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A robust ground game alone doesn’t win national elections. But in competitive races, the number and effectiveness of your field staff and volunteers can be the difference between victory and defeat.

“In an election like this, where it’s going to come down to a few thousand votes in a couple of states, that’s when your ground game matters,” Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel told the press.

That statement has been proven time and again in American politics. While Hillary Clinton outraised Donald Trump in 2016, as Joe Biden has in recent months, the Trump campaign’s field operation is quietly breaking records, while Biden’s is floundering. Here are the reasons why.

Less Than Half the Field Staff

Molly Theobald for the aflcio2008 via Wikimedia Commons

The RNC and Trump reelection campaign has 1,500 field staffers engaging in targeted door knocking (the gold standard of voter contacts) across 20 states as part of the largest field operation ever mounted by Republicans.

The Biden campaign hoped to have 600 field staff on the ground by the end of June. Unlike the RNC, which has had staffers in critical states conducting field and phone canvassing for years, the Biden team only recently began announcing the names of its battlefield state directors.

Data Disadvantage

Kristin Wolff via Wikimedia Commons

Campaigns are all about voter data. President Obama’s reelection campaign taught the GOP that lesson the hard way when Mitt Romney lost decisively despite winning independents.

Instead of disproportionately focusing on the narrow sliver of swing voters, Obama’s team made a concerted effort to contact low-propensity Democrat-leaning voters (in other words, people who prefer Democrats but were unlikely to vote) with a new message intended to motivate them. Their most successful tactic was painting Republicans as anti-women and using that talking point to mobilize young, single women, already Democrat-leaners, to vote in record numbers.

Like Obama before him, the Trump reelection campaign is finding new voters from the much larger universe of low-propensity voters. The RNC has invested $350 million into this technology, which was once only wielded by the left. One of the most innovative tools in the RNC’s arsenal is “Trump Talk,” which harnesses publicly available voter information to provide staff and supporters with tailor-made questions for individual, conservative-leaning voters.

Biden is solely relying on his team and volunteer network to make voter contacts through phone calls.

Door Knocking? Not So Fast…

Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota via Wikimedia Commons

While the Trump campaign has resumed person-to-person contact to influence voters, Biden’s field operation remains virtual, even though it’s common knowledge that phone calls don’t produce the same results as door knocking.

Behavioral psychologists have proven that when conveyed through field canvassing, voter persuasion messages were by far the most effective.

So where do the campaigns stand?

The Trump campaign says it knocked on one million targeted doors in the past week alone. Joe Biden’s campaign admitted it knocked on zero. The Biden campaign recently confirmed that literature drops are the closest it plans to come to face-to-face campaigning.

Voter Registration Crisis

Tony Webster from Portland, Oregon, United States via Wikimedia Commons

While the trove of data collected by the RNC and Trump campaign remains a highly-guarded secret, it is known that the president’s efforts to erode the Democrats’ voter registration advantage in crucial swing states have already paid off.

The RNC and Trump campaign have dwarfed their voter registration numbers from the last cycle, slashing the party registration advantage Democrats enjoy in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Florida compared to 2016 when Trump prevailed in all three states.

Republicans have gained 133,000 new voters compared to Democrats in Pennsylvania, 216,410 new voters compared to Democrats in North Carolina, and 87,000 new voters compared to Democrats in Florida.

Do you intend to volunteer before Election Day or have you already done so? Let us know by sharing your experiences in the comments section below!

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  1. Never mind the targeted door-knocking, notice how ‘snow-flaky’ left-leaning media have became to criticism lately? Yahoo, FB, YouTube have become very sensitive because of the constant barrage of negativity from the public directed at liberals…

  2. We came to Seattle to get free blowjobs. The city hasn’t disappointed us. We get blowjobs from beautiful young women every night. Whoever said Seattle sucks wasn’t kidding.


  3. It doesn’t matter who gets the most votes, it’s who counts them that determines the winner.
    Joseph Stalin.

  4. Bidet does not have excited or motivated voters. His supporters are filled with hate, and cannot speak to people in a civil tone, much less convince anyone to do anything.

    1. Is there an instruction manual for how to talk to the Nazis in a civil tone? I have seen one yet.

  5. While ground game matters so do the basics! The life/death issue matters! President Trump wants all children conceived to be born alive while Biden/Harris support abortion [which prevents the live birth of a child]. As God commands “DO NOT KILL” and ‘abortion’ meets the definition of killing Biden/Harris [and 99% of Democrats] support killing children in the womb. To President Trump Baby Black Lives Matter while Biden/Harris are OK with killing them [how is that different than lynching, shooting them down or kneeling on their necks?]

    1. Southern slave masters used to keep their slaves uneducated and families separated. Today’s Democrat Party still practices these policies: You can not receive welfare, if a father, or breadwinner. is living in the home; and students do not graduate from our inner city schools. Heard this from Larry Elder.

  6. Sorry, no matter what someone tells you about how they will vote, no one but the voter knows what goes on behind the curtain of the voting booth.

  7. Unfortunately, the Dims are going to steal the election from President Trump with massive voter mail-in fraud.

  8. I would volunteer at the polls, but I can’t stand for any period of time and I can’t walk to canvas.

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