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The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the United States. Although those under 50 have a death rate of no more than approximately 0.4%, the death rate increases substantially by every decade you’ve lived past 50 and for individuals with preexisting conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

There is still no vaccine for this highly contagious disease. Despite moving at lighting speed with minimal red tape, health officials estimate it will take between 12 to 18 months to obtain and mass-produce one. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t drugs that have shown, in some patients at least, to alleviate COVID-19 symptoms. Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Zithromax (azithromycin) could be used to fight COVID-19. Although the left responds with fire and fury even when President Trump cautiously acknowledges that.

Deroy Murdock, writing for Newsmax, reports:

Trump discussed this 65-year-old anti-malaria drug during a daily briefing on this pandemic. “It’s shown very, very encouraging early results” among researchers Trump said. These two drugs “taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine,” he declared via Twitter.

“Very encouraging” and “real chance” are words of aspiration — not prescription.

And Trump repeatedly has said that these drugs ultimately might fail, but should be investigated. “What the hell do you have to lose?” he asked.

Never mind! The Trump haters practically sued him for medical malpractice.

To be so blinded by hate at a time of unprecedented crisis is the worst kind of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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New York political commentor Deroy Murdock is a Fox News contributor and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.


  1. It is so obvious with the Democrats motive really are. They want to prolong shutting down the economy and crashing it so Trump has a less chance of winning re-election, second the reason why they don’t want this medication out and him talking about it is because if it works the way they say ,this would all come to an end and we could reopen the economy .they want economy to stay the way it is so they can get more stimulus packages to infiltrate their socialist ideology into the stimulus packages. If it ended too soon it would not give them time to accomplish this. They would let Americans died in our economy crash and burn to accomplish turning this country into a socialist hell hole.

    1. It may be obvious to you since you believe everything Trump says. You want real the facts about who knew what and when; read this: U.S. spy agencies collected raw intelligence hinting at a public health crisis in Wuhan, China, in November, 2019. The intelligence came in the form of communications intercepts and overhead images showing increased activity at health facilities. The intelligence was distributed to some federal public health officials in the form of a “situation report” in late November 2019. The current and former officials said that while there was not a formal assessment produced in November — and hence no “intelligence product” in the jargon of the spy agencies — there was intelligence that caught the attention of public health analysts and fueled formal assessments written in December 2019. That material and other information, including from news and social media reports, ultimately found its way into President Donald Trump’s intelligence briefing book in January. It is unknown if he read the information, but we all know he doesn’t read any briefing bulletins. Even after public health authorities began sounding the alarm in January 2020, Trump took few steps to ready itself for a pandemic. There was no effort to boost national stockpiles of medical equipment or encourage social distancing, for example. While Trump touts his decision to stop flights from China coming to the U.S. on Jan. 31, about 381,000 people had flown from China to the U.S. in January, according to an analysis by the New York Times. Trump Lied; People Died.

      According to a previously unrevealed White House playbook, the government should’ve begun a federal-wide effort to procure that personal protective equipment at least three months ago. Hours after the United States became the nation with the largest number of reported coronavirus cases. President Trump appeared on Fox News and expressed doubt about shortages of medical supplies, boasted about the country’s testing capacity, and criticized his predecessor’s response to an earlier outbreak of a different disease. Also, Sen. Chris Murphy, a Connecticut Democrat, says that Trump administration officials declined an offer of early congressional funding assistance that he and other senators made on Feb. 5 during a meeting to discuss the coronavirus.

      1. Earlier in you spew of garbage it started to sound very left..near the end of youre spew i see why..stfu you anti US pos and crawl back under youre rock..

      1. One word describes Democrats. IRRATIONAL.
        IF something will make Trump look good, they are against it. IF they can come up with a lie that makes Trump look bad, you can bet they will put it out.

    2. Socialists hope to make the “best” (i.e. WORST) of this crisis. (Besides, the dead always seem to vote Democrat.)

      “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. …it’s an opportunity to do things that you think you could not before.” — Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s WH Chief of Staff

  2. It’s all about control. The gubmint wants the economy to collapse, that way the ppl will turn to the gubmint for help. Gubmint control is what its all about.

  3. All they want and care about is their own personal power. They are despots in the making. We will be in real trouble if they keep making a bigger toe hold!

