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Newly-released documents from January 2017 show outgoing President Barack Obama was intimately familiar with phone calls between Gen. Michael Flynn and then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

The government reportedly intercepted the calls Flynn made as a part of its routine surveillance on Russian officials and agents in the United States.

Obama brought up the intercepted call in a classified White House meeting on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.  

The president’s detailed level of knowledge caught then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates by surprise. By that time, top FBI officials had reviewed those communications and hadn’t found evidence of criminality or improper behavior. (RELATED: Pelosi Caught Trying to Scam Trump)

Yet it appeared Obama, who fired Flynn three years before, had an ax to grind. 

Townhall’s Katie Pavlich has more:

“Yates first learned of the December 2016 calls between [LTG Michael] Flynn and [Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergey] Kislyak on January 5, 2017, while in the Oval Office. Yates, along with then FBI-Director James Comey, then-CIA Director John Brennan, and then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, were at the White House to brief members of the Obama Administration on the classified Intelligence Community Assessment on Russian Activities in Recent U.S Elections. President Obama was joined by his National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, and others from the National Security Council,” the document states.

“After the briefing, Obama dismissed the group but asked Yates and Comey to stay behind. Obama started by saying he had ‘learned of the information about Flynn’ and his conversation with Kislyak about sanctions. Obama specified he did not want any additional information on the matter, but was seeking information on whether the White House should be treating Flynn any differently, given the information. At that point, Yates had no idea what the President was talking about, but figured it out based on the conversation. Yates recalled Comey mentioning the Logan Act, but can’t recall if he specified there was an ‘investigation,'” it continues.

That phone call became part of the FBI’s justification to interview Flynn on January 24, 2017. Ahead of that meeting, notes show agents planned to get Flynn to lie in order to pursue criminal prosecution or get him fired.

According to a memo Rice wrote to herself on January 20, 2017, her last day on the job, she and Vice President Joe Biden were in the room when Obama delivered the news to Yates.

The Justice Department declassified these documents yesterday after dropping its case against Flynn. 

The next question for us inevitably becomes whether or not officials will be held responsible for their prosecution of Flynn, a reality Attorney General William Barr is well aware of.


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  1. wow… for “not a single hint of a scandal in my administration,” he was a scuzbag.

    1. Obama was a lying, America hating democarp who betrayed the US to his muslim brothers. That is my opinion and I stand by it.

      1. HERE HERE TOTALY AGREE, THE WORST OF IT IS THAT WHILE HE WAS LIAR AND CHEAT HE INFESTED THIS NATION WITH MuSLIME and released hell on Meh-hi-ko with fast a furious… look at the deaths on our so border cause by these weapons.

        1. And lets not forget, he wasnt born here either. He committed several felonies, fraud being the worst.

          1. Maybe the rest of you thought he was not that bad. I truly believe we have not touched the TIP OF THE ICEBERG when it comes to the wickedness, evil and corruption of this man. Too many things have been ignored about him.
            Birth certificate.
            Education financed as a foreign student.
            Muslim faith which is CERTAIN
            Ignored the constitution many times and not even the Republicans did a thing about him. REAL IMPEACHABLE offenses and then the Democrats make up stuff and pretend to have a somber march to the impeachment trials when there was NOTHING. And even a fifth grader could see that.
            How many times did Schitt say that he had PROOF and the news media NEVER called him on it and demanded he produce it. He could not even produce the “whistleblower”.

      1. Yeah! And I want to see nightly “footage” of all of them ( Obuma, Comey, Strock, Brennan, Clapper….Yates is too ugly for me to want to see)…taking it up the rectum while their orange jump suits are bunched around their ankles…(although I am not into gay porn…..)

    2. Obama is a slug and always has been. He is a serial liar. I read his books before his election. When I saw him speaking on the tv I told my wife the SOB was lying and is a liar. He does not like our Constitution yet he is a Constitutional scholar? What a crock. He is a cheap con artist and yet people voted for him because he was black, 1/2, and I guess they felt he was owed. So they elected him. And America is still paying the price for this total anti American idiot. President Trump is doing his best to unravel all his many mistakes. It will take the current President a 2nd term and I will vote for him and fight for him to undo all the wrong the liberal Democrats have done to our nation.

