Photo edit of former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III.
Photo edit of former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III.

Ron DeSantis Considered as Donald Trump’s VP Pick

Recent reports suggest that former President Donald Trump is considering Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, as his running mate for the 2024 Presidential election. According to sources, some of Trump’s supporters are urging him to make a deal with DeSantis to secure the Vice President spot on his ticket. While Trump has not yet confirmed this, he is said to be considering the possibility.

Trump has not been shy about his admiration for DeSantis. In a recent interview, he praised the Florida governor, calling him “a great guy” and “a very smart person.” Trump also acknowledged DeSantis as a potential running mate last year, saying that DeSantis is “certainly” being considered for V.P., and “a lot of people love that ticket.”

Potential Impact on the 2024 Election

If Trump were to choose DeSantis as his running mate, it would likely shake up the Republican Party and pose a serious challenge to President Joe Biden in the 2024 election. The Trump-DeSantis partnership would likely energize the conservative base, which could give the Republican Party a significant advantage in key swing states.

Peter Navarro’s Opinion

Not everyone is convinced that DeSantis is the right choice for Trump’s running mate. Peter Navarro, a former White House advisor to Trump, recently warned that choosing DeSantis as the Vice President would be a mistake. Navarro argued that DeSantis lacks the experience and gravitas needed for the job and that the choice could ultimately harm Trump’s chances of winning the election.

Overall, the possibility of a Trump-DeSantis ticket is generating significant interest and speculation in political circles. While there are pros and cons to this partnership, it is clear that the choice of running mate will play a critical role in the 2024 election. As the election approaches, all eyes will be on Trump and his decision about who to choose as his running mate.


  1. DJT cannot win another term…….Look, I LOVE THE GUY and I’ll swear he’s been the best president of my 64 years but those scum sucking vermin demonrats have thrown enough crap at the guy that some of it is bound to stick. His base loves him but you have to appeal to more than just your base if you’re going to win. Republicans need leadership and the turtle is about as worthless as it gets. Don’t even get me started on the rinos in the party. Look….I think the demonrats are the most vile life form on earth but dammit they are UNIFIED.

  2. A Trump/Desantis ticket would be the best thing that could happen. The only thing that can possibly save My Country The United States Of America. If you have any way possible. Please do what you can to make this happen!!

  3. Trump needs to move his voting address out of Florida because the Constitution prohibits President and Vice President from the same state.

    Trump/Desantis now, then DeSantis/? later, would be better than DeSantis/? now. Trump scooped a few teacups of slime out of the swamp in four years. DeSantis would be term limited after eight years. Trump/DeSantis now, then DeSantis/?, would have twelve. Then maybe Pompeo, Ratcliffe, Ramaswami….

    1. I seriously doubt that Trump will choose DeSantis as his running mate. I state this due to the insults has thrown at DeSantis over the last several weeks and secondly I believe Trump thinks he should choose a woman as his V-P running mate which will likely be M T Green. Trump made massive mistakes when he was POTUS and I don’t believe he has changed much in his way of his thought processes. However, stating THAT…he did not lose the last election for POTUS which certainly shows how completely disgusting the USA election process is…😵‍💫

  4. Donald Trump/Desantis ticket would be unbeatable! Trump needs to temper his temper and barbs. The two top Republicans should be able to bury the democrats!!

  5. This is a difficult decision. We need Florida with Desantis, and Florida would lose Desantis. And Desantis is a strong conservative; thus as VP he could enjoy large media coverage conveying and protecting the US Constitution and its values. We also need this badly in order to stop the destruction of our nation. Thus we are facing a clear success and real advantage vs. a real and clear possibility of success. This is a tough decision to make given the power of MSM as our enemies. For sure, this election is not a personality contest.

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