  4. The knees of the democrats will soon bow to the name of Jesus and they will soon confess that Jesus is Lord. Have mercy on them Lord and open the eyes of their hearts. That may know the truth. The truth that will set them free.

    Donald Trump is anointed with the grace and power of God to lead this country. In times of good and times of trouble. We cover him and his whole family with the precious BLOOD OF JESUS.

  5. Folks, we are living in a very dark time, with people who are trying to control our life! Trying to ruin our country! Be aware of those disrupting what we believe! Our Country was founded on principles of freedom of speech, freedom of religion! Beware, abide by these freedoms!??❤️??????

  6. The GOP should watch how they try to talk to their supporters. Not a day goes
    by that they say how far behind they are in raising funds and even this morning
    I see a plea stating they could lose 11 seats in the Senate. If we do that, we’ll have
    a lot bigger issue to fear, the Presidency won’t have a chance and a senile Biden
    will be the puppet that will usher in all the left wing programs the Democrats are
    aching for. I do not see this happening, but this CoronaVirus outbreak could make
    the voter forget all the good that was accomplished up to its occurrence. I cannot
    think the American voter is so stupid, but if Trump shows success in getting the
    Trump economy back or, more realistically, on the road back, this will
    put him in an even better light than he was in before. It doesn’t help to scare his
    supporters with stories about how they are behind everywhere, and if we don’t
    turn over ever cent we have to them, all will be lost. Can’t we at least wait till the
    campaign begins, no one is paying attention right now and when they see who
    the Democrats are offering up to be the leader of the free world, all the money
    in the world won’t save their Party from a calamitous defeat.

    1. Shut up if youre so feeble minded not tovremember 3 months ago then youre probly not old enough to vote anyway

  7. Everyone will agree that Italy was hit extremely hard – maybe the hardest of all so far. As of Monday 6 Apr 20 – Italy had a death toll of over 16,000. Italy has a total population of about 60,450,000. Italy’s death rate was less than 0.3% of the population. If we suffer the same death toll as Italy – 0.3% of 300,000,000 would equate to about 400,000 deaths.

    1. Correction: 0.3% of 300,000,000 = 900,000. One thing that would make US deaths smaller is that Italy has a death rate of 12% of cases, US death rate is about 4% of cases. Of course it is not known whether the infection rate in the US will be kept down to 0.25% of the population as in Italy; so far it’s only 550,000/330,000,000 = .17% but with people back at work it would go up.

  8. This post itself is a real example of Fake News. The author wrote that “Trump repeatedly has said that these drugs ultimately might fail, but should be investigated”. Well they ARE being investigated. No Democrat is stopping investigation of the use of these drugs to treat Covid-19. But since most of the commentators on this post are using the post to vent their views on other issues, then will also vent my view. Trump is a “False Prophet”, maybe even the Anti-Christ himself. He sees that the majority of deaths are coming from urban, “liberal” areas of the country. He was slow to follow thru on his Travel Ban because he wants the liberals to keep dying. And he wants to “open up” the country prematurely because he wants a second wave of the virus to occur, so that voting this November will be a mess and urban voters will stay away from the polls in the midst of the second or third wave of the virus, and thus insure his re-election. Brilliantly evil! This, and with the help of Russian Trolls again on Social Media, and with Putin rigging the voting machines and vote count, he is guaranteed to be re-elected. In fact I’m sure that most of the responders to this post are actually Russian Trolls themselves, working hard to sow division in this country. Putin in Russia and Xi Jinping of Chia and Kim Jong-Un of North Korea are very happy seeing America divided and brought to its knees! KAG = Kiss America Goodbye. And that’s the way it is.

    1. Lay off of the wacky tobaccy. I just looked at the msn webpage and they are all suffering from hate Trump syndrome. You are apparently ready to kill billions of fellow citizens over the next hundred years to show that God is dead. Just deny what the Bible says and if you win just hold on to your corrupt power. judgment day is just around the corner.

    2. Hahahaha wow you are either plain stupid or so far brainwashed you should be locked up…do you not even watch or listen to youre masters while they speak…do you like that in as i say not as i do….work youre ass of so that lazy slob who refuses to work can eat youre food…grow up stupid

  9. Trump has the highest rating of all time. America will always be the greatest of them all no matter what the haters have up their asses. The democrats wasted seventy years sucking on Chinas butt to make sure all illegals aliens got all the privileges that belong and are paid by us the American people. Turns out democrats are the selfish fascist racist after all.

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