    3. Obama is not Dirtier than I thought . He is Not even an American . Bush is an American but just as dirty as Obama . Any Bush , they are all the same .

  2. Obama says he was made aware of Flynn’s calls – that could only have come from his Chief Adviser Valerie Jarrett and that reeks of Jarrett being the head honcho of the White House who made the Decisions, Not Obama.

    1. Valerie Jarrett is an Iranian lover. It is Obama that makes the decisions and not Valerie however she does have influence. I wonder if the Justice Department will have the guts to question the first African American President . His administration had to be the most corrupt administration in the history of this country.

      1. Of course Obama knew! Do you really think they’re going to do something about it? To the first black president!?? If you do, I’ve got a bridge…!!

        1. Obama is so self centered and such a control freak that he would never give anyone, including his staff, unilateral control of operations. He probably only trusted himself to polish his personal mirror.

          Can anyone imagine what ruin MooseHell could wreak upon our nation if she were elected… not too mention they would draw a double salary.

      2. Democrats know everything. It’s just the republicans who need to step up and fight for the American people and for the US constitution. If Democrats flip the seats in this coming election, we will have no more country. We will be like Venezuela. Will be a socialist/communist country. No more freedom of the press, religion and each citizen will have no more rights to depend ourselves. Second amendments will go away. We will be under government control. Wake up everyone ! This is got our future generations !!

    2. If I remember her parents are both high up in the muslim brotherhood and sisterhood! And she has been their house mate for how many years? He is lower than Carter! And as I read many years ago he and the pope were nothing but plants. Both to do damage to OUR WORLD! Just look at what they did and the pope does not do things a real pope would do!
      John Paul was my pope!

  3. O’crapo is a pile of crap. He is one of the most corrupt things that every donned an American Facade. Most of his uneducated followers learned politics from their parents…What are YOU teaching YOUR children? Our Constitution is a wonderful Document. How can YOU teach your kids that it is un-needed or out of date now??? That Communism is better??? No wonder kids are ignorant now…

  4. Dirtier than we think? LOL!!! The Soviets out him in office for 4 years with a fake birth certificate and he weaponized our own government against us and is still doing it!
    You can’t get dirtier than those allowing it.

  5. Obama was a smooth talking Muslim sympathizer who talked his way into the white house. Is anybody surprised by the discoveries tying his administration to all these dirty deeds? Remember the huge “stimulus” package that he got through Congress? Nobody can say where all that money went. The American citizens certainly didn’t see any of it. This man did much damage to our country while laughing all the way to the bank.

    1. That was his plan from the start to destroy America, and Hillary was supposed to finish it off, but along came a man name President Trump ruined all their plans

    2. I always thought he was a liar, and conman. I’m praying every night that this scum bag goes to prison. But I doubt he will! Look at Hillary, she’s still hasn’t been arrested for her crimes. I’m disappointed in the Republicans. They don’t fight hard enough. They let the Democrats do whatever they want to.

  6. …barry the sodomite Jihadi is not dirtier than I think- he has been a God hating reprobate from the cesspool of scum and vileness from the day he was born in Kenyan

  7. Well, no one has ever accused Obama of being stupid or a fool and as this reflects, more likely than not he knew everything that was going on. Eric Holder especially and other key staff members, I’m sure, kept him informed of the attacks being mounted against Trump and his staff. I’m sure the perpetrators kept minimally Obama’s staff informed if not directly to Obama (plausible deniability) and were implicitly or explicitly given the go ahead, atmfirst because they thought Hillary would win and after she lost the destroy Trump’s presidency insurance policy kicked in. Everyone with half a brain knows this is true but most (especially the Dems, millions of their supporters, and the media) don’t care. The truth doesn’t matter because it’s just spun into their convoluted version of the truth (as Kamala Harris recent statements about Barr prove). Since Holder was in the tank for Obama (he proudly admits as much) Barr must be too.

