Photo edit of President Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Photo edit of President Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders Digs President Biden: Calls Out Shortcomings On America’s Most Urgent Issues.

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) acknowledged during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” that President Joe Biden has achieved some advancements on various fronts, though a significant portion of this “progress” should likely just be classified under “COVID-19 recovery.” Nevertheless, he emphasized that alongside these accomplishments, there remain urgent issues demanding attention – which Biden has come up short on.

Sanders underscored the fact that 60% of Americans find themselves in a cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck. He drew attention to the wide income and wealth gap and the shortcomings of the healthcare system, which leaves 85 million individuals either without insurance or with insufficient coverage. All the while, insurance companies continue to amass substantial profits. These circumstances don’t precisely align with the vision of “Bidenomics” that President Biden aims to project on the global stage.

“The reality is that today, 60% of our people are living paycheck-to-paycheck.”

Adding, “We have massive levels of income and wealth inequality. Our health care system is a total disaster. Eighty-five million people uninsured, underinsured, while the insurance companies make huge profits. The cost of pharmaceutical drugs, precipitation drugs, sky high.”

He compared the situation to that faced by President Roosevelt in 1936 and stressed the need to address the rampant corporate greed that is enriching the wealthy at the expense of the working class.

“We have to deal with the reality of life today. That’s what Roosevelt did in 1936. And that is to understand that we have massive levels of corporate greed in every part of society.”

He concluded by asserting the need for a healthcare system that benefits everyone, reducing the cost of prescription drugs, and increasing the minimum wage to a living wage. Sanders stated that addressing these issues was the core message he wanted to convey.

“We have got to make it clear, we’re going to stand with those workers and have a health care system that works for all, lower the cost of precipitation drugs, raise the minimum wage to a living wage. So I think that was the message of yesterday.”

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