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The University of Wisconsin in Madison is one of the most left-wing universities in the country located in one of the most left-wing cities in the country. The University, the City and the Governorship are all in the hands of “progressive” Democrats who pander to students who glom onto every left-wing cause that comes along.

Since 1909, the campus has been dominated by a bust of Abraham Lincoln sitting in front of Bascom Hall on a hill overlooking the rest of the campus. Like their counterparts in other cities, Wisconsin students and townspeople have been protesting and rioting and issuing demands in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. One of those demands has been that the bust of Lincoln be removed as offensive because honoring him belittles Native Americans who suffered oppression even as he was fighting a Civil War to end slavery.

Radicals who apparently have no idea of what went on before they were born lump Lincoln with George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus and others who they want erased from our history. They have even gone so far as to claim that Lincoln himself was a slave owner which says more about their grasp of simple historical facts than about him. Lincoln was raised in poverty and neither he nor his parents ever owned slaves. 

They haven’t gotten Lincoln yet, but earlier this week in the midst of one of the city’s periodic riots, they did manage to topple, behead and toss a century-old statue honoring an abolitionist who died during the Civil War fighting as a Union officer to end slavery. The problem in Madison and much of the rest of the North is there simply aren’t enough confederate statues to tear down, so the mobs have to go after whatever is available.

And while they were at it, the mob for good measure set upon and beat up a Democratic Wisconsin State Senator.

Meanwhile, as if to explain why all this is happening in university towns and who might be responsible for it, a nationwide poll of college and university students found that 61% of students who identify as Democrats believe that rioting and looting are legitimate forms of protest against racial discrimination and police brutality. Only 5% percent of students identifying as Republicans agreed with them, but Republican students make little difference on major American campuses anyway.

The poll was commissioned by the “College Fix” and conducted by a “College Pulse,” a well-regarded on-line polling company with a sample of some 1500 students and a 3% margin of error.

These results have led some to suggest that rather than defunding the police, legislatures should consider defunding colleges and universities that spend billions of taxpayer money to “educate” young people, but leave them ignorant of the nation’s history and unable to tell the difference between, say, Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis.

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  1. Well what more would be expected from people that have not been Taught about Pre WWII History ?. These WOKE young people need to wake up and learn history dating from the REVOLUTION to modern day and understand just what it is they are destroying out of being uneducated about their fore fathers.

  2. these all knowing need to be required to read American history booksthat were used back in early 60s on up to learn what really went on both races need it

  3. Start shutting these radical left universities down. Why are we tax payers footing the bill for this garbage. We do NOT owe these loonies an education. Nothing of value is being taught & who would want to employ this trash.

  4. Sorry. I forgot and wasted my time. I’ve been censored under the guise of “your comment is awaiting moderation.”

  5. Who’s Fault? Start with the parents and then follow thru with College Professors. But the biggest problem in this country is the Politicians and the news outlets reporting of events that are mostly lies. Politics are destroying this country, just to get one guy and one party out of office to promote Socialism.

  6. These students should have been learning about Lincoln and other great men since grade school. What are our schools teaching them anyway? Don’t they get basic history of the US anymore? They are so ignorant that they can’t tell friend from foe and tear down all statues no matter who they were. They are just causing chaos and dissension so they can destroy our country and leave us open for some other group(like the leftists) to take over. We can’t let them succeed.

  7. Listen to what the leaders of Black Lives Matters is telling us. Their Marxists, and they won’t be happy until the Republic falls. Haven’t you seen their list of demands. Not Jails, can’t be charged with a crime, reparations for slavery, no police departments. These young “Woke” people are the most ignorant group of American Teens ever produced by our “Universities”. Like the above poster stated, 90% of all colleges are controlled by Communists. It’s time to take a stand, and if bullets are needed to stop this madness, then so be it.

  8. Let the violent criminals take wisconsin over, the democrat criminals have had it for fifty years! Red states should not allow any citizens of these blue schittholes to move into their states!

  9. Many in this affluent generation that has done little but criticize this country does not know or understand our history. It’s sad many have sacrificed to make us free. Say a pray today for those that serve in our military.

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