  8. oh how i tried to warn people before he was elected that he is not who you think he is. he was giving me the creeps and and my 6 sense was telling me he was evil.

    1. Nobody that ever supported him (even to this day) can bring themselves to deny he walks on water. The guy never worked a day in his life..his entire fortune comes from tax payers. His wife collected her $300k annual salary from UC the entire time she lived in the WHouse! GRIFTERS!!

    2. Remember “change we can believe in” ? I consistently asked people who thought Obama was “lovely “ a word I heard often from idiots,
      the question- “ what kind of change“? Hopefully those morons have since discovered exactly what his “change”—fundamentally not what they had hoped for.

    3. Barbara, on the day transitional of leadership was made on the grounds of DC, as my spouse and I sat watching the ceremonies, a voice from deep inside my spirit spoke within me and said, “THAT IS NOT THE MAN FOR THIS COUNTRY!” These words sent chills from my head to my feet, and I’ll never forget it long as l live. Did not vote for him either. Intentions can be hidden, but they continue to be seen in spite of the smiles and charismatic personalities.

      1. See, I never got the “charismatic” thing. Since when was obama ever “charismatic”? All I ever saw was a liar from the beginning. He was a pretentious and smooth liar, but obviously a lair, and I guess people were stupid enough to read that as “charisma”? How did they do that? That is the REAL problem as I see it. There have always been and always will be crooks who want power, but they can do NOTHING without the dumb shts who think they’re good people, who are blind and see his obvious posing as “charisma”. On the other hand, he didn’t really even need to lie all that much, because people didn’t seem to mind when he took obvious pot shots at America, it’s Constitution and values, and downplayed them, giving away his real feelings about the country he sought power over.
        Then he has the nerve to turn around and call the nation that elected him “racist”. That should have told everyone who he was, but they’re too far gone, and are the root of the problem – the people of this country are the problem, not obama: he is just the expression of their corruption, the demon that comes in when you open the pit of hell and offer your hand to welcome whatever’s down there.

  9. I worked in IL when bob was a senator…he was good at sending out invites to local companies for business/community related programs. Except…the one we chose to attend turned out to be a fund raiser for HIM. He’s a liar, a cheat and traitor. He’s behind ALL of the shenanigans thrown at OUR president.


  11. This kind of nefarious behavior is just one reason no respectable university volunteered its campus to be home to his presidential library. Seems he had to roll out the race card to coerce Chicago to allow a building on priceless real estate in Jackson Park.

    The plan is for a huge abomination that’s not needed since exhibits will be digitized and available on line from material housed in the Library of Congress. The prior president claims to have been a lawyer and knew that his administration violated federal law and Flynn’s civil rights and a fair trial.

    1. Bob’s library will be built on city property that will be funded, and forever be supported by the tax-payers of Chicago…another scam for this shyster can take credit for. Never worked, produced or accomplished ANYTHING of value. He and his consumer spouse have grifted their way through life…and the daughters. What are they doing? Anyone know?

  12. Obomb-a-nation’s real father is a communist…if interested, a documentary is on Amazon Prime. Be sure your sin will find you out, Obomb-aah…and the rest of your scum…demonic rats/democrats.

  13. Obama was and is a pitiful little underachiever whose only claim to fame is the pigment in his skin. And he capitalizes on it. What has been discovered is merely a drop in a buck of his cesspool. If we dare as a country, there are mountains more to be unearthed. Yet he will likely get away with it and continues his course of destruction to this country.

  14. Worse president ever to be elected! The most disturbing fact is that we as Americans elected this piece of garbage twice! I would not be surprised to find out he’s the Anti-Christ.

    1. Sorry Glenn! Some of us do not stand with bad decisions “We” Americans made; if only we use our wisdom to do the homework and not feel following what’s popular must be good. When returning to higher education in later life, I was not indoctrinated, but rather, did the research intensely, and found the right answers aliening with principals that solidified truth in discovery that was not skewed. Conditioning of our society today has all but totally put individuality and truth to rest.

