Time to contact your elected officials…

Attorney generals in 15 states are embracing California-style gun control while riots and lockdowns have diverted our attention.

These top law enforcement officials desperately want to impose background checks on EVERY purchase of ammunition, which has become a bureaucratic nightmare since it took effect in California two years ago. 

The Golden State has denied tens of thousands of gun owners the right to purchase ammunition due to problems with the government’s database. Many were forced to endure lengthy delays simply to buy a box or two.

Here are the states where Democrat AGs are giving the legislature the green light to implement draconian gun control. Click through to the end to find out how to contact your state elected officials!

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Attorney General: Kwame Raoul (D)

The Illinois House of Representatives has 74 Democrats and 44 Republicans.

The Illinois Senate has 40 Democrats and 19 Republicans.

The governor is J.B. Pritzker (D).


Attorney General: William Tong (D)

The Connecticut House of Representatives has 91 Democrats and 60 Republicans.

The Connecticut Senate has 22 Democrats and 14 Republicans.

The governor is Ned Lamont (D).


Attorney General: Kathy Jennings (D)

The Delaware House of Representatives has 26 Democrats and 15 Republicans.

The Delaware Senate has 12 Democrats and 9 Republicans.

The governor is John Carney (D).


Attorney General: Clare E. Connors (D)

The Hawaii House of Representatives has 46 Democrats and 5 Republicans.

The Hawaii Senate has 24 Democrats and 1 Republican.

The governor is David Ige (D).


Attorney General: Brian Frosh (D)

The Maryland House of Delegates has 99 Democrats and 42 Republicans.

The Maryland Senate has 32 Democrats and 15 Republicans.

The governor is Larry Hogan (R).


Attorney General: Maura Healey (D)

The Massachusetts General Court has 126 Democrats, 31 Republicans, and 1 independent.

The Massachusetts Senate has 31 Democrats and 4 Republicans.

The governor is Charlie Baker (R).


Attorney General: Dana Nessel (D)

The Michigan House of Representatives has 58 Republicans and 52 Democrats.

The Michigan Senate has 22 Republicans and 16 Democrats.

The governor is Gretchen Whitmer (D).

New Jersey

Attorney General: Gurbir Grewal (D)

The New Jersey General Assembly has 52 Democrats and 28 Republicans.

The New Jersey Senate has 25 Democrats and 15 Republicans.

The governor is Phil Murphy (D).

New Mexico

Attorney General: Hector Balderas (D)

The New Mexico House of Representatives has 46 Democrats and 24 Republicans.

The New Mexico Senate has 26 Democrats and 16 Republicans.

The governor is Michelle Lujan Grisham (D).

New York

Attorney General: Letitia James (D)

The New York State Assembly has 102 Democrats, 1 Working Families Party representative, 1 independent, and 43 Republicans.

The New York State Senate has 40 Democrats and 22 Republicans.

The governor is Andrew Cuomo (D).


Attorney General: Ellen Rosenblum (D)

The Oregon House of Representatives has 38 Democrats and 22 Republicans.

The Oregon State Senate has 18 Democrats and 12 Republicans.

The governor is Kate Brown (D).


Attorney General: Josh Shapiro (D)

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives has 109 Republicans and 93 Democrats.

The Pennsylvania State Senate has 28 Republicans, 1 independent, and 21 Democrats.

The governor is Tom Wolf (D).

Rhode Island

Attorney General: Peter Neronha (D)

The Rhode Island House of Representatives has 66 Democrats and 9 Republicans.

The Rhode Island Senate has 33 Democrats and 5 Republicans.

The governor is Gina Raimondo (D).


Attorney General: Mark Herring (D)

The Virginia House of Delegates has 55 Democrats and 45 Republicans.

The Senate of Virginia has 21 Democrats, 18 Republicans, and 1 independent.

The governor is Ralph Northam (D).


Attorney General: Bob Ferguson (D)

The Washington House of Representatives has 57 Democrats and 41 Republicans.

The Washington State Senate has 28 Democrats, 21 Republicans, and 1 Democrat that caucuses with the Republicans.

The governor is Jay Inslee (D)

BONUS: District of Columbia

Mayor: Muriel Bowser (D)

If you live in these states or the District and are concerned by this blatant power grab, CLICK HERE to get in touch with your state legislators.

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    1. The easiest way to seize control of a country is to DISARM it’s residents/citizens. That is what EVERYTHING the left is doing as far as rioting and civil unrest, it’s all to gain control; their highest priority is getting rid of Donald Trump! They tried the impeachment route, that didn’t work, they are spending GOBS of $$$ on “Quid Pro Joe” Biden’s election, I don’t believe that will work either (unless a miracle happens), so what comes after that? Food for thought.

        1. I just wish that we had intelligent people in the democratic party today. The only thing the democratic party stands for today is socialism and communism. My father was a democrat and I am so glad that he does not know had far down left and socialistic that party has fallen.

        2. Hitler first outlawed the guns, then he outlawed the Jews. This country is no longer the country I grew up in. The destruction of the United States has been going on for decades. We can probably survive any president. We cannot survive a degraded electorate.

    2. this is what happens when you let the FOX move into the Hen House, you end up with a bunch of feathers and NO eggs. these people deserve what the get for electing this trash to RULE over them.

    3. Here we go. My comment is awaiting moderation. Most likely because my comment would be an objection to the electorate.

  1. Wannabe dictators have to get the guns from the their potential slaves so they cannot fifgghht for Freedom & rights ! The bo , hilary stench of treason tried for 11+ years & failed ! Now these far left dem controlled asinine state wannabes are trying to dictate with abused power !

  2. Thomas Jefferson once stated, “A well-armed citizenry is America’s greatest defense against a corrupt government.” That’s why the Socialist/Democrats fear Americans with guns. Because they are the epitome of “Corruption!” And “Good Americans” hate corrupt leaders. Right now, they have many to hate.

  3. Well, how about Chicago’s “Strict Gun Control”? May 31st this year. 91 people shot that day, 26 died. Shows how well their gun control works? Where was BLM? Or the Lame Stream Media? In 2018 2,962 people shot in Chicago! The only “Gun Control” that works is “Six in the bullseye”. I shoot a revolver, FYI. Can put six on the target without using the sights. The Dems are trying to fulfill the goals of the “Open Borders Foundation”. “No Governments, Borders, or Religions, with the ‘Elite Billionaires’ in TOTAL CONTROL! Check it out for yourself on their website? Mr. Soros founded the foundation in 1985.

  4. More and more guns being bought…yet we haven’t seen an abnormal uptick on gun attacks. Should be obvious it’s not about the gun…it’s about the person.d

  5. I think the police national guard
    Will have some thing too say about this
    Think a lot are N.R.A members! If the Democrats get in
    ((((( Socialists. COMMUNISTS ))))

  6. With the Supreme Court not taking up *any* of the ten 2A cases, they in effect gave a green light to all state and local governments to infringe all they want. They know SCOTUS isn’t going to do jack sh*t to stop them. We need to vote out all Democrats this November.


  8. This is back door gun registration for confiscation.
    Once they have you buying a certain amo you go on a list for confiscation once their ready, they show up ask for the gun(s) that soot that amo and God help you if you don’t turn it over,
    Be aware what you do.

  9. Democrats actually at one time were part of the
    solution but now they’re a HUGE part of the
    problem ! Please support the RNC & NRSC
    as much as you can. THANK YOU

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