Photo of Michigan State University's campus. Credit: MSU Today.
Photo of Michigan State University's campus. Credit: MSU Today.

Following a shooting at Michigan State University have taken the lives of four people and injured five others, Michigan Senate Democrats have introduced a package of gun reform bills that would impose stricter regulations on firearms, however, it’s crucial to consider the potential consequences of these measures on law-abiding gun owners, as measures like these have the potential to put up barriers for everyday gun owning citizens who wish to protect themselves.

Among these measures are universal background checks for those purchasing firearms, requirements for safe storage of firearms, and ‘red flag’ laws that enable judges to temporarily seize firearms from individuals who pose a risk to others or themselves. These bills have been long-standing priorities for Michigan Democrats, who promised to advance this legislation after taking control of the state Legislature in January.

However, a conservative group has claimed that the package is unconstitutional and jeopardizes the right to bear arms. The Democrats announced on Tuesday that they would expedite the legislation following the deadly shooting on Monday.

The gun legislation proposed by Michigan Senate Democrats poses a potentially immediate threat to the fundamental right to bear arms guaranteed by the Constitution for Michigan residents. Although the Michigan Senate Democrats’ proposed gun reform bills may appear to have good intentions, it is important to acknowledge that criminals often circumvent legal means of obtaining firearms. Legislation of this nature has the potential to impact law-abiding citizens who wish to exercise their right to self-defense more than it can deter criminal activity.


  1. There are great consequences to altering the Constitution! Gun control will not effect criminals, now will it! Chipping away at our God given rights undermines all our freedoms. This is much more than trying to make people safe! It is an end run around the protections, it is control. Take a lesson from other countries that have ultimately stripped firearms from citizens! The people become chattel for the rulers to abuse! Don’t trade your freedom away with false promises!
    Take a hard look at how the breakdown of the family and years of excusing those who commit crimes with a slap on the wrist. How children are taught that no matter what they do wrong they should get a gold star too. You can’t make them feel bad, can you? So much more has led to this point and gun control will not stop those determined to commit a crime!

  2. Anonymous people can “report” neighbors with whom they disagree just for spite! No probable cause. Do just like DIMMs did to all Trump associates.

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