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Rioters continue their indiscriminate destruction of America’s major cities, while the mainstream media continues to portray them as “mostly peaceful.”

Here’s the latest footage from Oakland.


(H/T Adam Milstein)

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  1. round them all up put them on a ship take 30 miles off shore and then set it on fire give them all a bucket so the can put out the fire maybe they will learn you shouldn’t play with fire

  2. This is what protesters on the Democrat side do. They hide behind masks, hoodies and the local politicians tell the police. “if you stop the violence, we will file charges against you.:”.
    So where are the “RICH”. My guess is that this dealership was owned by MUSLIMS. And the elite ONE WORLD ORDER don’t care how much it costs them. Foment them and increase the violence and anarchy.
    Folks, ANTICHRIST is coming. And he will be at the HEAD of the elite ONE WORLD ORDER.

      1. Why isn’t someone blowing these terrorists away?
        I promise that I will, if I get rhe opportunity.

  3. Guess the dealership didn’t take a knee. Or maybe they did and got burnt to the ground anyway. This is our country without law and order and allowing terrorists to rule our streets. Time to defend on our own or die by the hands of Marxist terrorists.

  4. This is NOT about Black Lives Matter!! Google Opal Tometi, you’ll find she is Nigerian born and best friend with Venezuela’s Socialist Dictator Madura, who changed the Country’s democracy to Communist Socialism!! In order to do it he & his cohorts recruited College age people & brainwashed them to his ideology. They then were instructed to loot, riot, burn businesses, cause fear in the cities, destroy statues and monuments. Then cause so much violence in the name of racism, got rid of law and order. Sound familiar??? Wake up Patriots THIS IS THE SILENT ENEMY OUR President WAS REFERRING TO, THE INFILTRATION OF COMMUNIST SOCIALISM!!! SAVE AMERICA VOTE TRUMP and PENCE 2020!!!

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