  15. When it comes to dirty – Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – is a cesspool. After all this time we still don’t even know who he really is. The Obama family in Kenya has asked to a DNA test as they no longer feel he is one of them. He looks absolutely NOTHING like the man he claims is his father. He looks absolutely nothing like his mother either. If you have never heard of a little cult called SUBUD – look it up and do some research while you still can. It will help connect a lot of the dots to Barry. Barry’s “brother” – Malik Obama – recently asked whether Michelle is really a man or a woman. That is a strange question coming from him – he was not only the best-man at Barry & Michelle’s wedding – him and Barry were very “tight” in those days. I thought surely Malik must have seen in person or at least photos of his “brothers” pregnant wife. No one else can ever recall seeing Michelle pregnant either.
    Barry wrote 2 books here he talked a lot about his father – “I am the son of an African goat herder” was his claim. He was so proud of his “father” that – to this day he has never put in a single penny to the Barack H. Obama Sr. Foundation. With all the millions he supposedly made from those books – he wouldn’t even help pay to have his Aunt Zeituni Onyango shipped back to Kenya for her burial. He did have Zeituni Onyango at the White House for photo ops though and to “prove” his African heritage. Then after those photos were taken and he got what he wanted – Aunt Zeituni was sent back to Boston where she lived out the remainder of her life in abject poverty. Barry never did a damned thing for the Kenyan village he claimed to be from either. Look at Hawaii – Barry made a big deal about being born in Hawaii – that would make him the first president ever from Hawaii. The Hawaiians were so proud. But where is he building his presidential library? NOT in Hawaii – where he is again supposedly from – he is building it in Chicago. Hawaiians kicked to the curb like the Obama’s – Kenya – Aunt Zeituni Onyango – and everyone else Barry has stepped on to get what he wants. And black Americans thought he was going to do something for them?

    1. I have two mixed grandchildren, and I can say with 100% certainty that Obama has not one drop of white blood in him.
      The other thing is that Obama is married to a man

      1. Just a suspicion but if that’s true then it just might be the real reason that “Michelle” is not wanting to run for VP, too much exposure and the secret might just come out to the public.

  16. If it gets too hot to handle, the corrupt Dems will start to turn on each other….trying to save themselves from prosecution and jail time…this should be very interesting….

  17. I still find it inconceivable that the citizens of this U. S. A. actually voted to elect a man with the name of Barak Husein Obama, not just once but twice. A name which sounds like it came straight from the Middle East. Why in the wide, wide world would we do that. It’s like inviting a Muslim / the enemy, to run our country.

  18. First of all Obama’s presidency was void because he was not a United States citizen he was born in Kenya.
    Obama was a plant for Islam, and to create as much chaos as possible.
    Obama tried to start a race war here in the United states.
    When his second term was over Hillary was supposed to win and finish the downfall of the United states, but along came Trump, and ruined all their plans. Thank God!!

    America listen what this man is saying very carefully don’t be fooled this is no different what the Germany did before world war II. They were called the brown uniforms, here they are called tracers. Unite America. they are going to be trained for what? and are going to have same authority as law officers. Hitler started the same deal. Have you all wonder why they are not teaching in schools the History of evil that took place. Today the young generation of America don’t have a clue because they don’t know their history and they are falling into their trap.

  20. Obama open the doors nice and wide for the Muslim Brotherhood to come in and give advice to Obama on how to destroy America

  21. All your comments are right on, but now the real question! Are you going to put your wallet with your mouth, and allow Trump another 4 years WITH a Republican Senate?? I’m on a pension, but every month I donate! Hope y’all are too!

  22. He is not dirtier than I think! He is an evil and wicked demon that works for the antichrist soros!

  23. They say more bombshells Next week. Maybe Barr has obama’s Kenya birth certificate.
    You know, the REAL one.

  24. Obama’s never lied! He said he would fundamentally change America to the point it would no longer be recognizable….We just didn’t listen!

