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Although it is too early to comprehensively evaluate the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, we can objectively analyze it thus far and see that the decisions made by the White House have saved American lives possibly millions of them.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for introspection or reforms, which have inevitably followed previous disasters – from JFK’s assassination to 9/11. It’s paramount we learn from history, for history doesn’t repeat itself so much as human beings make the same mistakes. But the media’s unrelenting bias, fueled by a visceral hatred for the president, is beyond the pale. It is past time to put the administration’s response in context. 

Writing for National Review, Deroy Murdock explains:

The most incompetent and uninformed president in history has led the federal government into the worst emergency response to a pandemic that we have ever seen in this country,” MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell ranted on March 12. “More people are sick in America tonight, because Donald Trump is president. More people are dead and dying in America tonight because Donald Trump is president.”

Not to be outdone, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) sank to new depths on CNN last Sunday, when she basically accused President Trump of negligent homicide: “As the president fiddles, people are dying.”

As of Wednesday, April 1 at 11:53 p.m., Johns Hopkins University reported 216,515 COVID-19 cases in America, with 5,119 deaths and 8,593 recoveries. These rapidly changing figures are grim, especially with the U.S. now suffering the world’s highest coronavirus caseload. But how do these data compare with those overseas? How is a nation with 332 million people managing against, say, China, from where COVID-19 crawled, population 1.4 billion?

Social scientists would gauge these disparate figures as they would evaluate nations along other key metrics, such as GDP: on a per capita basis. Using Johns Hopkins’ priceless and highly televised COVID-19 website and the CIA World Factbook’s population forecasts for July 2020, one easily can judge America’s relative international performance against this invisible enemy.

The figures show the United States in the middle of the pack of G7 nations in terms of cases, deaths, and recoveries per capita. Those statistics, like any poll, represent a moment in time. What we know for certain is that President Trump and the White House coronavirus task force are working tirelessly to flatten the curve and reopen the economy as soon as possible.

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New York political commentor Deroy Murdock is a Fox News contributor and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.


  1. Bury the Bullies – Long Live Trump and the Truth – It is going to be a pleasure to know that once all the biased, prejudiced, racist reporters/column writers who lie for a living are dealt with that their abject crimes to humanity will be a void so yuuuuuuuuge that truth news will be sweet all the time.

  2. IF they QUIT listing ALL DEATHS as China -Flu when the person ACTUALLY DIED due to other poor health problems, OUR numbers wold be much lower.

  3. All the blame you hear from the lame stream misleadia is directed at Trump. Preparing states for emergencies/disasters/pandemics etc is the GOVERNORS JOB!! The president and the federal agencies are there to help in any way they can but it is THE GOVERNOR’S JOB. It is NOT the presidents or the federal agencies JOB to do the GOVERNOR’S JOBS for them.
    ALL the GOVERNOR’S who are complaining the most are the worst prepared and should be called to account.
    During this crisis we have watched as DRUNKEN Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have delayed and obstructed relief aid from getting to AMERICANS. They once again are putting ILLEGALS over AMERICANS – That worthless POS – Ilhan Omar SHOULD NOT even be in this country – having entered ILLEGALLY by LYING on her entry forms – let alone in Congress is demanding that ILLEGALS get relief first. It is time for AMERICANS to say enough is enough and demand the removal of these scum.

    1. MiKe W, I couldn’t have said it better. I will never understand why we even allowed those individuals to get their name on a ballot.

    2. You are so right – I agree completely. And the words used were so over the top, indicating they are exaggerating and lying big time.

  4. This guy is so stupid, it’s just insane. I always thought that a person had to at least have a brain and be breathing to be able to open his mouth; apparently not so. This useless trash has neither a brain nor a heart. Definitely the gears between his brain and mouth are too gummed up to work.

    1. Your comment is impossible to understand. Who are you debasing? It could be anyone. I could be Trump, who truly did so much more even when the Democrats were lambasting him as RACIST when he shut down travel to China. Now they are claiming that HIS INACTION cost the lives of many.
      Guess what. The Democrats think we can’t reason and can’t remember their LIES.

  5. One wonders why hospitals were told to list deaths as Corona Virus when hundreds were due to stroke, hypertension, heart ailments, etc. I think the numbers are far fewer. Remember, Obama waited until 13,000 Americans died before he did ANYTHING. He was a Moron in Chief.

