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After New York Governor Andrew Cuomo added new Covid-19 restrictions before Thanksgiving Day to help reduce the chances of people gathering in large groups one sheriff came forward stating he has no intention of enforcing Cuomo’s rules. Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino says he has no constitutional right to enforce Cuomo’s executive order which prohibits indoor groups of more than 100.

In a report from The Daily Caller:

“Who and how many people you invite in to your home is your business, unlike outdoor gatherings which may receive a police response if disorderly or other violations of public nuisance laws occur,” the sheriff said. “We have limited resources and we have to set priorities, so obtaining a Search Warrant to enter your home to see how many Turkey or Tofu eaters are present is not a priority. We won’t be doing that.”

Democratic Washington state Governor Jay Inslee similarly announced restrictions on indoor gatherings, including weddings and funerals, and a ban on visits to care facilities. His restrictions additionally limit outdoor gatherings to no more than 5 people outside the immediate household. For indoor events, gatherings with those outside the household are forbidden unless visitors quarantine for two-weeks or 7-days of isolation along with a negative COVID-19 test.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced last week that a stay-at-home order will also go into effect for Chicago, limiting movement outside to ‘essential reasons,’ and telling residents not to allow any guests into their homes.

Less than one week ago New York Mayor Bill de Blasio urged residents to avoid large gatherings for meals, in spite of the upcoming holidays. However, de Blasio stated that it’s not time to implement broader restrictions across the city than the current 25% capacity limitation instituted in restaurants.

What do you think of these Democrat leaders instituting new Covid-19 regulations before the holidays?

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