  25. Why do you keep deleting my comments. I guess you dont want the truth out there. Its not up to you to take my rights away

  26. LOL – not a bit slimier than I ever thought he was. When you’all find out just what a scumbag he and Holder really were you will weep for our country.

  27. Obama was in charged of all the federal employees directing the criminals in many federal agencies to take down Trump! Strzok told Page is lover that there was an insurance policy in place if Hillary should lose. The only person that the Federal employees would trust was Obama, know one would stick there neck out for a Brenner or a Clapper!

  28. “There is none so blind, as he who does not see!” Applicable words for those so-called
    Americans who voted for “satan , manifested in a human body”. All the signs were there. I’ll never understand how so many were seduced by his demonic ,meaningless,
    psychotic crap. Somehow, I thought American people had better discernment than what was displayed when “the worst mistake our country ever made” hypnotized thousands of our citizens into listening to and believing his continuous lies. I pray to God
    that horrible mistake never happens in our country again!! God HELP America!

  29. This is really a miraculous country – it has survived 8 years of rule by that half-breed Marxist from Kenya. What is still left to be done ASAP is to clean up the government of the thousands of racists. socialists. communists still “working” in the bowels of the government.

  30. Obama is laughing his As* off at not only the Republicans, but the entire people of the USA, because the traitor knows he will Never be punished because he was the first black president and there is sooo many blind, corrupt & evil people & politicians!! But History books will be written in years to come and he will be known as the most dishonest & Worst president in the history of America!! But fear not people, for We All have a judgement day to face some day and then he will laugh no more. God Bless America & continue helping us rid our great country of these evil people!!??


  32. I always thought he was the worst president in my lifetime. Nothing would surprise
    me about Obama.

  33. The News Media put Kennedy in office. The News Media put Clinton in office. The News Media put Obama in office. The News Media thought they were putting Hilary in office, but failed. Now they are determined to remove Trump, and put a Scum-o-crat in his place. Me thinks the News Media is not truly our friend, or ally!

  34. Of course he did. How could he not. The people involved in the set up were all close political kin to Mr. Obama. Now if he didn’t know, then I’m guessing Mr. Obama was not the 2nd coming the democrat party has been touting him to be.

  35. The fog curtain on RussiaGate is now gradually opening. We will soon see the brains of this Russian Hoax from smaller fry to the originator/planner. In the beginning I was thinking the former president had nothing to do with it. Now fog slowly becomes clearer. These are worst history of U.S. politics and I hope all of these actors will be punish according to the severity of their wrong doings.

  36. Always fought he was The Scum of the Earth trying to weaken America and Bowing to other world leader while all the time showing his distaste for our Country its to bad that can’t be sent back to Kenya where he belongs But Guantanamo bay Cuba would be better suited for Scum.

  37. I doubt America is enjoying the mombason bonobos legacy now. He said he would FUNDAMENTALLY change America , he did. For the worst!

  38. Obama is a TREASONOUS scumbag… Nothing happened in the Obama Administration that Obama himself was a part of. Obama has committed several Felonies and he just thinks he above the Law.
    Look when you have as many Sleazebags in your Administration as Obama had; Holder, Lynch, Jarrett, Rice, Yates, Comey, Rosenstein, Emmanuel, Brennan, Clapper and of Biden… What a cast of lowlifes…

  39. We watched the movie about his life, before he ever won the first time, so we knew what he was. The Demonrat party never checked into his background, at all. He was raised as a Communist, a pathological liar. When he came to the main land for college, he was listed as an Indoesian citizen, so how did he become an American citizen, when he was born in Kenya, Africa?
    He hates America and wanted to turn it into a 3rd world country, and came very close. I’m sure we will hear more later about how bad it really was.
    God Bless President Trump and keep him safe.

  40. Obama and Hillary should be held accountable for for treasonous acts. Having six military personal killed in Benghazi, a plane loaded to the max with millions of dollars sent to Iranian government as hush money. Obama being of Muslim faith stabbing Americans in the back with his lies and deceit while they sleep. Oh and let us not for get Hillary’s secret conversations to enemies of the United States that were deleted . May both of them rott in hell. I’m with Trump

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