  6. Our president has done a wonderful job with this corona virus. He acted as soon as he was able to stop people from coming in to US from China and every media outlet and the Dems condemned him for this. You can thank Trump for being alive thanks to that move. It is time for the lying cheating Dems to shut up and stop the harassment of Donald Trump. You Dems should stop wasting taxpayers money with all of your so called investigations. Just wat when the republicans take back the House you will pay for all of your shenanigans. You have wasted 3 1/2 years and done nothing but cry and moan and obstruct anything and everything you could get away with. You did not earn your pay and you should be fired and will be in November.

  7. The task force was formed at the end of January. The house had its first meeting on the virus in Mid February. Now who was behind the eight ball.

  8. You want real the facts about who knew what and when; read this: U.S. spy agencies collected raw intelligence hinting at a public health crisis in Wuhan, China, in November, 2019. The intelligence came in the form of communications intercepts and overhead images showing increased activity at health facilities. The intelligence was distributed to some federal public health officials in the form of a “situation report” in late November 2019. The current and former officials said that while there was not a formal assessment produced in November — and hence no “intelligence product” in the jargon of the spy agencies — there was intelligence that caught the attention of public health analysts and fueled formal assessments written in December 2019. That material and other information, including from news and social media reports, ultimately found its way into President Donald Trump’s intelligence briefing book in January. It is unknown if he read the information, but we all know he doesn’t read any briefing bulletins. Even after public health authorities began sounding the alarm in January 2020, Trump took few steps to ready itself for a pandemic. There was no effort to boost national stockpiles of medical equipment or encourage social distancing, for example. While Trump touts his decision to stop flights from China coming to the U.S. on Jan. 31, about 381,000 people had flown from China to the U.S. in January, according to an analysis by the New York Times. Trump Lied; People Died.

    According to a previously unrevealed White House playbook, the government should’ve begun a federal-wide effort to procure that personal protective equipment at least three months ago. Hours after the United States became the nation with the largest number of reported coronavirus cases. President Trump appeared on Fox News and expressed doubt about shortages of medical supplies, boasted about the country’s testing capacity, and criticized his predecessor’s response to an earlier outbreak of a different disease. Also, Sen. Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat, says that Trump administration officials declined an offer of early congressional funding assistance that he and other senators made on Feb. 5 during a meeting to discuss the coronavirus.

    1. What you say might be true if you believe in the left wing press.
      First of all let’s look at some facts that you left wing people like to forget.
      There was an impeachment going on. Congress was head long in getting president Trump out of office in Jan and Feb. Next president Trump stopped the travel to and from China the last of Jan and you on the left had a cow over that move. You called president Trump all sorts of names for doing that. Next president Trump suggested to a self-quarantine in early Feb. The mayor of NYC had a fit and told the people of NYC to go the the chinese festival and parade, movies, get out to eat, and live life normal and don’t let this virus scare you. The people of NYC obeyed their elected officials, and look what it got them. So be acturate with your facts before you say something.

  9. Did these Democrats forget? They were focused on their relentless impeachment proceedings in January to February against our President!! Our President was busy depending his name and the presidency during those times! If they only focused on helping the American people, they would see this pandemic as a threat to our great nation and work with our President how to stop this invisible monster Sooner than later! But no,,,, they, the Democrats, have to blame solely “other people” Than themselves for a late reactions!

  10. If we’re going to put Trump’s actions “in context”, we have to show side-by-side what the Democrat leaders were saying and doing each day. When that gets done, we’ll see the Dems denigrating Trump’s pro-active anti-virus actions as unnecessary (“New York is still open for business”) while simultaneously trying to convict Trump of faux impeachment charges. Only then is it clear that Trump was trying to save lives while Democrats were thumbing their nose and dancing in the streets.

