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Regardless of where you shop, changes are coming to your grocery store.

Multiple kitchen staples are throwing out their logos following protests and riots that have arisen from George Floyd’s untimely death. As unrest continues, the number of iconic brands that are reevaluating controversial logos grows. 

Here are the companies that will be forever changed.

Aunt Jemima

Mike Mozart via Wikimedia Commons

Kristin Kroepfl, Quaker Foods North America’s chief marking officer, announced in mid-June, “We recognize Aunt Jemima’s origins are based on a racial stereotype.” She added that the pancake mix and syrup brand would remove the imagery from its packaging before changing its name.

The descendants of the black woman who portrayed Aunt Jemima oppose the decision to rebrand.

Uncle Ben’s

Petar M via Wikimedia Commons

Global food company Mars Inc., which owns Uncle Ben’s, confirmed it would update the brand’s visual identity. Mars released a statement pledging to fight “racial bias and injustices.”

There is no word on how long the visual identity evolution will take or what the result will be.

Mrs. Butterworth’s

theimpulsivebuy via Wikimedia Commons

Conagra Brands announced a complete reevaluation of the alleged stereotypes associated with Mrs. Butterworth’s pancake mix and syrup.

At the same time, the food packaging giant said its flagship breakfast line only meant to evoke images of a “loving grandmother.”

Cream of Wheat

Stilfehler via Wikimedia Commons

Cream of Wheat pledged to reevaluate its logo following the “concerns regarding the chef image.” B&G Foods, Inc., the makers of Cream of Wheat, released a statement stating, “B&G Foods unequivocally stands against prejudice and injustice of any kind.”

Eskimo Pie

Sandra Cohen-Rose and Colin Rose via Wikimedia Commons

Eskimo is considered derogatory by some people today who argue it was imposed on indigenous people by white Europeans. That never affected Eskimo Pie’s sales, but now the century-old chocolate-covered ice cream bar’s days are numbered. 

The owner of Eskimo Pie’s parent company, Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, called the term “derogatory” and vowed to retire the “inappropriate” name. 

Nestle: Red Skins, Chicos, and Beso de Negra

Dornum72 via Wikimedia Commons

Nestle is in the process of renaming multiple candies sold overseas to eliminate racial stereotypes. Red Skins and Chicos lollies, sweets sold in Australia by Allen’s, a subsidiary of Nestle, will be renamed, saying they’re “out of step of our values.” The world’s largest food and beverage company hasn’t approved new names.

Nestle’s Beso de Negra candy — Spanish for “kiss from a black woman” — is widely considered racially insensitive and has undergone intense scrutiny following worldwide protests and riots.

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    1. Until such time as we stop being afraid of black power, we will be enslaved to their control. Look at the numbers of them in our TV Ads. They are 12% of the population and DROPPING since they embrace abortion. As Democrats they support illegal immibration where the next group that controls will come from.
      And what of America/ We rejected God and now He will bring judgement on us.
      Is the end near? You bet. We are in the age where Laodicea is the description of the Christians in churches. LUKEWARM. Repulsed by God. What hope? II Chronicles 7:14.

  1. These companies cave to people that most likely don’t even buy their products, most don’t even have jobs. How is uncle Ben’s racist? Dumbest s*** ever. I will never buy any of these products again so sick of companies who do this, hope they all go bankrupt.

    1. I agree, but unfortunately these “brands” are all a tiny part of HUGE conglomerates, NESTLES, QUAKER, KRAFT, HUNTS ETC, all of our food is pretty much controlled by a few conglomerates with a schtlode of smaller “companies or named products”. It will be hard to completely boycott these brands.

      1. They’re committing corporate suicide with their stupid decisions about their products being “racist”. AND LET’S BE CLEAR, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with George Floyd (who may or may not be dead). That tiny gold coffin they paraded at his (fraudulant) funeral was about 2/3 the size they would need to fit him into.

      2. Agreed. Not to mention Pet Smart who owns Chewy and Amazon are supporting BLM. Tome to buy local and shop local.

  2. If these companies think that capitulating to the illegal mob will help them to increase business or prevent looting, destruction of their business, they are so wrong. All they do is piss off the normal citizens of this great country and ultimately loose business from normal citizens. The real American citizens of this great country do NOT engage in discrimination, do not put down other citizens because of their race. Do not destroy other peoples property. Only the low life, brain dead idiots who are hell bent on reducing this, the greatest country on this planet too a third world status thinks this is the way to go. They should be very careful in how they continue to push this Marxist agenda, it may result in a nice long sentence in a jail or worst .

  3. That was the company’s decision to cave and it’s our decision whether we will purchase their products or not.

  4. I grew up with these brands – Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s, etc. They are just names and faces, meaning nothing to the average, every day person. They are “racist” only because a few either hypersensitive or radical active person(s) want to make it “racist. So, we can solve this problem really easily if everyone will just “grow up”. But, since the millennials, we can make one simple change and the socialists in the Democratic Party (henceforth to be known as the American Socialist Almost Communist Party) want to make an issue out of it in the hopes of winning the White House in Nov 20, we can make one simple change. From now on, all product packaging will be plain brown boxes with only a “Product No._____” on it with a simple descriptive name in plain box lettering. All companies will dissolve their marketing departments and zero their marketing budgets since there will no longer be a need for them.

  5. Target Stores losing business since making their “political correct” policy change several years ago has cost them my business and a lot of others. These companies will follow; many people buy based on brand image and will no longer buy if the brand image isn’t there.

  6. So sad to see, and the reverse, needs to happen.
    INSTEAD of removing the faces of Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s
    ADVERTISERS for corporate businesses, NEED TO ADD MORE.

    America is a multi-racial country, BE PROUD OF THAT FACT.
    Show more diversity, and not this…REVERSE SEGREGATION.

