….isn’t going to work.

        1. The only way this happens is for the POTUS (Biden) to veto the House bill! With Biden at the helm, the spending bill passes! If under extraordinary circumstance, the bill gets POTUS veto, then the Senate must have a majority to override the veto.

    1. Sure hope you are right but with McConnell in charge it will squeak thru- a disaster for all Americans except the blue states and the lobbyist on k street and of course the swamp creatures in Congress

    1. yeah the real fu**ed up thing in the bill is $ 1,400 check for hard working Americans $ 1,400 per week for lazy government employees.

  3. Barely any of this money is for struggling Americans at all! only 1% of it was more stimulus money! They only make it sound like it is! It’s all for their own pockets as usual! The media is so on their side they have the people convinced eash time that they are getting somehting whey really aren’t at all!

  4. If this bill passes the Senate, we are all SCREWED. Only~9% of the bill has anything to do with coronavirus. The rest is PORK, poisonous to our nation like pork is to the Muslim.

  5. It’s a taxpayers money laundering bill.
    Today the looming chinese communist tyrannical patriarchy, as I walk thru stores and checked many objects, most are made in China, I can sense the tears of sorrow of the enslaved children and women that have lost their life, liberty and happiness making those objects and barely survive,the tyrannical chinese patriarchy has their citizens enslaved in the name of profit.


  7. 2 restuff budget bill pending:

    Term limits for House & Senate
    Term limits for Govt employees GS7 plus
    Pay for performance for House & Senate
    No budget, No pay for House or Senate
    Use pork waste for SS & Medicare , VA users.
    Balance budget
    Cut House & Senate staffing.
    Privitize Govt food services for House & Senate.
    & add your ideas

  8. Oh, My Gawd! The swamp frenzy! President TRUMP was in there for such a short time. These greedy creatures put a dam fence around the Capital!!! And armed servicemen to shut out the public, the very people they are supposed to be serving! ALL IN THE NAME OF THERE OWN PERSONAL ADVANCEMENT! They are not taking ANY chance they could be interrupted while they write legislation as payoffs! We need ALL AMERICANS TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE. This has got to STOP! GOD and TRUMP HELP US!

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