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UPDATE: Gov. Mike DeWine (R-OH) tested negative in a second coronavirus test, negating the results he received earlier Thursday.

PCR or polymerase chain reaction tests are the most accurate available. Unfortunately, testing demand has outstripped supply, leading to delays.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has tested positive for COVID-19.

The news comes before he was scheduled to meet with President Trump in Cleveland before the commander-in-chief conducts a tour of a nearby Whirlpool plant and attends a private fundraiser.

DeWine is reportedly asymptomatic. He took the test as part of the protocol to meet with Trump.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports:

DeWine plans to quarantine at his home in Cedarville for the next 14 days.

Lt. Governor Jon Husted also took a COVID-19 test but tested negative.

This story is developing. Stay with American Action News for the latest updates.


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  1. Imagine that! So interesting how Trump allies/supporters come down with COVID just before important success revelations…in states selected for the GOP convention…among Trump’s inner circle of advisors. Funny how that keeps happening. The swamp is EVERYWHERE. Americans…don’t be intimidated into staying home from your right to vote. It may be your last chance to make yourself heard…. Really.

    1. The goal is for the Democrats to be able to vote by MAIL a few hundred times a piece. Surely you can too.
      Oh, and only a stupid person would go get tested when they aren’t sick. Unless they are forced to.

  2. So what?? He tested positive! Is he displaying symptoms that are risking his performance of his duties?

    I am tired of hearing this garbage when it means NOTHING!

    99% of the country is not affected by it!

    1. No, we’re not affected by the Democrat virus itself but all of us are affected by the shuttering of businesses. Some who lost their jobs and can’t get the $600/week bribe or business owners that weren’t compensated by the government after they were forced to shut down are affected the most.

    2. I wonder how many Dems are secretly taking hydroxychloroquine while keeping it out of the hands of doctors who might want to prescribe it.

      1. My doctor says he can still get it. Treated FOUR patients, two who were over 80 and got them out of the hospital ion FOUR DAYS. The trick is Early treatment. Those tests where they claimed it did not work was on people who were already unconscious.

  3. So what, these ‘positive’ tests are all BS anyway, these fake tests only promote another $13000.00 for the testers, and they only test for ‘ANY’ past flu’s, what a crock, there are a ‘LOT’ of stupid sheeple around !!!

  4. If he goes past asymptomatic and actually gets sick, I’ll bet DeWine will be glad Ohio already lifted their idiotic ban on HCQ for the Democrat virus. It wouldn’t look too good if the lifted it AFTER he got sick.

    1. IF IF IF.
      ?Why don’t you go to work for the Dems. My bet is that he will NEVER have symptoms. Just like at least 30% of those who test positive and are forced to stay home for two weeks. The good thing is sometimes those test results take a month to get back. LOL

  5. False positive which they can target people/states/businesses with. Test kits can also be contaminated with the Corona virus. They can target anyone they want. God bless this governor. The test is also not specific for the Corona virus and may test positive if you had the flu shot. Corruption by the “left” to trash the economy/jobs/lives/lower the population/try to make people want the vaccine which may kill/destroy health/burden the immune system.

    1. I am 72 years old. And I am NOT taking any more vaccines. Not for the flu either. Just one more con job by pharma companies. I have tracked it. I get sicker when I take the shot. And when I DO get the flu, I do get over it. Who can say if a person can survive the shot. After all, the government has a slush fund to pay off the parents whose kids are killed or maimed by vaccines.

  6. Asymptomatic?????? What does that mean? I tell you what that REALLY means. It means that this person was in the way and they need to give them a TWO WEEK TIME OUT.
    I don’t believe them. I don’t believe anyone who is asymptomatic is sick at all. Too many of them. In the past, the claim that people were carriers has been made. But it was ALWAYS a few people. Now it is up to 30% or maybe even more.
    Be SMART. Don’t get tested. If you are sick enough that you have trouble breathing, go to the ER and get tested there. Otherwise, you are just lining yourself up for TROUBLE.

  7. yes thats whats happening here where I live the total population of the county is just over 21 thousand and the news had china virus count jump around 500 in a week had people thinking that the virus was running wild but when the paper came out it set the record straight that the majority was from the prison with a count of 551 and more to come because they are still testing and all these numbers are coming from the government and talked about on a CBS station and what make the number more crazy is that we have had 4 deaths all older and just 20 in hospital so thats the scare tactics they are using

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