    1. I agree; nothing says diversity like eliminating all the black faces from product labels. Soon to go will be bleached flour [implies white is better than gray], and brown sugar is taboo since it comes from Cuban sugar cane once harvested by slaves … or something.

  7. It seems that the only ones that have a problem with these names are the companies themselves. What ashame these companies cave into people who probably never buy from them. This decision they make won’t be good for them

  8. Many of us are sick and tired of people coming into our country trying to cause division between us and our people ! Whether they be dark skinned, medium skinned, light skinned,
    whatever, they are our people our countrymen and women too !! There is not one complexion
    above another. We are ALL important to our country and each other, and quite frankly, get very sick of those seeking to cause trouble to each other and try to divide and conquer us !!
    Aunt Jemima is a very pretty woman, a land mark that many of us are proud of, Uncle Ben is a very handsome and good representative of another wonderful product that has been around for years ! Many of us have dear friends who have different complexions than ourselves which makes us no difference. Many or us are all friends, go to school together,
    work together, go to parties with one another and are just plain tired of the trouble makers who would like to see us fighting and at odds with each other. They only do this because they want to divide and conquer us. That is not going to happen. For the information of those who would love nothing better than seeing our country and are American families torn asunder, you are a miserable and sad lot. For your information, you are no better than anyone else here in America !! You are made of the same flesh and blood as we all are, but you are no better than us at all !! I don’t care how much more money or prestige you may think you have, you only make fools of yourselves! You are not any better than anyone else, in fact, you are in many ways inferior ! This country would be a lot better off without YOU ! If you do not like the way we Americans are colored , go some place where everyone is your sick color, so there will be no one to offend ! Meanwhile, we will make it just fine without you ! All you are fit for is causing trouble and hurting others, none of our good citizens, what ever color complexion we have, we are of the same family and the same race…THE HUMAN RACE, NO ONE BETTER THAN THE OTHER ! YOU PEOPLE WHO ARE ALWAYS FUSING ABOUT BEING “POLITICALLY CORRECT”, QUITE FRANKLY, ARE MAKING FOOLS OF YOURSELVES. YOU TRY TO APPEAR SO WISE, BUT ARE SO IGNORANT !
    America is a beautiful nation, with lots of different color complexions, that is one of the beauties of our family here in America ! Just as the flowers are different colors, and it is good , it is variety, not anything to be looked down upon !!!! I for one, and proud of our people when they have a product good enough to have their pictures on their creations. I have enjoyed these things since I have been a child. They are precious to me and beautiful because they are American !! Time to wake up, naysayers and trouble makers, just leave our country if you do not like the way we look. We happen to get along and love each other!

  9. The rioters want to destroy statues of Jesus now? They are so ignorant they think Jesus was white??? He was Jewish and they are their own race and religion. Jews are Jews and Gentiles are everyone else, with many races and nationalities. That shows you they probably have never opened a bible or gone to a church. Protestants do not have statues of Jesus, only Catholics. Most, not all, Catholics are Hispanic. If BLM is pro-minority and anti-white then this
    will hurt them. BLM does not THINK anything through. They only want destruction of America!!

  10. Gimme a break…”…caved to the woke mob…” These people are so comatose they ARE in a “coma” together with their ardent supporters in the Main sewer Stream fake Media and their as unconscious censorship buddies in social media…

  11. Cowards they are,the mobs and the companies. Wonder how many blacks eat cream of wheat. I don’t eat uncle Ben’s rice,I use log cabin syrup. I don’t even use aunt Jemima products at all. Order real maple syrup from Vermont Country Store its costly but it’s great. Any company that gives into to extortion from this bunch of deadbeat left wing terrorists don’t deserve our patronage. And in conclusion pizz on BLM LIVES MATTER AND ALL DEMOCRATS.

  12. I am making a list of which companies to boycott – the ones that cave to the “woke” mob. Quaker Oats Company is on the list. When Aunt Jemima goes, so do I! Nevermore Quaker Oats or any subsidiary brands.

  13. The destruction of “Uncle Ben’s” just put Mars, Inc. on my boycott list.
    No more Milky Way bars, M&M’s, Skittles, Snickers, or Twix.
    No more Nutro Max, Natural Choice, Pedigree, or Ultra for my dog.
    No more Whiskas for my cat.
    It it is owned by Mars, Inc., it is not in my house!

  14. I wish they WOULD put a white guy on the Cream o Wheat box! I’ll let them pay me to be on the box! I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank!

  15. Every brand that takes the BLM/PC track will not get a penny of my money. We can not continue to let the minority make the rules or set policy for the majority. If they don’t like something, don’t buy it or better yet leave our country. POTUS named many He’ll Hole countries you can move to. Adios.

  16. I’m so tired of these corporations being ‘woke’ it is at the point that it’s just ridiculous. What is racist about any of these I wouldn’t mind having my picture on any of these products, as long as I was paid. Who decides this type of thing? I just know that when I hear about them I decide not to buy them anymore. I hope that most people stop buying and these corporations feel it in their bottom line. They are all left leaning along with Facebook and twitter.

  17. Mrs. Butterworth’s is racist? Why, because the bottle is brown? I remember Mrs. Butterworth’s TV commercials and Mrs. Butterworth was played by a matronly White actress.
    And what is wrong with Aunt Jemima or Uncle Ben? The image of Aunt Jemima was updated several years ago to be more reflective of a lady of today as the image of Betty Crocker was also updated. And what is racist about Uncle Ben? What, can’t Blacks be represented on products with an image? Get the chip off your shoulder you idiots, get a life and quit seeing racism in everything where it isn’t. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, because what you’re doing is making people mad, including the grandson of the second actress who was cast as Aunt Jemima. That Black man did see it as racist.

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