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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) became the sole member of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday to vote against legislation that would empower the Justice Department’s Inspector General to investigate DOJ attorneys. 

The 21-1 vote now goes to the Senate, where its fate is uncertain given Graham and William Barr’s opposition.

Per The Hill:

“I’m not going to support legislation that allows an IG to investigate discretionary decisions at the Department of Justice. If there’s a dispute about misconduct between the IG and the attorney general, the last word will be the attorney general who is politically accountable,” Graham said of his proposed change.

Graham noted that he had spoken with Barr about the legislation three times. He said the attorney general did not support his proposal either but DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz did.

“I don’t think he’s ever going to get to yes on any process that allows the IG to look at DOJ lawyers and people under their charge,” Graham said of Barr.

But the committee voted down his amendment, instead passing the bill as originally written by Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and Dick Durbin (D-Ill.).

The other Republicans on the Judiciary Committee are Chuck Grassley, John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, Josh Hawley, Thom Tillis, Joni Ernst, Mike Crapo, John Kennedy, and Marsha Blackburn.

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  1. Senator Grashm – the IG is not investigating discretionary decisions – the IG will be investigating bribery and corrupt practices on the part of DOJ – but wil have the added ability of FICEN/FINTRACK queries to examine. It’s not thst these appointees arent trusted – it is all to satify the DOJ and you committee Senator Graham – that there being trusted to be impartial is warranted. ZZWhat is disturbing Mr Graham is that you are the only person on the committee that object to a matter of integrity? …why is that exactly?

  2. Senator Graham I have always known that you cannot be trusted from the very beginning you were a Rino and you still a Rino, The Dept. of justice was as much responsible for the coup against president Trump as the FBI and they R still corrupt Under AG William Barr, it’s mind boggling to me Senator Graham that you objected to expand the IG the power to investigate the bribery and corruption that went on during the most corrupt and anti American administration of BHO. It’s shameful You have no Integrity!

    1. I think the AG himself is the target, not the Deep State. I say this because we hear what they are saying about Barr, that he’s a ‘puppet’ of Trump and that he dropped the case on Flynn / intervened in the Stone sentencing for political reasons. He and Durham are the only ones trying to weed out the bad actors in the DOJ.

      1. I believe you are correct. Bottom line is WHO is really in charge of investigating anyone else?
        I always had the impression the AG was the top dog, but the demoloons want to cause mayhem for everyone.

  3. I don’t know all about all of this but I do not like one Dept. having to much power to the point of influnceing others

  4. Now when Barr wants to get rid of any IG who is doing their job and investigating the DOJ which that is their only job to make sure that the DOJ is doing what the law and rules approved by Congress are followed, the same is True with most of Trump appointees, now the Sec of State just got the IG fired for investigating his misconduct. Now the IG department should be an independent agency answerable only to the entire Congress, not able to be fired without cause, and that cause must be proven.

    1. Obama had NO State Dept IG for 6 of his 8 years. Clinton fired and replaced 93 of 94 US attorneys, and Obama fired and replaced all Bush-era US attorneys. Must be corrupt, right?

  5. Obama was the most corrupt President in history,why do you think ,all this hate for Ameri ca is coming from. Obama is a Muslim and wants to take this country down.
    I don’t understand how a anyone can hate America. It’s the best country in the world

  6. These young people hate America, because they’ve been taught to hate America by the Leftists in control of our universities and colleges. This has been going on for 40-50 years, and nothing has been done to slow it down. Black Lives Matters, has been waiting for an excuse to start the burning and looting. What amazes me, is that most of these People like George Floyd and others, all have criminal backgrounds. Now suddenly their Saints and Martyrs. Completely blows my mind. Let’s lift up Crooks and Criminals to the Level of Sainthood. When will the Catholic Church Canonize Saint George.

  7. NOT GOOD.
    Lindsay Graham wants to sound like he is reasonable. But right now, NO ONE IS WATCHING DOJ. Just like no one is riding herd on State Department. And this is where the REAL swamp creatures are.
    Yes, someone needs to have oversight of DOJ. I will volunteer. I am old and have no influence. But I am smart enough to do some good. And I am NOT corrupt.

  8. Horowitz is a liberal Democrat….he should have done much more to stop the ROGUE hierarchy of the FBI…..I don’t trust Horowitz as far as I could throw him…

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