Credit: Sky News.
Credit: Sky News.

President Joe Biden, once again, was weird around a child – this time, upon arriving in New Delhi, India for the G20 Summit, where he was set to meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Garcetti’s 12-year-old daughter was also present on the tarmac, and Biden appeared strangely enthusiastic about meeting her, almost refusing to let her go.

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If this was Biden’s first time doing this, it would be one thing. However, Biden has a long history of acting in weird ways around children.

On the topic of the G20 Summit, upon landing in India, President Biden greeted former Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who is now the Ambassador to India, along with other dignitaries. Reporters were not allowed to attend this meeting, as it was held at the prime minister’s residence, which is not the usual circumstance.


  1. He is such a disgusting WEIRDO…..Without a single doubt, if he came within a foot of any one of my grandchildren to man-handle, hug/kiss (YUK!!!) snuggle and sniff their hair, I’d knock the Moron out cold!!!

  2. What drives me crazy is how when Biden starts molesting very young girls, the girl’s parents, and all the other adults present, just stand there grinning like Cheshire cats…instead of screaming at Biden to get his filthy hands off of their children.
    What’s wrong with those people?
    They seem to be just as sick as Biden, if not even more so.

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