Biden Administration Now Targeting Gas Furnaces: What’s Next?

Photo edit of President Joe Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of President Joe Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Consumer choice and affordability are under attack as the Biden administration prepares to implement regulations that will ban the sale of a substantial number of existing residential gas furnaces. Crafted by the Department of Energy (DOE) in the previous year, these rules pose a direct threat to household finances and personal freedoms. They not only steer the market towards pricier alternatives but also disregard practical and affordable options preferred by a majority of homeowners.

This excessive regulatory action jeopardizes a thriving market built on the principles of consumer choice and competitive pricing, considering that over half of American households rely on gas furnaces for heating their spaces.

According to Fox News:

The Biden administration is expected to soon finalize regulations restricting which home gas-powered furnaces consumers are able to purchase in the future. According to experts, the regulations — proposed in June 2022 by the Department of Energy (DOE) — would restrict consumer choice, drive prices higher and likely have a low impact on greenhouse gas emissions. The agency could finalize the rules targeting residential gas furnaces, which more than 50% of American households rely on for space heating, at any point over the upcoming weeks.

Under the proposed regulations, DOE would require furnaces to achieve an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of 95% by 2029, meaning manufacturers would only be allowed to sell furnaces that convert at least 95% of fuel into heat within six years. The current market standard AFUE for a residential furnace is 80%.

The AGA, whose members provide natural gas to more than 74 million customers nationwide, filed comments in opposition of the furnace rules with the DOE last year. The industry group has argued consumers would be better served if the agency allowed the free market to naturally increase product efficiency.

The expected rule, meanwhile, comes amid a blitz of DOE rulemaking targeting appliance efficiency standards. Over the last several months, the DOE has unveiled new standards for various appliances including gas stoves, ovens, clothes washers, refrigerators, air conditioners and dishwashers.

Despite growing criticisms and concerns, the Biden administration remains unwavering in its determination to push forward with regulations that could potentially ban a significant portion, up to 60%, of existing residential gas furnaces. While these rules are presented as essential for combating climate change, they seem to prioritize regulatory dominance rather than environmental preservation, thus compromising consumer choice and affordability.

This unsettling scenario leaves homeowners grappling with pricier alternatives, increased installation expenses, and a limited selection of heating options. In their pursuit of heightened energy efficiency, they may inadvertently burden ordinary Americans with disproportionate financial strain, which could, in turn, result in higher emissions as households are forced to stick with older and less efficient heating solutions. Given these alarming consequences, it is evident that the battle for consumer freedom and rational energy policies is more crucial than ever.


  1. This administration is evil. They want to control everything we do. Please don’t vote for Dems in 2024.

  2. It appears to be a form of mental illness this administration suffers. Next they will want to take away toys from little kids.

  3. Next will be Gas Hot Water heaters…. Gas Grills….. Gas Propane backup generators….
    Basically anything that uses fossil fuels as the energy source.

    1. Insane but very profitable for this corrupt administration.
      Besides, what better way to destroy America?

  4. Medyumlar, genellikle geleceği tahmin etme, spiritüel danışmanlık, ruhlarla iletişim kurma, aura okuma, enerji çalışmaları, şifa uygulamaları gibi alanlarda hizmet verirler. Her medyum farklı bir yetenek ve uzmanlık alanına sahip olabilir. Bazıları sadece bir alanda uzmanlaşırken, bazıları ise birden fazla yeteneği kullanabilir.

  5. I have a gas fireplace, and when electric power is lost (like from a hurricane) I can at least have heat from my fireplace. I have a gas stove, and when electric power is lost (like from a hurricane) I can at least cook on the stove top. I have a gasoline powered automobile, and when I am low on gas, there are several spots I can visit to fill up. Electric vehicles are way too expensive, there are very few places to re-charge (and it’s more expensive than gas), and when the lithium battery goes, number one – the battery is NOT biodegradable; number two – fire departments need special equipment to put out any fire if the car is involved in an accident; and number three – a replacement battery is very, very expensive. Also, I am sure that the car insurance is also more expensive.
    I like to stay warm and fed, and secure that my vehicle is safe, convenient, and somewhat economical.

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