Credit: @RNCResearch / X
Credit: @RNCResearch / X

In another recent strange episode featuring President Joe Biden, observers noted his recurring drowsiness and subdued speaking tone during an on-camera meeting alongside First Lady Jill Biden. However, this formal exchange on camera triggered suspicion among some viewers.

President Biden’s choice to involve Jill Biden in official meetings and governmental functions raised doubts about Vice President Kamala Harris’s true position as the White House’s second-in-command. It prompted comparisons to how former President Franklin D. Roosevelt relied on First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt to assume some presidential responsibilities in his later years.

What struck many as unusual was Jill Biden’s reference to her husband as “President Biden” during the event, a move that felt very formal and not the typical response from a wife speaking to a husband, where a first-name basis would be more typical. To put it in perspective, Hillary Clinton didn’t commonly refer to her husband, former President Bill Clinton, as “President Clinton” in public addresses.

JOE BIDEN: “And with that, I’ll turn it over to Jill.”

JILL BIDEN: “You did good things, Joe. *Laughs*”

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  1. Dr Jill is one of the handlers, but who are the ones actually pulling the strings on governmental policies – surely NOT biden

  2. Frankly, Jill and all those who ‘handle’ President should be arrested and tried for elder abuse. I am deadly serious about that. They are exploiting Mr. Biden for their personal benefit. They should know better and be ashamed of their actions. Talk about the corrosive nature of power, you see it every day when the president stumbles through his schedule. Thanks, hank

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