  11. Trump was very slow to react, he failed to truly lead as a president. He closed flights from China then did nothing or very little!!! His mentality for over 6 weeks was that this was like the flu, very low risk, and then put the economy above lives. He should have closed the country off early, cancelled flights in and out of the country, limited travel, and ordered lockdown in all states and not leave it to the politicians in states like N.Y. Too bad if it upsets a lot of people, who are certainly now upset with over 550,000 cases and over 21,000 deaths !!! Better to take action before it happens than to wait when it is almost too late. Worldwide many lives have been lost due the stupidity of many national elected officials, China and the WHO, and many more could have been saved and the spread in the USA much less if early appropriate action was taken. Pres. Trump saying to open the economy in early April was ridiculous – he never really got it or understood or just didn’t listen to medical professionals far smarter than him, though there is some indications that they were slow to assess the situation and learn from the 1918 Pandemic. It took multiple discussion for Pres. Trump to understand the necessary time frame to produce a vaccine, about 1.5 years away. Yes China and WHO should be held fully accountable by the world and the USA. Even the medical profession in the US was slow to get it or they had to put up with an administration slow to understand and react. The democrats with their political nonsense just made the situation far worse. Things could have been even worse if Obama was in charge or the mentally defective Biden who is now a presidential candidate. Trump has been outstanding for many achievements as president though history will show the pandemic was not one of them. The wealthy people , Bloomberg, wealthy actors, etc. have done very little to help by donating funds where they are needed, example to hospitals etc. When and if the country survives hopefully Trump, will lead the country and the world to hold China and WHO fully accountable, and not more comments about how good a friend Xi is!! – a communist who cant be trusted. Hopefully, Pres. Trump will start to get it that the economy will respond only when the health care of the nation is put as a first priority. Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and then democrats need to put the nation above their political nonsense. Hopefully the world will not see a 2nd wave in the fall, like the 2nd wave in the 1918 pandemic. It is also hoped that people will show some intelligence in following guidelines to slow down the spread.

    1. “Trump was very slow to react, he failed to truly lead as a president. He closed flights from China then did nothing or very little” I disagree with what you said here. A lot of what you said I do agree with you on.
      When president Trump stopped the flight to and from china we knew very little of what this virus was all about. China was not honest with the world as to what was really going on. The democrats had a fit because president Trump stopped these flights. They claimed he was overreacting. President Trump suggested self-quarantine to help the flow of the virus, but only the states can do it. President Trump started the virus task force on January 29, 2020. On February 26, 2020, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence was named to chair the task force.

  12. I have really enjoyed Trump’s performance up until this virus came along. You all know that this is the first time we have shutdown society over anything right ? A virus will propagate. Can we really stop it ? Traditionally we used the herd immunity. The young might get it and they stay home to recover and now they have the anti-bodies and are immune to it. We isolate and protect the older and weaker. The virus will run it’s course. The older and weaker normally are isolated anyway and not attending sporting events and so forth. Their family members should be controlling the access to them. The annual flu season can be brutal for them and this last season 60K died from it.

    Now we have fancy models running with assumptions built into them (Per Fauci) and the models produce wildly wrong numbers and this is how we are running our country on ! 2.2 million dead and now we are already down to 60K. What happens when we are forced to go back to normal because our economy is crumbling ? More people are susceptible to this virus ! It isn’t going to disappear ! I suppose that we all can stay in our homes for 2-3 years but is that what we want ? Do we value safety over life itself ? This thing is a mild flu that has a 98% recover-ability rate…86% that die are seniors with underlying issues !

    Dr. Birx’s husband worked for Bill Clinton. Dr. Fauci is joined to the hip to Bill Gates. Why is Trump still listening to these idiots ???? What we have here are lefty medical professionals making serious decisions and putting millions out of work and they have no regard for us at all !!!! Trump needs to fire these people ! Why is he listening to them at all at this point ? The Armageddon that was promised will never happen.

    We all need to put pressure on our local and state officials. Everyday that goes by that we don’t reopen things is another day that we slip into economic depression. I hope that small businesses don’t close permanently. Furthermore look how they are trampling on our constitutional rights ! And they are really enjoying it !

  13. What are we missing? There is no comparison of the numbers who died of the FLU compared to the Corona. WHY? Because if there were, we would see that the flu is MUCH MORE DEADLY. So what is this all about? Only one thing is different. The SHUT DOWN that is designed to harm if not destroy our economy.
    Folks, this is the effort to do what they could not do with the Paris Accord and the FALSE GLOBAL WARMING. Remember how aggressive they were. Trying to put people in jail if hey dared to deny their “SETTLED SCIENCE”. LOL.

  14. There is no way t know how effective any of the modeling or anti-viral behaviors are or were since we d’t know when it even got started, had no detection (testing) for identification, had no scientifically controlled groupings of those infected, those developing anti-bodies, and those actual causes of death due to Covid-19 and not one of the other maybe contributing factors. Up until January, we assumed and treated this as just another flu. The data inputted to the modeling was so unreliable that it made models useless. We’ll never know what the actual mortality rate of Covid-19 REALLY is or was since we’ve assumed that the presence of the virus is probably the cause of death. What is known is a vaccine is forth coming in about 18 months and some existing pharmaceuticals are effective in many cases as treatment. Unlike H1-N1 (Swine Flu) where we didn’t gut our economy, was it really necessary to do this with Covid-19? Did we over-react and give the medical community too much deference based on badly flawed data and assumptions?

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